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16 Best Net Zero FHB ProHome 2017 images House building

16 Best Net Zero FHB ProHome 2017 images House building


Waste nothing: Every pallet of incoming lumber should be culled and the straightest pieces set

Make sure they're square and that they and the beams carrying the first floor

You may want help snapping lines, but otherwise, transferring wall locations from prints to

Drawing showing movement of gases Draw Show, Green Building, Basement, Walkout Basement,

Whether you build new homes or remodel, these alternative framing techniques will allow you to

FHB House Building a Net-Zero Production Home - Fine Homebuilding

Affordable Net-Zero Housing: Designed for the Budget - Fine Homebuilding Builder Grade,

Max Nail Guns Prove Popular at the FHB House Build - Fine Homebuilding. Eric Mitiska · Net Zero - FHB ProHome 2017

ZIP Roofing Panels, Roofing System, Roof Sheathing, ZIP System Wall Sheathing. Plywood

Pergola Project: Installing the Crossbeam, Trim and Brace Braces, Backyard, Projects,

ProHOME 2017: Siding and Trim - Fine Homebuilding Pole Barn Homes, Shed, Building

DOE / Building America research and analysis of occupant behavior, AC controls, thermostat set point and moisture sources on indoor humidity levels.

Building with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs): Strength and Energy Efficiency Through Structural Panel Construction (For Pros By Pros)

500sqft SCIF Approved Radiant Barrier EMF Radio RFID Blocker 4x125ft Insulation, Radiant Barrier, Baseball

Like the foundation it's built atop, the lion's share of the FHB House framing is being tackled by brothers Mike and Bruce Guertin.

ZIP Roofing Panels, Roofing System, Roof Sheathing, ZIP System Wall Sheathing. Plywood

The Boral TruExterior trim has the flexbility of vinyl trim boards.

ProHOME Framing in Pictures — Roof System - Fine Homebuilding Roofing Systems, Pole Barn Homes

The finished exterior of the FHB House has the nice crisp shadow lines and solid siding appeal of traditional, cedar clapboards. The siding and the trim, ...


The FHB House includes a clever approach to creating rafter bays for extra dense-pack cellulose insulation.

The bevel siding is more flexible than the 1x trim; supporting full pieces at the ends and the middle is the best way to move it around the site.

FHB House is Part of a High-Performance Development - Fine Homebuilding

Roof venting (Not the ProHOME. FHB image) Gable Roof, Attic Storage,

Off-grid net-zero home. Off The Grid, Energy Efficiency, Insulation

ProHOME 2017: Framing - Fine Homebuilding Building A Deck, Decking, Wood Working,

The ProHOME framing members are stacked at 24" o.c.

Start With a Steel Deck - Fine Homebuilding Pouring Concrete Slab, Steel Deck, Covered

Fine Homebuilding 268 Preview

In addition to the many general benefits of I-joists—lighter weight, longer spanning, and straighter than dimensional lumber—Weyerhaeuser's Flak Jacket ...

Once all of the trim was installed, the painters came in and sprayed it. The crew had held off on shingling the roof so they wouldn't have to worry about ...

Fine Homebuilding 267 Preview

The gable vent for the attic also provides the attic access (notice the hinges on the left side of the vent). Skipping the interior attic access eliminates ...

The crew uses sealant to back up some flashing pieces and all penetrations. Titebond Weathermaster

Continuous exterior insulation improves the whole-wall R-values by reducing thermal bridging. It also helps to keep framing and sheathing dry.

... is a building with zero net energy consumption - energy used = to energy produced #netzero #prohome #keepcraftalive #homebuilding #finehomebuilding ...

Boral's TruExterior beadboard was used on the porch ceiling.

Weyerhaueser's laminated-strand lumber (LSL) lumber is used selectively throughout this frame alongside dimensional lumber. They have consistent dimensions, ...

The preassembled window trim was a real time-saver on the second floor windows.

Stacked Framing (not the ProHOME). FHB image.

... the walls on the FHB House will be able to handle rain just fine. If the wind is blowing, overhangs only protect the top few feet of the wall anyway.

The preassembled window trim goes up quickly. These were also attached with the Cortex screw and plug system.

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Podcast Episode 67 — Siding Next to a Stepped Foundation - Fine Homebuilding

A lack of sill pan flashing is one of several installation errors on these windows.

The crew used three guys to run 16-ft.-long pieces through the table saw. Dust protection is a must with this material, and once a saw blade cuts the ...

The Zip wall system makes sheathing the house quick and efficient

An Open, Flexible Floor Plan

and then back-brush and hit the bottoms of the clapboard.

13+ Beauteous Cheap Modern Home Decor Ideas

... thoroughly sealed downspouts, and custom channels behind the siding make the rain-management details all but disappear on the California FHB House.

If area is a problem, then sliding doors are more useful. Nevertheless, they

A couple of guys paint right behind those installing the bevel siding. First they roll on the paint …

Tough Choice: Double-Pane vs Triple-Pane Windows

Listener Zephan asks for advice about using insulating concrete forms (ICFs) for both the foundation and the walls of a house he is building.

Some windows are located in areas that are especially vulnerable. The builder did not include any kickout flashing on the roof above this window.

Thick walls designed for continuous, full-depth insulation at the floor joists work well for production building.

The ProHOME, is a spec house built for the affordable market, so there's a laser focus on the marginal costs of improving the envelope relative to the cost ...

Stacked Framing (not the ProHOME). FHB image.

The Case for Continuous Insulation

This may be my favorite shot of the Fine Homebuilding ProHome, now called the 2016

An Engineered Floor That Takes Wood out of the Walls

Fine Homebuilding Green Building, Building A House, Energy

Attic floor space planning today, whilst the roof felting is being installed! We'

Fine Homebuilding 272 Sample

An Interesting Roof Adds Complexity and Time to the Build

Minisplit Heat Pumps Efficiently Heat and Cool this House - Fine Homebuilding Heat Pump, Heating

How Hot Water Recirculation Pumps Work. Ebbsjonathan · House

Minus the gloomy day we're super happy because our roof felting is finally complete

FHB House Video: Insulation, Air-sealing, and Mechanical Details

FHB House Video: A Modern Exterior

ZIP System® sheathing and tape NewHomeSource TV segment

Building Lean, Strong Walls

Details for Insulating a Double-Stud Wall With Cellulose

Give your old bike a second chance and turn it into a beautiful and original decoration for your garden

Vermont 2017

Learn how to speed up your online home search. See the listings that real estate agents actually see.

White bathroom marbled tile - Home Decorating Trends - Homedit

Listener Zephan asks for advice about using insulating concrete forms (ICFs) for both the foundation and the walls of a house he is building.

This window was not installed according to the manufacturer's instructions. The homeowner wonders whether he should insist that the windows be removed and ...

Giving me life with the dark tones. Happy Friday everyone. #designer #interiordesign

How to Make Your Own Tile Table

Choosing the best exterior insulation

Soundproofing a Floor with a Wood Ceiling Below

Essential Building Science: Understanding Energy and Moisture in High Performance House Design (Sustainable Building Essentials Series): Jacob Deva Racusin: ...

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Minimizing Concrete in a Slab-on-Grade Home - Fine Homebuilding Slab Foundation,

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