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18 Kids Who Totally Nailed Their Test Answers Cute and funny

18 Kids Who Totally Nailed Their Test Answers Cute and funny


18 Hilarious Test Answers | SMOSH I just like the "Sell All the Dogs!

Kids Inappropriate Test and Homework Answers: Funniest Kids Answers

Unintentionally Inappropriate Test Responses From Children | Happy Place

Funny test answers. #funny #test #answer #exam #humor #witty

Haddaway - possibly the song of the 90s. (via 20 Students Who Totally Nailed It @ Buzzfeed)



Funniest Kid Test Answers Will Make You Laugh (50 Images

Funniest Kids Test Answers Of All Time

20 Students Who Totally Nailed It. Funny Kids ...


19. I have to agree with this one.

More of the greatest inappropriate test answers from young children

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funny test answers word scramble

Funniest Kid Test Answers Will Make You Laugh (50 Images

Funny Test Answers by Kids

funny test answers

nailed it...this will be my child!! lol


All I see is a page of correct answers:

If ever I don't know the answer to a question.

20 Hilarious Test Answers From Kids That Are So Wrong They're Right

Funny Test Answers by Kids

funny test answers



funny test answers

This kid really stopped caring about multiplication tables.

Funny Test Answers by Kids



An expansive answer. funny-test-answers


Like this pragmatic kid who knows that you probably shouldn't bother building a house there

funny test answers


"An accurate depiction of mornings in our household as drawn by my six year old," this Reddit user said.

15. Well then. Tell us how you really feel.

Someone get this kid a medical degree:

Funny Test Answers from Smart Ass Kids: Borderline Genius

19. Regular Bill Nye we've got here:



11. Burn!


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Funny Test Answers by Kids

funny test answers

Teacher of the year.

When this person got the answer they didn't know they wanted:

piximus. The grading on the exam ...

This Reddit user teased: "Checking my son's homework when suddenly..."

Funny Test Answers by Kids

Milkshake madness: This woman managed to get her drinks absolutely everywhere


29. OH GOD! A kindergartner? No!

This is the only beer law I studied:

funny test answers

Deal with it

"My son, the consummate smart-ass," this Reddit user wrote. "I think third grade math is boring him."

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Funny Test Answers by Kids



This second grader isn't wrong.


5. I'm going to have to check this movie out. Sounds interesting:

funny test answers

A twenty-something woman is interviewed by two interviewers in a meeting room in an

I didn't realize I would get an emotional 2×4 to the head as I listened to the description of Put Downs.

We are sure this kid didn't study anything for this exam, but he did take some time to watch Fight club. Not sure that those are the rules of thermodynamics ...

The “see me after class” on this one seems a little inappropriate

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“My friend's (awesome) six-year-old son is autistic and takes instructions literally,” said this Reddit user.

Funny Test Answers by Kids

11 Tips for Dining Out With Kids

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16. You're gonna have to be a lot more specific:

Here is one example. enter image description here




35. Clever:

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Dysgraphia: How can I help my child?


Hilarious love addict!

Best statistics question ever



When it comes to risk taking, this kid absolutely nailed it: it was a perfect example of taking a risk and of being the most sarcastic answer that he could ...