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1947 Allied Structural Steel Vintage Ad Harvard St Bridge

1947 Allied Structural Steel Vintage Ad Harvard St Bridge


1947 Allied Structural Steel Vintage Ad - Harvard St. Bridge

Vintage Ad - Automatic Elevator

1925 M. Harris & Sons Vintage Ad | Antique Furniture

1953 Torrington Bearings Vintage Ad | Track Hoe

1942 Ad Truscan Steel | “Where Bombers Are Born”

Vintage Prints, Vintage Ads, Bullet Bra, Old Ads, Vintage Lingerie, Print

1942 Rex Chain Belt of Milwaukee Vintage Ad - Paving Crew

1947 Acme Visible Records Vintage Ad - Locomotive Art

Vintage Ad - art illustration of Trucks hauling huge tunnel liners

1947 Jackman Custom Originals Vintage Ad

1925 Reville Ermine Cloak Vintage Ad | Viscountess Curzon

1947 Ad United Engineers & Constructors | Iron Erector Art

1942 Lehigh Portland Cement Vintage Ad - "bubble" type Experimental Housing photo

1947 Reo Motors Vintage Ad – Dump Truck Art

1925 Olcott Residence Hotel Vintage Ad

Elder County, Utah. This nineteenth century structure was built by the

An ad for Bata Shoes, published in Art in Industry, Vol.1,

1938 Quaker Hosiery Vintage Ad | George Petty Art

Prior to the restrictions imposed on tobacco advertising, cigarette brands were one of the most

The dawn of advertising in Pakistan (1947-2017)

1925 Studebaker Vintage Ad | Harry Slater Golf Art

The official student newspaper of the University of St. Michael's College since 1947.


1940 Ad Bonwit Teller Furs | Norwegian Platina Fox

Panna, featured in the above ad, was a Pakistani film star and dancer.

1925 1020 Fifth Ave Apartments Vintage Ad

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En Morn Schwitters collage for objects meaning blog post

Advertisements for the Department of Tourism, Midway House (PIA & KLM's Airport Hotel)

Cinderblock ...

Town Topics Newspaper, April 10


House on Kirby Road 1947

1947 SEMCA Watches and Clocks Vintage Ad - "For All ...

Some claim that their provenance is original – and that the wear and tear is a natural, if not obvious, consequence of unrequited love.

Secret Engineer: How Emily Roebling Built the Brooklyn Bridge

... and the Glomar Explorer opened the bottom of its hollow “moon pool” to take the steel claw onboard. Then the HMB-1 detached and returned to Redwood City ...

Measuring 275 metres long and 27 metres high at its tallest point, the St. Thomas railway bridge carried as many as 50 trains a day before it was ...

Tobias Rehberger, artist who's camouflaged a Hong Kong shop | South China Morning Post

Most of the film is more soberly shot, but one long take of an interrogation uses the typical Forties image: a low-slung camera, figures deployed in depth ...

Blanche Lemco van Ginkel as a student at McGill University. Courtesy of Blanche Lemco van

East Side

This street has seen dramatic changes in landscape, immigration from all corners of the world, and major class and business shifts.


GROWING up in a military dictatorship, Than Swe, a young member of Myanmar's business elite, saw the Western world as a protector and model.

1947 Cinzano Vermouths Vintage Ad

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West Side

Our new house 1947 and The.

THE garage in which Hewlett-Packard was started in 1939 is now a private museum—a modest monument to the cut-price creativity and bare-knuckle ...

A broken wall at the top opens to a stormy dark sky of rough blue brush stokes. The concrete construction is rendered in black ink or gouache but shadows ...

MSMo 419 Elbert Hilliard - The State Antiquities Act of 1970

Ticketing: FREE public event. No tickets or reservations required.

Constitution Birdge. Constitution Bridge


Panorama of Denver circa 1898.

View of the Peggy Guggenheim from the Grand Canal

Fundraising Pure Barre Pop Up Class at Harvard General Store

51 Female Inventors and Their Inventions That Changed the World and Impacted the History In a Revolutionary Way


... body changes. It's a guide to smashing your goals and, when you don't, bouncing back and trying again.

Learn to be kind to yourself; ...


... Figure 10.4 British Second World War poster recruiting female factory workers ...

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GBC Book Club

Lux ads in 1951, 1956 and 1964

Building 100 construction, looking east courtesy of Mrs. Thomas Nary, Pittsfield, MA

Vanilla noir

Gilmer house and car January 1947

The nearly 4.5-mile (7.18 kilometers) link between San Francisco and Oakland. As soon as it was built, it became the favorite way to travel between San ...


An APA Great Neighborhood 2011

Certificate (Photocopy) - Certificate in Appreciation of services with the Australian Armed Forces

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow was rebuilt from 1995 - 2000, after

View west from railroad bridge in 1922 (Building 31 on left): G.E. Current News, April, 1922


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Called "the deepest dam in the world." The dam's primary functions are to create a reservoir and to generate hydroelectric power.

Jinriki is a towing device that is created by attaching a lever to a wheelchair. It was inspired by the idea of pulling a wheelchair like a rickshaw (known ...

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A good American family - the Red Scare and my father. "

By 1944 the Allies had liberated France from the Nazis and were heading from both the east and west toward Germany. Surrounded, Hitler killed himself in ...

The most important of these was Bruno Walter's 1947 New York Philharmonic performance of the Mahler Symphony No. 5, the first complete recording of the ...

Rindon Johnson is a multidisciplinary artist and writer. Johnson's sculptures, videos and performances have been shared at Haus der elektronischen Künste ...

GIE Media

Motherhood on the hinge. By the time I encountered Marie de l'Incarnation and the gripping story of her decision to abandon her eleven-year-old son Claude ...

Only the steel frame of this five-story rubber factory, located next to Texas