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2019 Event Buffalo Astronomical Association hosts telescope

2019 Event Buffalo Astronomical Association hosts telescope


Thebacha & Wood Buffalo Dark Sky Festival is hosted in Fort Smith, NWT, and in the world's largest Dark Sky Preserve, Wood Buffalo National Park.

Observatory Expansion Fund-Raiser

The Buffalo Astronomical Association shares telescopes with the public. (via the BAA)

Meet the Stars!

The Buffalo Museum of Science is hosting its inaugural SpaceFEST!

Travel to Dark Sky Preserves in Canada and see the stars without light pollution [+Map]

Meet the Stars!

The Astronomy Events Calendar: Major Star Parties and Other Astronomy Events

Spring Astronomy Day 2018

Meet the Stars!

Midwest Traveler: Taking kids to see the solar system

Stargazers at SUNY Buffalo State get ready to look at the sun through telescopes set up

“A portrait of a quiet sun from April 22, with several small prominences and a lone active region making waves in an otherwise placid chromosphere.

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Free family-friendly event, with activities including, Safe views of the Sun, cellphone photos of the Moon, Guided Tour of the Night Sky, ...

Accident Report – Use this form to report all accidents during Recreation: Report

Color composite GSAOI+GeMS image of HP 1 obtained using the Gemini South telescope in Chile. North is up and East to the left. Composite image produced by ...

Out of this world fun at the Buffalo Museum of Science includes adults-only SpaceFEST event

Flagstaff – Home of the World's most Accessible Dark Skies!

2019 Event - Buffalo Astronomical Association hosts telescope demonstrations,out of this world kids activities,solar viewing, and expert …


“A portrait of a quiet sun from April 22, with several small prominences and a lone active region making waves in an otherwise placid chromosphere.

Miquela Chudy of Fredonia and Matt Walker of Buffalo fire paper air rockets at the launching station in the new space exhibit during a visit to the Buffalo ...

Human beings have always watched the skies, so it's not surprising that astronomy is the oldest of all sciences. But what about other animals, ...

New computerized features were added to this 1,400 lb. beauty to capitalize on modern advances in astronomy.” – Buffalo Museum of Science

A ...

Stargazing opportunities that are out of this world

NASA/JPL-Caltech/IPAC/Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images.

Dinosaur National Monument and the International Dark Sky Association are pleased to announce the designation of Dinosaur as an International Dark Sky Park.

In his second talk celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing David will cover many aspects of the mission and explain how its success ...

Buffalo Astronomical Association – Facebook · international-sun-day-Buffalo -NY-1

A mosaic by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope of the Cepheus C and Cepheus B regions. This image combines data from Spitzer's IRAC and MIPS instruments.

Click this link to view our events database for star gazing fun at Virginia State Parks

heic1909 — Photo Release

Press Releases

2018 Event - One of the 8 international finalists, Joann Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition,will play! Thank you, BPO!

In April of 2017, all 8 of the telescopes/telescope arrays associated with the Event Horizon Telescope pointed at Messier 87. This is what a supermassive ...

2019 IPAC Visiting Graduate Fellowship

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Several people looking through a large telescope in almost total darkness, with a star filled

Hubble Goes Wide to Seek Out Far-Flung Galaxies

Tina Grady, left, and Tim and Barbara O'Brien watch the solar eclipse at Buffalo State College on Aug. 21, 2017. (John Hickey/Buffalo News file photo)

October 6: Stargazing

The European Space Observatory's Very Large Telescope captured the unique glow from planetary nebula ESO as it was deep in its death throes.

Astronomy on Tap Flagstaff is a free night of engaging science presentations, interactive trivia, and prizes! Topics range from telescopes to black holes ...

... image of HP 1 (right image) shown relative to the full field of the cluster obtained by the Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy (left).

Have you ever stared up at the sky at night and tried to count all the

RiSa Astronomy, Bangalore

FIRST LOOK The first image from the Event Horizon Telescope may show that the black hole at the center of our galaxy looks something like this simulation.

In recent years, Buffalo has witnessed a renewed interest in the life and work of scientist Nikola Tesla. From a Nikola Tesla Fest to the Tesla Heritage ...

125th Anniversary Celebration @ Lowell Observatory

Milky Way from International Dark Skies Park Staunton River Photo by Johnathan Piques

ESA/Hubble News

... to view Jupiter through multiple telescopes as we were fortunate to be joined by several members of the Buffalo Astronomical Association (BAA).

Stargazing in Upstate NY: What to see in the night skies June 30 to July 7 - newyorkupstate.com

Stunning details of spiral galaxy NGC 3981


A rare transit of the planet Mercury across the face of the Sun will be visible from the UK on Monday 11 November 2019, only three days after our meeting.

On Sunday evening, January 20 our closest celestial neighbour—the Moon—takes centre stage in the skies above Edmonton. Join us we observe a total lunar ...

Cosmic Chicago

ESA/Hubble Photo Release heic1903 - Hubble fortuitously discovers a new galaxy in the cosmic neighbourhood

The University of Illinois Springfield will celebrate Black History Month in February with a variety of events designed to educate and raise awareness.


BlackHoleCam is an active partner of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration.

This signature event will include vendors, crafters and local businesses showcasing their services and products, ...

These two factors combine to make photographing the optical afterglows a challenge even for the biggest telescopes.

On May 16, @HouseScience hosted NSF's Director and three key @ehtelescope researchers for new insights into the breakthrough discovery.

Image: This is a ground-based telescope's view of the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way. The inset image, taken by the Hubble ...

... mizzar penn dixie 6_10_17

asteroid hunters

The free event Skye Canyon Presents Skye & Stars, An Evening of Stargazing with the

Astronomer with local ties to make 13th eclipse

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Cherry Springs State Park

Why there's nowhere better to look up than Britain – plus the best stargazing locations on home soil


The dramatic neutron-star merger that astronomers observed in August 2017 generated a jet of material that seemed to move four times faster than light, ...

The Allen Telescope Array is potentially capable of detecting a strong radio signal from Proxima b, or any other star system with strong enough radio ...


Fans of astronomy are invited to attend a special viewing of the Total Lunar Eclipse on Sunday January 20, 2019 at the Gateway Building located at 3556 ...

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Kopernik Observatory & Science Center

Wyoming Astronomy Retreat

Chicago's Best Stargazing Spots


Christie's ad for the 5 June 2019 Auction

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Science Technology & Medicine Spring Catalogue 2019

An image captured by the Hubble Space Telescope shows a nebula known as IC 63 and