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4 absolutely must have chicken coop additions that you need to get

4 absolutely must have chicken coop additions that you need to get


4 absolutely must have chicken coop additions!

Each coop has things about them that I love and things I absolutely hate, but there are 4 additions we've made to our coops that I just can't live without!

Backyard Chickens: Do your chickens have everything they need? Check out these chicken coop

The overall dimensions are 8×12, with 4×8 for the shelter. This is perfect if you want to raise more than 10 heavy layers without them getting cramped.

most important coop additions

55+ DIY Chicken Coop Plans For Free

chicken coop plans and tips

Beginners Guide to Raising Backyard Chickens Small Infographic

Living in a rural area with several predators requires a coop that is completely predator-

Chicken Coop at Living Homegrown

Chicken Hen

landscaped chicken run wyandotte hens

43 DIY Duck Houses Plans and Duck Coop Plans to Build Now

Care needs to be taken when introducing new pullets (or grown hens) to your flock. Chickens take their pecking order very seriously and any new addition is ...


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Keep small chicks in chicken tractors or under similar protection as they are the primary target of aerial predators. I've had young free-ranging chicks ...

10 Creative Protein Sources for Chickens to Help You Save Money on Chicken Feed

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Four hens in a small re-purposed dog kennel house on wheels with movable run

Raising Chickens & Ducks Together

Sand is becoming a very common coop bedding and it's easy to see why. Sand

5 DIY Automatic Chicken Coop Doors For Easy Care

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Give plenty of space for newly introduced chickens.

So you've got chicks ready to go into the brooder. What works best

The Walk in Chicken Run can be attached to your Eglu for the ultimate chicken keeping

Your chickens will love it! landscaped chicken run

Free ranging gives the little ones room to run away from a bully and it is also more neutral ground so the older chickens might not feel so defensive about ...

This chicken coop is elevated off the ground to provide proper air circulation and as an

Eventually they do work it out and peace will reign again in your run. At least until the next time !

keep chicken coop smelling fresh. In addition, we ...

In addition to the coop itself, it has a run large enough so each chicken will get around 10 sqft area. Just by looking at the image, you can know that “The ...

Of course you could sell eating eggs, feathers and even chicken poop to make money from your chickens. I'm not knocking that at all, because it is a good ...

Build in proper ventilation, even in cold areas. Vents above the perches and open areas towards the sunny side should suffice.

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Chickens in Yard

Designing the perfect chicken coop

Tour the coop and Chicken Garden | DrinkingwithChickens.com

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First, confirm your hen isn't hiding her eggs and creating a nest outside the coop. Then, before you go looking for an egg thief, here are five factors to ...

plastic nest box in a chicken coop. If you absolutely ...

diy chicken coop plans. Before we get ...


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Rooster and hen chickens.

The Omlet Feeders and Drinkers attached neatly to the Eglu Chicken Runs

Poultry Mites - Natural Prevention and Treatment for your Chickens

Sometimes when I go out at night to check on them in the warmer months, they will be quietly floating in their little kiddie pool that is in the run.

chicken coop necessities

4 plans for the coop from small, medium, to large. 1 automatic waterer, 1 feeder, and 1 nest boxes plans. I don't exactly know how but ...

Designing the perfect chicken coop

... so they should have a long, happy life. The ...

SnapLock Formex Large Chicken Coop Backyard Hen House


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And, of course, I must mention that beyond the frog fountain, through the

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How To Care For A Sick Chicken (Tips From A Chicken Vet)

Keep Your coop smelling fresh

Big run and fence

inside chicken coop storage

Sand is becoming a very common coop bedding and it's easy to see why. Sand

Ana created this chicken coop plan for his friend, Whitney, who managed to build it in 30 hours in 4 days with only 3 people working on it.

Four adult chickens will drink about one quart of water a day.

Water lines run the length of the barn in several parallel lines, with drinkers at regular intervals.

In winter it's more important than ever to make sure all of your chickens have room to roost comfortably. To check that this is the case, look in on them in ...

Starting with chicks or started pullets—The Pros & Cons. Thinking of getting chickens but don't know if you should ...

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For as long as there have been cities, there have been rodents and predators present. Rats, mice, raccoons, and opossums need a safe place to live and a ...

Good husbandry: add sand to the coop in the hot summer months to keep flies

... chicken run landscaping idea with stumps and rocks

Chicken Coop Plans and Tips

The benign curiosity on the part of the older chickens is obvious in the short video below. But don't let your sweet hens fool you - curiosity can turn to ...

The run floor is covered in about a foot of pond pebble-sized gravel (

A farmer feeds poultry in Homa County. During

how to keep wild birds out of a chicken coop

Chicken Coop Design Considerations

Chicken Coop From Pallets

Are you having problems with rats in your chicken coop? We tried several ways to



Chicken Raising Book

Honda demonstrating for you!