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A defeated male cuttlefish stands back after loosing a joust against

A defeated male cuttlefish stands back after loosing a joust against


A defeated male cuttlefish stands back after loosing a joust against a competitor for the right to fertilise the female's eggs. Photographed at Black Rock, ...

blue box fish with black spotted back

Knight in Shining Armor

Losing the “smiling angel” would be a further tragedy, conservationists say.

"And the tears come streaming down your face. When you lose something you can't replace..."

Andaman Adventure - a dark and stormy night

Grizzly Bear cubs standing on a fallen tree along Knight Inlet in British Columbia, Canada


Medieval knight knocked off horse during jousting tournament - Stock Image

The Mergui Archipelago in Burma (Myanmar)

The jousting tournament was again amazing with gorgeous horses and talented knights showing their yeomanly skills. We love cheering for Sir Jeffrey and ...

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Grizzly Bear cubs standing on a fallen tree along Knight Inlet in British Columbia, Canada

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I think my favorite things about Medieval Times is the cheering and booing. It is fun to get a bunch of people celebrating their knights or jeering when ...

Breeder and sportsman. Horses. Saturday, February 20, 1915] pitched overboard .

On Chris Samnee's Storytelling In Daredevil #10 (Part 2 of 4) | Too Busy Thinking About My Comics

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To Whom I Could Have Been: A True Love Story

Photo: The Daily Mail

After seeing the King's Tournament we began taking in the shows and riding on the rides. There is just so much to do and see, I can understand why some ...

Medieval knight knocked off horse during jousting tournament - Stock Image

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Instead, the Tsukuba returned to Japan in triumph. Only 14 crew members had gotten beriberi, and those men had not eaten the ordered diet.

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Card 2 of 15Artwork · Tank


faint «fall fall -»famous Ff faint2 [verb] I fainted when I

Emerald Heart Island ~ Cocks Comb Island {Ranong, Thailand} Thailand Vacation, Thailand

Those famous Garth kiddos



Mailing a Letter


The Rift: Armageddon | Fossils and Archeology Mod Revival Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

[2] As are espionage stories that rely primarily on verbal jousting to uncover the intentions and secrets of ...

However, when hung like a curtain, it proved surprisingly effective at stopping shrapnel, leading to terrifying items like the British ...

Today, 49 percent of Republicans and 33 percent of Democrats say they would be upset if their child married someone from the opposite party.

Card 11 of 15Artwork · Zapper

Well well well, sorry for the missing day guys but after Andy and Emily's joint birthday bash the night before yesterday seemed to come and go in a hazy ...

List of The Real Ghostbusters episodes

The moon was not yet up though the sun was down, creating ominous shadows where light refused to play. The blonde rider knew men ...



Full Metal Plate Mail 1.7 | Dwarf (Dungeons & Dragons) | Magician (Fantasy)

Ultimate Choice for Two - Gift Experience Voucher

In the same comic in which the Sentinels first appeared, the X-men were shown recuperating from a ...

Learn to Draw Cartoons

Rascal Flatts: Summer Playlist Tour 2019

Horse Chills in The Back of Pickup Truck, at 55mph on Texas Highway – Automotivetestdrivers.com Your Source For Automotive News

These Photographs From Space Show What Humans Have Done to the Earth

In the next military conflict, which some believe may come as soon as the mid-2020s, all five battlefield domains: land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace, ...

Bran would make a terrible king ...

Timothy Wilkie is a writer/artist living in the Catskill Mountains of upstate NY. He has art displayed with Yessey and No Bull Art, as well as being ...

We're all off to Vibe again tonight to celebrate the 36th year of Darren's existence on this good earth! As always I'm sure there will be a plethora of pals ...

Although the full depth of the game's ...

On Patrick White

All the stories are illustrated in extremely impressive fashion, some in black and white, and some in watercolour and cover a wide variety of experiences, ...

Ballooning in Myanmar is the Top Adventure Activity Among Tourists!

The artificial intelligence ...

A Professor Proposes Creating the Matrix for Factory-Farmed Chickens

Card 12 of 15Artwork · Storm Squid

Keyboards swirl, drums are pounded and we are back in the 70's with a proper prog out instrumental section backing David and Judy's vocal conjoinment, ...


By Kirstie Brewer | Culture 24 | 10 November 2010


(PDF) Word Map | Arif Ul Alam - Academia.edu

From Farel Dalrymple's guest run on the strip.

[Lonely Planet] Montreal & Quebec City 4e 2015

No monarchy in the history of the Kingdom of England has garnered a cult following quite like the Tudors (1485-1603). The betrayals, wars, and religious ...

The Roaring Girl

A new Edmund Finnis composition is doing the rounds on a Britten Sinfonia micro-tour next week, taking in concerts in Cambridge, London and Norwich.

ماذا تشبهين/ بقلم: علاء الدين الحسين

Here is the link where I found the amazing fairy wing directions from Griffin Street Productions on Instructables.com:

You see, I have this big exam on Monday, but Kate's had me out late every night eviscerating innocent flesh, ...

Paul Symington wants to raise the status of Douro reds. “

This turning about and wildly careening through masses of foes requires the space to do so effectively. Thus chariot attacks within the walled area of a ...

The map

And They Say Nothing Important Happens On A Friday Steve King and Louie Gohmert are here. By Charles P. Pierce

Corner Gas title.jpg

The Authenticity Hoax: How We Get Lost Finding Ourselves

From such an often dubious world view do we get the strangest and most vapid of phenomena, the "real" urban superhero, a few of whose members have ...

Guy Myhill (The Goob) interview / Oh Comely

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