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A lot of injuries can happen if we allow our muscles and bodies to

A lot of injuries can happen if we allow our muscles and bodies to


A lot of injuries can happen if we allow our muscles and bodies to become weak. "Frailty is what kills us, says Dr. Oz. He says our bodies cant recover as ...

a blond woman with lots of muscles flexes for the camera

11 Dos And Don'ts of Coping with Soreness After Yoga. How to deal with your ...

Biceps Tendon Injuries. The biceps muscle has two tendons that ...

Rotator cuff strain

How to Maintain Strength and Muscle When You're Injured

If you do end up with achy muscles after a workout, your best bet is to stretch and keep hydrated.

What injuries are commonly seen in ligaments and tendons?

Top 10 Most Common Sports Injuries

How to Fix 4 Common Swimming Injuries

Wrist pain can result from using a laptop for long periods of time.

4 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Lifting Weights

bicep muscle

The Workout You Need to Do If You Sit All Day

Impingement Syndrome of the Shoulder

What is an intercostal muscle strain? Learn all about intercostal muscle strain, when the muscles between the ribs are damaged. We look at the signs, ...

The patella covers and protects the knee joint.

Shoulder pain

However an injury can quickly interfere with your routine. If you've pulled or strained a muscle in your shoulder shoulder pain exercises can help you stay ...

All you need to know about hip flexor strain

sleep deprivation

Car Accidents Have a High Risk of Causing Neck and Back Injury

What to Do Right After You Throw Out Your Back

7 Myths You Need To Stop Believing Before You Can Get Abs

Expand your understanding of kinesiology and body movement.

Does Lack of Sleep Hinder Muscle Growth or Performance?


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Sports Injuries

The interossei hand muscles allow you to pinch your fingers together. Interossei (dorsal and palmar)

Quite a Stretch

What is a groin strain?

The Truth About Ice for Muscle Recovery

Exercise and pain: Discomfort, 'good pain' and knowing when to stop - Health - ABC News

Is It a Sprain or a Strain? Tips for Identification

You can start gently stretching your calf muscle with the towel stretch right away. Make sure you feel only a gentle pull and not a sharp pain in your calf ...

How your muscular system works - Emma Bryce

Leg day at the gym.

Like other types of sprains, knee sprains are classified according to a grading system:

Muscle Soreness and Cramps - Ask the Expert Blog - Free Health and Fitness Information

A Strong Core Helps Prevent Injury

The gastrocnemius is the more superficial calf muscle and is easily seen contracting when you stand on your toes. It attaches above the knee ...

Muscles Have a Mind of Their Own? You tell your muscles what to ...

Why Rest Days are Just as Important as Working Out

When you sit or stand for too long, it can cause muscle issues that create pain in your body. Work breaks allow you to stretch and strengthen tight muscles- ...

Man with sore back muscles.

Electrical injury

Everything You Need to Know About How to Treat Shin Splints

shoulder rotator cuff muscles

What is an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury?

Swelling associated with elbow bursitis. Although surgery is rarely necessary for bursitis, if the ...

Illustration of Achilles Tendon

Knees. To help get the ...

Knee Sprain

What Happens to Your Body When You Lift Heavy vs. Light Weights

Why does my back hurt when I do sit-ups? Am I doing something

The supinator forearm muscle allows us to twist our forearm so the palm is facing up

Is Doing Splits Good For You?

The main shoulder joint – the glenohumeral – is a ball-and-socket joint. It's called this because the top of the upper arm bone – the humerus – is shaped ...

Not broken-bones hurt, but with things like tendinitis, sore muscles and arthritis. These aren't flashy injuries, but they still can keep you off the ...

normal shoulder anatomy

Can You Gain Muscle While Losing Weight?

... to progressively increase the range of motion at the knee (into flexion and extension). This can be done actively, where you are using your muscles to ...

How to Use a Spiky Massage Ball | 6 Tactics To Reduce Muscle Tension and Myofascial Pain


MMA the Morning After: The Reality of Recovering from Fight Night | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

Don't allow fatigued muscles or injury keep you from living happy, healthy, and active. We have put together some basic stretching techniques that can help ...

... occur to your body when diabetes takes effect. effects of diabetes

The extensor pollicis longus forearm muscle allows us to straighten the tip of the thumb.

Hand injuries

Woman performing a straight-leg pull stretch.

muscle bleed leg

What to Do Right After You Throw Out Your Back

Illustration of the anatomy of the legs

This week marks three months since I began the most intense workout regimen of my entire life, CrossFit.

Is It Safe to Work Out Twice in One Day?

yoga stretching, reverse triangle pose. Increase circulation in the body through stretching. DO stretch. And when you do, ...

When you bend your knees to squat, do your knees turn inward?

A diagram of a cross-section of the head and neck with part of the