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A second Arab Spring appears to be happening in the Middle East as

A second Arab Spring appears to be happening in the Middle East as


Is a Second Arab Spring Bubbling in the Middle East?

Algerian protesters shout slogans during a protest in Algiers on March 15. (Mohamed Messara/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

Algerians demonstrate against the extension of the mandate of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in Algiers on 19

The Arab Spring has seen demonstrations acros the Middle East and North Africa, some of

Tahrir Square in Cairo became the focal point for Egyptian demonstrators seeking the overthrow of President

Arab Spring protest

Arab Spring

Will it happen tomorrow? Or the day after tomorrow? A year from now? In two years? In 10 years? In 20 years? [Such periods of time] are insignificant in the ...

Hani Mohammed / AP Photo. The Middle East is experiencing a ...

Flickr ...

Dec 18, 2010 CE: Arab Spring

How the Middle East is sowing seeds of a second Arab spring

Is a second Arab Spring dawning?

Will the Second Arab Spring Go the Way of the First?

Teachers wave a flag commemorating the Feb. 20 Moroccan Arab Spring movement, during a a

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast

Five Years after the Arab Spring: What's Next for Women in the MENA Region? | Wilson Center

The second Arab Spring? Egypt is the litmus test for revolution in the Middle East

Egyptian intellectuals predict a second wave of 'Arab Spring'

Do Jordan protests herald a new phase of the Arab Spring in 2019?

Second Arab Spring? Not quite. COMMENTARY Middle East

In 2011, the Arab Spring didn't really take hold in Algeria. So, why now? What circumstances have led to the current protests?

The failure of the Arab Spring

Thousands of Algerians protest against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's decision this week to postpone presidential elections in

Here's How the Arab Spring Started and ...

190307 Algeria protests 1 massive crowd EU

Is 2019 a New Arab Spring, and Will It Succeed This Time?

The Russian government, like its counterparts in the West, the Middle East, and elsewhere, was caught off guard by the outburst of Arab uprisings beginning ...

The New Middle East: The World After the Arab Spring

Protesters clash with riot police in Cairo on [Ben Curtis/AP]

Arab Spring

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Is the next Arab uprising happening in plain sight?

Feminism After the Arab Spring360°ANALYSIS

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Revolutionaries have learnt crucial lessons since the Arab Spring

The revolutionary process in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has suffered through a period of defeats and setbacks since the heady days of 2011.1 ...

Eight years on, the Arab Spring is far from over

The Next Arab Uprising: The Collapse of Authoritarianism in the Middle East

A supporter of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran. Iran's system of rule by clerics seems unlikely to prevail in Arab Spring nations. Credit Reuters

In Algeria and Sudan, a second Arab spring is brewing


COPTS ATTEND a mass funeral in Cairo

How the West was caught out by the Arab Spring

Libya's Arab spring: the revolution that ate its children

Islamism, the Arab Spring, and the Failure of America's Do-Nothing Policy in the Middle East

Protestors in Aden calling for reinstatement of South Yemen during Arab Spring.

Police officers stand guard during a protest against the appointment of interim president, Abdelkader Bensalah

Report: Simmering discontent may 'sow seeds' of second Arab Spring

Middle East tech: What does 2019 have in store?

Protesters gather in the northern city of Al Hoceima, Morocco, on October 30th,

Unrest in Tunisia: A second Arab Spring?

Egypt elections and Arab Spring: November 29

Demonstrators protest against price hikes in Tunis. Photo: Getty Images.

Is a new Arab Spring on the way?

Arab Spring: The winners and losers

The Arab Spring : The Hope and Reality of the Uprisings

Fethi Belaid/AFP/Getty Images

Values, Political Action, and Change in the Middle East and the Arab Spring - Mansoor Moaddel; Michele J. Gelfand - Oxford University Press


Will corruption, cuts and protest produce a new Arab spring? In Sudan, Egypt ...

Protesters gesture in front of the headquarters of the RCD party of ousted president Zine El

Middle Israel: 7 years later, drawing 4 conclusions from the Arab Spring

AFP/Getty images

People take part in a protest demanding immediate political change in Algiers, Algeria 12 March

A brief history of Arab Spring revolts, and where they are today

Public disgust over corruption threatens stability in Middle East and North Africa

Protests in Tunisia in 2011

Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, center, in 2013. (Reuters / Mohamed Abd El Ghany)

udanese demonstrators hold a national flag and chant slogans as they protest against the army's announcement

Print edition | Middle East and Africa

Five years after the Arab Spring, how does the Middle East use social media?

What Black Lives Matter Can Learn from the Arab Spring

Tunisian workers gather in front of the national union headquarters in the capital Tunis on Thursday

The Ugly Face of Arab Spring

The Guardian view on the Arab spring: it could happen again

End of Unaccountable Governments

After Arab Spring, journalism briefly flowered and then withered

Photo Gallery: What's Left of the Revolution

Eruptions of Popular Anger : The Economics of the Arab Spring and Its Aftermath

New and Noteworthy

Washington would be better off challenging absolute theocracies and brutal dictatorships, rather than confronting a semi-democracy in a region in which ...

Algerians have learned the lessons of the Arab Spring

It is possible to join the dots between the Fed's second phase of quantitative easing and the revolutions in the Middle East.

Egypt in a Time of Revolution: Contentious Politics and the Arab Spring (Cambridge Studies in Contentious Politics) Paperback – April 3, 2017

Veteran Democratic congressman Mike Capuano concedes defeat to challenger Ayanna Pressley in stunning Massachusetts primary upset

From Bouteflika to Bashir, powers shift. But the second Arab Spring is far from breaking out - Middle East News - Haaretz.com

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council (second from right) and JeanClaude Juncker

Sudan's deadly crackdown evokes Arab Spring bloodshed - Middle East - Stripes

The Annual LGSI Dinner discussing the Future of Algeria and the Second Wave of Arab Spring.