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Amazing harem pants from season one of Downton Abbey Loved this

Amazing harem pants from season one of Downton Abbey Loved this


Amazing harem pants from season one of Downton Abbey. Loved this outfit!!

Lady Sybil's famous harem pants | Lady Sybil in Poiret Harem Pants, 1914 - Poiret. Read it

Downton Abbey, Season 1: Here is Sybil being fabulous in a Poiret harem pant outfit. (Photo: PBS/Masterpiece).

Lady Sybil Harem Pants costume reproductions!! Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey dresses Sybil's harem pants outfit (too bad we only saw this once) and Lady's Mary's red dress from season 1


Downton Abbey is amazing. Jessica Brown-Findlay plays Lady Sybil Crawley. I love her story line. Such a strong, empowering character of the times.

Lady Sybil of Downton Abbey sporting pantaloons in a scene that takes place in 1913. It was in 1870 that the harem pants were first introduced by Charles ...

Not that I'd wear these, but it would be fun to be transformed


One of the most memorable Downton Abbey costumes: Lady Sybil's harem pants.

Downton Abbey Costumes Jacquelynne Steves. Sybil's infamous harem pants

A Day at Downton Abbey - Part 4

Downton Abbey Fashion – Lady Sybil – Paul Poiret and those Harem Pants

Shocking evening harem pants for the character of Lady Sybil Crawley, played by Jessica Brown Findlay.

She made sure to include audience fan favorites, along with other important and significant pieces from all six seasons to complete the full costume ...

The main cast of Downton Abbey. Masterpiece

Origin story: As the magazine editor who offered Edith her own column, Michael Gregson was the first to recognize her talent and the first to show her the ...

If You Ever Wanted to See Downton Abbey Costumes in Person, Here's Your Chance (Lady Sybil's Pants! Lady Mary's Dresses!) | Glamour

1920s Fashion at Downton | Downton Abbey

If you’ve been fantasizing about immaculate riding costumes and white-tie

Beautiful details of Lady Sybil's new frock in Season 1 , episode 4 of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Fashion | Katie Kirk Loves

Edith's Criteron dress, Lady Mary's wedding proposal dress and Sybil's harem pants on display during

Courtesy of Carnival Film & Television Limited 2012 for Masterpiece

... the two strangers met; he held the umbrella and she stole his heart. Most Romantic Moment: The above-mentioned rainstorm meeting. Love at first sight!

Downton Abbey: The 10 Most Memorable Moments From Season 2

The season finale of Downton Abbey is upon us (say it ain't so)! Once you get used to gasping at Ms. O'Brien's latest trickery, groaning at any scene ...

The Joy of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey, Season 6: Downton Abbey's 7 Best Couples | Season 6 | Downton Abbey | Programs | Masterpiece | Official Site | PBS

Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Limited. SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details about the Season 5 premiere of Downton Abbey.

Interview with Downton Abbey costume designer Susannah Buxton. With the finale of the second season of Downton Abbey ...

If You Ever Wanted to See Downton Abbey Costumes in Person Here's Your Chance

Downton Abbey Cake inspired by Lady Sybil Harem pants

The ladies of Downton, Edith, Cora, Mary, & Sybil, dressed for

Downton Abbey Lady Sybil and Tom Branson at Downton Place. Downton Abbey Lady Sybil and Tom Branson at Downton Place

Downton Abbey Fashions

... The socialist chauffeur and the liberal lady were drawn together over politics, which soon transformed to passion. Basically, we have the harem pants to ...

How 'Downton Abbey' Became an Addiction Again

Downton Abbey. Part One

World War I fashions 2 World War I - male formal military 1. Season two of Downton Abbey ...

by the Forward

Downton Abbey, My New Obsession!

Downton Abbey entered the hearts of so many Americans. I was sad to see it go last year. My Mom was the one who told me about it.

Downton Abbey Fashion | Katie Kirk Loves

The blossoming love between Bates and Anna They faced so many trials over the six seasons of Downton Abbey, but always held firm in their devotion to each ...

Joss Barratt. The fourth season of Downton Abbey ...

Downton AbbeyVerified account

Curating the show was a daunting task. “When you break [it] down into daywear, evening wear, sportswear, iconic wear and downstairs uniforms and so on, ...

Origin story: Through the years, over sherry in the butler's pantry, the two have clashed, conferred, considered, and relaxed into a true intimacy that ...

Downton AbbeyVerified account

'Victoria' Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: California Love

As much as fans looked forward to the second season finale of “Downton Abbey” on Sunday night, it was also a day of dread; season three won't appear on PBS ...

Photography by Nick Briggs/ITV for MASTERPIECE courtesy of eOne Films

The Downton Abbey leading actors.

If You Ever Wanted to See Downton Abbey Costumes in Person Here's Your Chance

Downton Abbey Recap: Mary and Matthew Go to the Chapel—but Did They Get Married?

Elizabeth McGovern and Hugh Bonneville

Downton Abbey! Season 3 Downton Abbey Movie, Downton Abbey Season 3, Masterpiece Theater

Victorian fashion_resized

Source. Beautiful, vampire-like people, angry at being neglected.

Of course, Lady Edith must go behind to the card table for she is the homely sister, but that lavender drape she's serving is quite fetching.

My 20s garments consist of more gowns, nothing for a casual afternoon at a museum. So, this is about as close as I get sometimes.

14 Times 'Downton Abbey' Celebrated Strong Moms & Was Way Ahead of Its Time | CafeMom

Downton Abbey: Love is in the Air

... Seasons of Amazing 'Downton Abbey' Costumes. Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery), Lady Cora (Elizabeth McGovern), Lord Grantham

Lord & Lady Grantham, classically Edwardian.

Matthew and Mary

'Downton Abbey' react: All's fair in love and war

Matthew pulls off his light grey suit with aplomb, and Mary shows that she was made for the straight silhouette of the 1920's.

Meimi Hartman and Allen Leech at the Sea Island resort in Georgia. (Image courest

'Downton Abbey' Is Officially Over. Here's How It Should End

Dan Stevens and Michelle Dockery. 1.

Evening dresses worn by Lady Grantham (at left) and by the dowager countess (at right). In Lady Grantham's dress, the front panel with pearls and black ...

Photos From Inside the Most Epic Downton Costume Exhibit Ever

Thomas and O'Brien

Fellow author Terri Gillespie and I at the Costumes of Downton Abbey at Winterthur

It's inspired by the harem pant ensemble that Sybil wore on Downton Abbey.

Image: Downton Abbey Series 3, Episode 2


Sybil's harem pants in Downton Abbey.

Charting Downton Abbey Style: The Younger Generation


If You Ever Wanted to See Downton Abbey Costumes in Person Here's Your Chance

1910s evening clothes ...

How the Modern-Day Royals Would Fit Into the World of Downton Abbey | Vanity Fair

The footman costume. Photo: Courtesy

Thomas ...

Black and Gray Harem pants from Banggood