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Anik Kuikka makes narrative movingimage installations about the

Anik Kuikka makes narrative movingimage installations about the


Anikó Kuikka makes narrative moving-image installations about the absurd constructs of realities in mythologies and fairytales, holding a mirror to social ...

Anikó Kuikka is a Los Angeles based Finnish artist working with moving image installation.

The Academy of Fine Arts Foundation grant awarded to Anikó Kuikka

Anikó Kuikka's exhibition Wednesday 12 at GAO Gallery, ...

Still from 'Wednesday 12', 2018, Anikó Kuikka. Multichannel virtual reality moving image installation. 1:40 min, 9:25 min, 11:10 min, 11:30 min.

Anikó Kuikka: Wednesday 12


installation view photo by Andy Keate

Exhibition view at GAO Gallery 2019. Installation photographs by Jonathan Bassett.

2012 / 2-channel moving image installation / 4 min

Kuikka Anikó. Request this work

2012 / single channel moving image installation / 2:10 min

2011 / 2-channel moving image installation / 3 min

Depicting three stages of romantic relationships, <3 (2012) from Finnish artist Anikó Kuikka, strips the sweetness out of romance.

An Oak Spring Flora

Ms Dhoni the Untold Story

Ms Glow Brauty Karangasem Bali

2012 / single channel moving image installation / 7 min

Ms Gay 2019

MIA screenings + exhibitions

Ms Electrical

national jury kotimainen tuomaristo Sami van Ingen Sami van Ingen works with moving pictures, making

Adam. The updated schedule

Ms Gay Burgos 2019

The National Museum of Art Osaka, ed. What We See. The National Museum of Art Osaka, Osaka, Japan. 2012.

Ms Domainer

Tamara Khalaf

Paula Humberg

Wow whoever thinks that ...

Kuikka makes narrative moving image installations about the absurd construct of reality. Drawing from mythologies and fairytales, her characters play out ...

Installation view of my solo exhibition 'Wednesday 12' at GAO gallery Open until the

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening this Wednesday. 'Wednesday 12'

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