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Are you always finding yourself interested in astronomy and space

Are you always finding yourself interested in astronomy and space


The galaxy cluster MACS J1149.5+2223 taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and the inset image is the galaxy MACS1149-JD1 located 13.28 billion ...

Composite image of dwarf spheroidal galaxy Donatiello I

The universe's rate of expansion is in dispute – and we may need new physics to solve it

Become a future astronomer with the best astronomy books for beginners.

The galaxy cluster MACS J1149.5+2223 taken with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope; the inset image is the very distant galaxy MACS1149-JD1, seen as it was ...

The Scientific Field of Astronomy

A Timeline of the Future of the Universe Astronomy Science, Earth Science, Space And


astronomy books for beginners

NASA / ESA / S. Beckwith (STScI) / Hubble Heritage Team

An artist's rendering of the interstellar object named 'Oumuamua.

Why Mars Is the Best Planet

Einstein gets it right again—weak and strong gravity objects fall the same way

Ten Modern Masters Who Elevated 'Space Art' to Astronomical Heights

...were taken by professional observational astronomers!

Exploring Clocks, Calendars & the Universe with Gorgeous Cosmic Watch App

Planet Nine in astronomy news

Your Place in the Universe: Understanding Our Big, Messy Existence: Paul M. Sutter: 9781633884724: Amazon.com: Books

Guiding Stars

Veil Nebula: Supernova Remnant

Once upon a time, there was a lonely rock drifting in space around an ordinary star. Someone decided to seed it with a self-replicating molecule and take a ...

Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe

Welcome to the Cowiche Astronomer

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A great science experiment for kids that are interested in space! #science_fair_ideas #outer_space_activities

16 Great Online Courses on Astronomy

... Neural Systems (CRNS) at Plymouth University have developed a deep neural network that can analyse life patterns and identify how habitable a planet is.

How to Start Your Career in Astronomy - Deep Astronomy Vlog

When Humans Begin Colonizing Other Planets, Who Should Be in Charge?

In the Zone: How Scientists Search for Habitable Planets

These images are examples of what I am referring to …

Forget mindfulness, stop trying to find yourself and start faking it | Books | The Guardian

Sci-fi space opera series The Vela tackles the fate of a solar system with an all-star writing team

Richard Linklater Quote: “I've always been most interested in the politics of

And it uses 3x5 cards so you can make a lot of constellations. I give you, in the template, everything you need including 12 constellations already done.

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Evidence for New Physics in the Universe

Higher-resolution photo


night_sky.jpg .

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Former Astronauts Talk About Space Travel, Their Favorite Sci-Fi Movies and the Future of Our Planet

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An Astronomer's Paradise, Chile May Be the Best Place on Earth to Enjoy a Starry Sky

18) You Don't Waste Time With Gossiping

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Astronomy Without A Telescope – Could Dark Matter Not Matter?

I'm ...

Have You Ever Wondered.

A miscellany of stars and galaxies - sadly, you won't see this with

Sky & Telescope Associate Editor Sean Walker also captured the impact flash, which he calls the "ugliest lunar impact" because wind and technical issues at ...

I have to say that this is a very welcome audience and that I have always enjoyed a lot the visit to MAS. They have an invited speaker almost every month, ...

Are There Other Intelligent Civilizations Out There? Two Views on the Fermi Paradox

A quick intro to the Astronomy event: we want to develop students' understanding of astrophysical processes. The focus of the event varies on a yearly basis ...

Gravitational Wave Institute

Solar Walk Free - Explore the Universe and Planets is an impressive wealth of information about astronomy and space presented as an amazing 3D model of our ...

Did God Create the Universe?

What is Astronomy? - Definition, History, Timeline & Facts

Always deeply interested in astronomy, Bonestell began creating space scenes for his own amusement. After showing a series depicting Saturn as seen from its ...

Rosette Gazette Articles

Perseids meteor shower 2019. By SPACE India

Is the Solar System Really a Vortex?

I made a 4k wallpaper consisting of my favorite astronomy images through the years : space


Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe by Terence Dickinson

Astronomy with a Home Telescope: The Top 50 Celestial Bodies to Discover in the Night Sky: Seth Penricke: 9781623156480: Amazon.com: Books

Gregor in Switzerland submitted this composite image from the morning of December 15.

Any questions? If you have ...

Wish I knew where this was.

Planet Spin Directions

A couple years ago, a few amateur astronomers digging through a trove of Kepler data made a peculiar discovery: it was a misbehaving star in the ...

Positions of the 4 visible planets during totality in the August 21, 2017 eclipse.

Life beyond Earth seems 'inevitable', US planetary scientist says. Astronomers are ...


Higher-resolution photo

An artist's impression of the first interstellar asteroid: Oumuamua. This unique object was discovered on 19 October 2017 by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in ...

Galaxy NGC 5584 from Hubble WFC3

The Skeptics Society & Skeptic magazine

Saturn, Jupiter and the star Antares are in the south-southeastern predawn sky all week.

This solar system of seven Earth-sized planets may be the best place to look for alien life - The Verge