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Artefact Roman blown glass pitcher with applique of a Bacchant

Artefact Roman blown glass pitcher with applique of a Bacchant


[Artefact] Roman blown glass pitcher with applique of a Bacchant - priest of god Bacchus - Roman god of wine and intoxication.

Roman Glass Jug with a Circular Spout | 3rd Century AD, 4th Century AD | Price $0.00 | Roman | Glass | Vessels | eTiquities by Phoenix Ancient Art

A ROMAN BROWN BLOWN GLASS FLASK 4TH CENTURY A.D. The body blown and then dimpled or depressed four times into a squared form, a thick applied trail ...

CEREBRAL BOINKFEST: The Art of Studio Glass Ancient glass pitcher, circa - century CE. Syro-Palestinian coast, possibly Sidon. Image courtesy of Honolulu ...

Jug, Roman Empire | Corning Museum of Glass

3rd–4th C. Blown translucent deep turquoise blue glass jug with traied and ribbed handle, base in semi-opaque yellow. Roman. MET

Collection Search. Bottles. Roman Glass: Pitcher ...

Roman Globular Glass Jug | 1st Century AD, 2nd Century AD | Price $0.00 |

American Glass: Pitcher, about 1820-1830 | Corning Museum of Glass

Roman blown glass hydria from Baelo Claudia (4th century CE)

Ancient Roman Glass

Roman, Oil flask, 1st-2nd century (source).

Roman double cosmetic glass tube, 4th-6th century A.D. From Bethlehem, blown glass

Sprinkler, Roman Empire, 200-399. 53.1.1. (via Sprinkler | Corning Museum of Glass)

Roman glass: "diatreta" cup

Roman Glass: Bottle with Greek Inscription, 300-399 | Corning Museum of Glass

Glass goods from Roman tombs of the 1st to 3rd century CE. Romano-Germanic Museum in Cologne | Bodendenkmalpflege

bottle - Roman Empire

Bottle with Dionysiac Symbols

Vase Deveau Art Nouveau, Glass Art, Vases, Crystal, Puppet, Drinkware,


The Morgan Cup - Artwork

Roman Bronze Handle With Bacchants

Glass of the Romans


Coral Jug


Bronze hydria (water jar). Culture: Greek. Dimensions: h: 17



Glass of the Romans

Bronze water spouts in the form of lion masks, Late Hellenistic or Early Imperial,

glencairnmuseum: “ Sakhmet, whose name means “the powerful one,” was a

Syrup jug

A pair of Roman lion head appliqués, 2nd/3rd century A.D. Slightly different round

Head of a large female figure. Cycladic, 2600 - 2500 B.C.E. “ With their


Terracotta squat lekythos (oil flask). Culture: Greek, South Italian, Campanian

Roman Carved Agate Bust. 2nd-3rd century AD. An agate bead in the form of a female bust with draped material to the f.

Cream Jug


The Iberian Biche of Balazote, from Balazote (Albacete, Spain). Dates to

Roman Priapus Statuette. 1st-2nd century AD. A bronze figure of a standing bearded Priapus modelled in the round, dre.

Bottle Shaped Like Barrel

Gender studies in ancient Maya culture and art often address

Bronze Bacchus Jug Handle


Painting removed from a wall of a room, possibly a triclinium or dining room,

Miniature "Hobnail" Pattern Creamer

Roman Glass Juglet. 3rd-4th century AD. An iridescent glass just with bell-shaped body and dimple base, tubular neck .


Bronze statuette of Cybele on a cart drawn by lions. Date: 2nd half of

The Morgan Cup - Artwork


Bronze water spout in the form of a lion mask (one of a pair)

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Jug with Wishbone Handle


Bronze Bacchus Terminal

Pot, Medieval Art

Roman 1st–2nd century CE. Hands decorated with religious symbols were designed to stand in sanctuaries or, like this one, were attached ...



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Roman Oil Lamp with Stave Thrower. 1st century BC-1st century AD. A small ceramic oil lamp with basal ring, volute sc.

SAINT ÉTIENNE, figure d'applique en résineux sculpté, stuqué, ...


Pharmacy Jar, Medieval Art





The decor is disposed in the three areas usual in vessels of this class the foot

Superb Roman Handle of a Satyr and Horse


Crucified Christ, Medieval Art

Roman Intaglio Gemstone with Fortuna. 2nd-3rd century AD. An oval red carnelian intaglio gemstone engraved with the R..


Ancient Silver Kantharos from the Vassil Bojkov Collection

Light brown stoneware drinkan, with pinched foot, pot jug crockery holder soil find ceramic

European Furniture & Decorative Arts featuring Silver | Skinner Auction 2566B by Skinner, Inc. - issuu


Janiform Kantharos (Egisto Sani) Tags: rome ceramica roma ceramic greek pot pottery ercole

Jar, Medieval ArtGift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1.

IMG_6062 (jaglazier) Tags: 2016 3rdcentury 3rdcenturyad applique clear cologne colonia coloniaclaudiaaraagrippinensium copyright2016jamesaglazier crafts



Terracotta applique fragment of ivy leaves and berries. Culture: Greek, Pergamene. Dimensions


Bronze Bacchus Jug Handle

In as much as Huai style vessels of hybrid character cannot be positively assigned to the

Autobiography of a Hoarder: The Collection of Martin Cohen, Part 1 | Rago Auctions


Pot, Medieval ArtRogers Fund, 1925 Metropolita.



The Morgan Cup - Artwork

Roman Bacchante Balsamarium. 1st-2nd century AD. A bronze vessel of a female bust, hollow-formed with a diadem to the.