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As a professor keeping students attentive and responsive to your

As a professor keeping students attentive and responsive to your


As a professor, keeping students attentive and responsive to your lectures might be very challenging

The Teacher's Role in Communicating with Students and Parents

The study was conducted from 2012 to 2016 in collaboration with teachers at EBSS to examine how collaborative philosophical inquiry facilitated students' ...

get your students motivated

Professor and adult education student with laptop at whiteboard in classroom

—Courtesy of Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action

College x October 18, 2016

Addressing the African American Achievement Gap: Three Leading Educators Issue a Call to Action. Male teacher helping student ...

Build Rapport With Students

Think You Know What a Teacher Does? Think Again!

Strategies and Resources for Supporting Students with ADHD


Listen to Me!

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Students and Khan Lab School

This research will culminate in a powerful data resource that will help provide a better understanding of student engagement in NSW and in Australia more ...

Disciplinary Problems in the Classroom: Types & Causes

10 Quick Tips For Being a Successful Student Teacher

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Toolbox Of Mindful Practices For The Classroom – Research Academy For University Learning - Montclair State University

My Preparation for a Diverse Student Body


In their words: Saratoga ...

Adelante Student Services – Adelante Student Services – ARISE High School

STAN TWITTER Understanding the meaning behind the accounts created by young people, and what impact they have on the fans and celebrities. p. 8

Higher ed should view the public, not the student, as the customer (essay)

At the core of Walden's teaching methodology is a deep commitment to the mission and philosophy of the school. The faculty, staff, and administration of ...

The popular ebook, now on Medium, complete and unabridged.

The 5E Inquiry Model - from both a teacher and student perspective.

Adelante Student Services – Adelante Student Services – ARISE High School

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Notes From the Field: Radical Self Care for Educators

Walter Smith Reading at Cale. School Board with Students

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Paying More Attention to Your Partner Can Lead to a Longer Life

Why Pop Quizzes Are the Devil

Sign Up, Stay Informed

According to the ...

Differentiated Teaching Strategies

He is one incredibly insightful and compassionate professor. He really seems to apply what he knows about happiness to his own life.”

How to Email a Professor: 11 Tips from Real Professors

Read more about the project's impact on the Critical Thinking Project website.

Stephanie Barry, a first grade teacher at Four Corners Elementary School in Greenfield, MA, leads her students in an activity during the class Morning ...

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Our Mission

University of Texas, Dallas students working together and fully engaged.


Evaluating teaching effectiveness in music.


Professor Gigi Foster - Director of Education, School of Economics, UNSW Business School

Supporting “Contingent” Colleagues in Higher Education: What Tenure-Stream Faculty Can Do – Sarah Ruffing Robbins

The stronger the relationship between the student and the teacher, the more potential for student growth is possible.

How Ugly Arguments with Your Partner Can Open the Door to Disease

Do You Have the Traits to Be a Successful Teacher or Student?

The letter I had to write to my child's teacher


A part of lesson planning involves being prepared to deal with disruptions. This article will

SPR for the course Introduction to Design and Production

Classroom Management That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Every Teacher

Learning to Let Go: Listening to Students in Discussion

+ opposition to unjust, unequal treatment of people based on differences | celebrates diversity | models acceptance + honesty with students ...

Many professors around the world struggle thinking on how to keep their students attentive and responsive

Our Guide to Teaching Criminal Justice.

A Teacher and Her Student



A woman writes in a small notebook with a pen under dim lighting. She looks


When a professor and one of his Ph.D. candidates agreed to discuss the nuances of mentoring, they found that their approaches were considerably different.

In closing, thank you for keeping students at the center as you thoughtfully sharpen your own lens by gazing through the oh so wise eyes of our children.

Photo of Oakwood - Morgan Hill, CA, United States. Oakwood School

Woman caregiver with young baby playing with blocks

Children in classroom

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With spring break here, the focus for many parents, students, and teachers alike is on the welcomed vacation from the daily grind. No matter the brevity, ...

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“The children bring so much learning to the classroom because they are allowed to.

Set Up for Success: Historical Studies MA Students Accepted to Top PhD Programs


Left to right: Lola Antonius, Lisa Weber, Judge Arcand-Kootenay, Breanna Arcand-Kootenay, Mark Tripe de Roche and Tyler Tremel. As we complete our ...

Fostering Critical Thinking Through Coding

In light of these statistics, we began to wonder whether offering students additional educational options might reduce bullying and its tragic outcomes.