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Astronomers Witness a Very Rare Event The Birth of a Symbiotic X

Astronomers Witness a Very Rare Event The Birth of a Symbiotic X


Evolutionary Pathways for Stars of Different Initial Masses

Astronomers Witness X-ray Burst from Newborn Neutron Star - Sky & Telescope

Astronomers Witness Stellar Debris Being Blown Away After a Black Hole Destroyed the Star

ALMA and Very Large Array (VLA) images of the mysterious transient, The Cow.

This artist's illustration depicts what astronomers call a “tidal disruption event,” or TDE, when an object such as a star wanders too close to a black hole ...

ESA's Integral space observatory has witnessed an uncommon occasion: the minute that winds discharged by a swollen red mammoth star restored its ...

This was important since it is the mechanics of the disc that causes the jet's strange behavior.

X-ray (left) and optical (right) images of the space around the X-ray source, made with Chandra and the Hubble Space Telescope, respectively.

Astronomers Witness a Very Rare Event, The Birth of a Symbiotic X-Ray Binary

A red giant star orbiting a black hole Canvas Art - Ron MillerStocktrek Images (16 x 13)

Space Cow Mystifies Astronomers

Known to be associated with stars, clouds of super heated gas, interstellar mediums, and destructive events, the detection of cosmic x-rays is ...

Figure 10: An unprecedentedly bright and rapidly evolving supernova explosion AT2018cow and its host galaxy, CGCG 137-068, which is located some 200 million ...

History of supernova observation

A team of international scientists from BAS, University of Iowa and GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences has discovered a new method to explain how ...

Hubble Discovers Huge 150 Billion Miles Wide System of Dusty Material. Astronomers ...

A rogue star is one that has escaped the gravitational pull of its home galaxy. These stars drift through intergalactic space, and so are sometimes called ...

A red giant star orbiting a black hole Canvas Art - Ron MillerStocktrek Images (16 x 13) | Products

Still image of the X-ray source observed by Chandra, showing the captured flare up at bottom Credit: NASA/CXC/Pontifical Catholic Univ./F.Bauer et al.

Amazon.com: Symbiosis: A Love Beyond Space and Time (9781976250224): Nancy Tremaine, David W Chace, Michael Melton, Grant Cameron, Katarina Castillo, ...

Travel Log

Pan-STARRS image showing the host galaxy of the newly discovered supernova ASASSN-18bt

Possible Places of Origin of Oumuamua Identified

A platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) pauses for a moment after being released by scientists into the Little Yarra River, its home stream in Victoria, ...

The Best Hip-Hop Producer Alive, Every Year Since 1979

This Sept. 13, 2015 image provided by NASA shows the moon, left, and the Earth, top, transiting the sun together, seen from the Solar Dynamics Observatory.

This artist's impression shows the magnetar in the very rich and young star cluster Westerlund 1. Credit: ESO/L. Calçada

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Photographed in ultraviolet light and rendered in false color, this view reveals the complexities of

Phobos X – Full Sets & Martin's Thoughts


Artist concept of 2018 VG18, nicknamed "Farout.” Illustration by Roberto Molar Candanosa

Eclipse 2012 shared a post.

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ESOblog - The makings of the ground-breaking gravitational waves discovery | ESO

Today, the Earth is covered with life in countless forms, but four billion years ago there was no life on our rocky world. So, it stands to reason that ...

Students Spot Mysterious X-Ray Source

ALMA observations of the Orion Nebula complex provide insights into explosions at star birth.

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Fig. 5.—

Aliens probably don't ride around in spacecraft like this one (Picture: Getty)

... pic.twitter.com/aU8S7I8K6i. — Gourav ...

Curious Kids: how long has gravity existed?




Climate change

Artist's conception of the Epsilon Indi system. Illustration is by Roberto Molar Candanosa and Sergio


... in order to scan the latest human tech,' he wrote.

Interstellar Winds | Sign-Up & Interest Thread [FT]

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Jupiter has spectacular aurora, such as this view captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Credit: NASA, ESA, and J. Nichols (University of Leicester)


Assembly of galaxy in early Universe.[15]

Startup Dialogue theme, Deshpande Foundation India SandboxStartups Dialogue 2019

Symbiosis (Justice Keepers Saga)


planet trailing gas around a star

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Event Overview ...

VIMOS image of galaxy NGC 4993 showing the visible-light counterpart to a merging neutron

Credit: CSIR0 "

This is a wide-field image in the region of NGC 3603 taken on the ground by the Digitized Sky Survey 2. Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Digitized Sky Survey 2.

... Region Obtained in the Light of the Hydrogen Hβ LineIn this photograph, obtained by Dr. Syuzo Isobe of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory, north is at ...

Carlos Alfonzo, “Home” (1990), oil on linen, 120 x

Svensmark: "global warming stopped and a cooling is beginning" – "enjoy global warming while it lasts" | Watts Up With That?

Spectral variability of LMC S154. Credit: Iłkiewicz et al., 2019. Astronomers have conducted observations of a symbiotic ...

Cigar Meteorite

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Fig. 9.—

Figure 2.21 The Variable Star T Tauri with Hind's Variable Nebula NGC 1555On October 11, 1852, J. R. Hind, the director of a private observatory founded by ...

A Tour of CL J1001

... the youngest stars in close proximity to the clouds, Rosolowsky has preliminary results from 12 of the eventual 74-galaxy sample that suggest that ...