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Astronomy Unit Study Constellations and the Moon Unit Studies

Astronomy Unit Study Constellations and the Moon Unit Studies


A complete astronomy unit study filled with STEM activities and book recommendations.

Some resources that we use for astronomy studies are pictured above: (top left-right) Firefly Nature School lesson guides, Know The Stars by H.A. Rey, ...

Science Astronomy Unit Study FREE Home School Curriculum - HOMESCHOOL LESSON PLANS

Nature, Resources, Unit Study

K-2 Earth and Space: Astronomy

Fiction and Nonfiction Children's Books about the Moon! Perfect for learning about astronomy, a space unit study, and learning about the Moon Phases.

Solar System Unit Study from Starts At Eight

Minibook: Moon Phases

Energy MatchCard

Type: Unit Study Adventure™ Grades: K-12th. Length: 4 Weeks

The Ultimate Montessori-Inspired Star and Constellation Unit


Astronomy & Constellations Unit: Interdisciplinary Study Astronomy & Constellations Unit: Interdisciplinary Study

1 MOON UNIT Lesson 11- Constellations –Star Patterns

... This free printable stars book helps kids learn about the different constellations in the night sky. Perfect for an astronomy unit for homeschool, ...

3  sun: the star that gives us light and heat  constellation: a group of stars forming a pattern  astronomers: people who study stars


As usual, the constellations do-a-dot printable is super easy to download and prepare.

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Free Science Astronomy

Light & Energy MatchCard

Moon Activities Montessori Astronomy


Hands-on Star and Constellation Activities

Solar System - Fun, free hands on science unit for K-6th grade elementary

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Free Summer Astronomy Packet (Solar Eclipse Aug 2017!)

Astronomical Units & Light Years: Definition & Examples

Moon Unit - Hands on science projects to help kids in Preschool, Prek, Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and 6th ...

observation journals for family astronomy unit study via Walking in High Cotton

Image of the constellation Orion, with Delta Ori A highlighted in the insert

Character Education Unit Studies {Hundreds of Free Resources}

This colour image shows the Hubble Ultra Deep Field region, a tiny but much- studied region in the constellation of Fornax, as observed with the MUSE ...

Students will be introduced to the Earth's orbital movement around the Sun, as a means of seeing why the constellations change.

Free constellation dot to dot printable worksheets for kids by TheMomentsAtHome.com

Harry Potter Astronomy with Constellations and Jupiter's Moons

While monitoring a supernova, a team of astronomers noticed a point of light emerging,

A white dwarf occurs when a star expels most of its outer layers to leave a

The Teaching Astronomy - Part 1 Packet is available for purchase here. Click here for Table of Contents. Over 100 pages of ready-to-run materials covering: ...


Exoplanets · artist concept of HD 131399 triple-star system

Space Books for Kids

Aries constellation

Compare Earth's Rotation and Revolution

We've had unit studies focusing on the moon, stars and constellations, and now the solar system (except for specific study of the moon).

observation journals for family astronomy unit study via Walking in High Cotton

BrainPOP Videos for Space Science Unit Studies Featured Image

Gravitational Lensing: Einstein Ring

Learn all about the in these exciting moon activities perfect for a moon unit study! Kids will love learning about the moon with these ideas.

We added some Montessori materials for our science studies. Astronomy Unit Study

Artist's concept of our Earth and sun. Image via NASA. Artist's concept of Earth and sun. One astronomical unit ...

Beginner Level Course

To incorporate math and round out our Lunar unit study, Roo graphed inscribed circles and made them into the phases of the moon! We used the Ruler & Compass ...

Study explores options that optimize profit in broadband satellite constellations

The Best Moon Activities, Montessori Inspired Astronomy Unit Study, Phases of the moon,

Hands-on, literature-based elementary astronomy unit

6-8 Earth and Space Science: Astronomy

Download the Star and Constellation Facts and Worksheets

Marcia's Science Teaching Ideas

Gemini Constellation: Facts About the Twins

MOON UNIT Lesson 11- Constellations –Star Patterns. 2 Standard: ...

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... and handicrafts is Rooted Childhood, and it just so happened that January's collection included a constellation handicraft and lunar activities.

Some of you have asked for more details on planning a unit study. If you want to end your school year with a little fun study, ...


Free Solar System Unit for Kids - Solar System Activities

'This time we'll stay': NASA to send humans to the moon

Resources for Teaching High School Astronomy in Texas
Activities and Recommendations from McDonald

The star formation region, Messier 78, in the constellation of Orion (The Hunter

The Best Star and Constellation Books for Kids


sirius,alpha canis majoris

Astronomy unit

Distances from the sun of planets in our solar system, expressed in A.U. Graph via

The Constellations: Definition & Name Origins. Chapter 22 / Lesson 3 Transcript

50+ (mostly) free Space Printables for kids

The Milky Way and moon illuminate a lone tree in the Atacama Desert, Chile. (© Nicholas Buer/Corbis)

27 Great Space Books to Celebrate National Astronomy Day

Exploring the World of Astronomy: From Center of the Sun to Edge of the Universe: John Hudson Tiner: 9780890517871: Amazon.com: Books

Glossary of Astronomical Terms

Layers of the Atmosphere Packet - Worksheets Hands-On Activities Notebook Pages

NASA cannibalizing other programs for Moon money

Galaxy M31 on SkySafari app on iPad

... unit studies. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links (at no cost to you).

Andromeda Galaxy.

Record-breaking galaxy found at the edge of the Universe

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Learn the Mare on the Moon.

Artist's concept of the dwarf planet Eris, whose distance from the sun varies from 38.255


The links are for free star and constellation printables for preschoolers through 1st graders. I don't share coloring pages unless a page has a specific ...

Astronomy MatchCard Astronomy MatchCard Astronomy MatchCard

(Background Above) One of the most easily recognizable star fields in the winter nighttime sky, the familiar constellation Orion. This field of view spans ...

Chinese astronomy