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Aswino Ajis Artistic Observations of the Ego in the Face of

Aswino Ajis Artistic Observations of the Ego in the Face of



Aswino Aji's Artistic Observations of the Ego in the Face of Balinese Culture - NOW! Bali



__Ego-Invasion__2018-Made-Aswino-Aji.-Image-R. “

The Curious Worlds of Balinese Painter Galung Wiratmaja

Emerging Balinese artists tour Netherlands cities as a part of the TiTian Prize

Meet the Designer of Garuda Wisnu Kencana : Nyoman Nuarta

"Portrait of the Other, #1 & #2" 2019 by Citra Sasmita

Celebrating Indonesian Modern Art: the Painting Collection of the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia – Senandang Ibu Pertiwi | Life As Art ...

Discovering Bali's Traditional Musical Instruments

In May 2015, German born painter Wolfgang Widmoser, along with eight western artists ventured East across the Java Sea to South Sulawesi, Indonesia upon a ...

Life As Art Asia

"The Death of Kumbakarna" late 19th century Balinese Kamasan painting. #lifeasartasia #

Narasi Menunngu Lahiran (The Anticipation of Giving Birth) 2016 – Made 'Dalbo' Suarimbawa, in the foreground, background: The Fireflies #1 2016 – Budi Agung ...


"Rerajahan Kola Sungsang" circa 1930's - Anak Agung Gede Sobrat Ubud, Bali #

Life As Art Asia



12434686_10153843517778615_1954021560_n. “

“Remains-Fade Away, 2013, pastel on canvas, 200

Previewing the Larasati Traditional, Modern & Contemporary Art Auction in Ubud, 16 Febuary 2019

Published in the Jakarta Post online 10 April my article "Tanda Seru Exhibition in Bali

"BipolarDemons" GMY 2017, 200x160

JIMB#2 Jogja International Miniprint Biennale


May edition of BALI!Now Magazine featuring my article "The Curious Worlds of Balinese

Balinese Masters: Aesthetic DNA Trajectories of Balinese Visual Art” is a presentation of visual

"Res Publica: Security Mirror for Genitalia" 2019 by Ni Putu Sridiniari exhibited in

Painting by Made Romi Sukadana on display at Tony Raka Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali

Bali Magazine March Edition my article: "Emerging Balinesr Artists Tour

"Creation" 1977 - Dewa Nyoman Batuan, Pengosekan, Ubud, Bali Pengosekan village

#lifeasartasia medias. "

"Barong Nike" 2015 by Balinese contemporary artist Wayan Arnata. Arnata adopts fiber as. "


Socio-Hormonal Hijacked!! W.I.P #indonesianartist #balinesecontemporaryart #artcolector #budiagungkuswara #

Artwork by Rio Saren, Mumbal, Gianyar #lifeasartasia #baliartreviews #balineseart #balinesecontemporaryart


May edition of BALI!Now Magazine featuring my article "The Curious Worlds of Balinese Painter Galung Wiratmaja" ...

RepostBy @nadyakorotaeva: "Kabut Rasa. Inspired by @drommemusic The artwork from performance

"Istana Kura Kura" Atmi Kristiadewi 2015. “

Bali Magazine "Balinese art patronage: now & then

Leading Indonesian artist Entang Wiharso shares with the audience about his creative journey at Black Goat Studio during the YOS 2016 Focus Tours.

The True Portion of David 2014 – Valasara

"Totem #1" by Galung Wiratmaja exhibited in "Ambang Embang" at the. "

“Remains-Fade Away, 2013, pastel on canvas, 200

"Eruption of Gunung Agung" 1968 by Balinese traditional artist Ida Bagus Nyoman Rai (

Life As Art Asia

"Bathing People and Animals" 1937 - Ida Bagus Sodang, Sanur. #lifeasartasia. "

@Regran_ed from @lifeasartasia - My article "Empowering Bali's Women Artists: Futuwonder"

"Melting Point" by Ketut Susena. #lifeasartasia #baliartreviews #balinesecontemporaryart #indonesiancontemporaryart

#19 Richard Jacobs Absolutely unique abstract artist from US ❤ 🙏 .

Ketut Rudi. 2010

"Menyanyikan Hidup" 2012 by Balinese contemporary artist Made Budhiana #lifeasartasia #baliartreviews #

Wongaya Gede. Smaradahana early 20th century Balinese Kamasan painting #lifeasartasia #baliartreviews #balinese

7 Magnificent Masterpieces #2, 2012 Acrylic on canvas 200x150cm

You are cordially invited to the 3rd Anniversary of Yayasan TiTian Bali on Saturday 16 February

7 Magnficent Masterpieces #1, 2011, 200x150cm Newspaper Collage chinese ink on canvas

Super lobby art #pullmanhotels #ubudart

Life As Art Asia

"Encounter" the upcoming 11 May - 6 June sculpture exhibition by I Wayan Jana

"Dimensi Dualitas" 2018 Putu Wirantawan pencil ballpoint pen on paper #lifeasartasia #baliartreviews. "

Life As Art Asia

Painting by Kadek Jefri Wibowo. #lifeasartasia #balinesecontemporaryart #baliartreviews #southeastasiancontemporaryart @jeffer_woa

It has taken so much will power not to buy alllll the beautiful art in Bali

My recent article "Emerging Indonesian artists celebrated at Bali's contemporary art exhibition" published in

Art works by Budi Agung Kuswara - Image courtesy of Heri Pemad Bali

The Nawasanga is a sacred Balinese traditional diagram which outlines the relationships between the nine compass

#nyomanwarta #batikclass #artclass #tradisionalart #art

Ida Bagus Made Poleng-"Tari Legong" Image couresty of Larasati “

How to Make Modern Art. #art #modernart #canvas #acrylict #tradisionalproccess

In the current art environment the artist's hands are no longer considered significant in carrying on the struggles of the soul,” said artist, gallerist and ...


"Celebration of the Future" is a contemporary art exhibition by 47 Indonesian artists presenting. "

Thank you everyone who came out to the show! Due to construction of Key Arena

Ida Bagus Alit

Bali Magazine January 2019 Satya Cipta - the Rise of a Unique Female Balinese



Hello ubud, Bali #bintang #beer #carving #kelikipainting #ubud #ubudart

Part of “Indonesian art in Bali” 🙏🏻

"Silver Acrylic Paint on Face #2" GMY 2012

“Indonesian art in Bali” merasa memiliki hak istimewa sebagai seniman ketika penyelenggara Pameran mengantarkan. “

IMG_8555 Bad Dream

Wayan Karja

Check out our newest Collection! . . . . . . #batik #batikmodern

Origen's Gambit" GMY

Hello ubud, Bali #bintang #beer #carving #kelikipainting #ubud #ubudart

The-Death-of-Gatotkaca. 1500x200. 2013

"Art Bali - The Premiere Event to Position Bali on the Global Art Map"

"Melampaui Batas" 2016 by Balinese contemporary artist I Made Djirna on display in the. "

Art by midaskid

Always need Practice before do in Material. #batikclass #batikpainting #artclass #balibatik

Art by Imam Sucahyo Image by Richard Horstman

wayan radjin "ramayana membebaskan dewi sita" image courtesy of larasati “

Bali Swing, tegallalang rice terrace today. Fullday Ubud Tour #ubud #riceterrace #

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