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Atlas Greek sculpture done tonight to a work in progress sleeve

Atlas Greek sculpture done tonight to a work in progress sleeve


Atlas Greek sculpture done tonight to a work in progress sleeve! Thanks again Brian cant

Mythology Tattoos, Samurai Tattoo, Dream Tattoos, Tatoos, Chest Tattoo, Rodin,

Greek mythology sleeve tattoo - Zeus, Hercules, Atlas

Leg Tattoos, Cute Tattoos, Sleeve Tattoos, Tatoos, Atlas Tattoo, Globe Tattoos

Florence - Pyrrhus And Polyxena - Weston Westmoreland Roman Sculpture, Florence Tuscany, Achilles,

Greek God Atlas Statue With Globe Container #Tattoosonback Atlas Tattoo, Best Sleeve Tattoos,

Freehand lettering sleeve tattoo

Made some massive progress to this custom Greek sleeve .Swipe for more .

Some gothic castle/ cathedral filler done tonight to tie in other tattoos . Work

Atlas Tattoo, Tattoo Sleeve Designs, Sleeve Tattoos, Zeus Tattoo, Statue Tattoo,

Repping BFLO today doing this fun filler piece for a work

Gothic Dark Abstract sleeve ... Diligently worked on for the past few years

Atlas / 500px Classical Art, Zeus Statue, Smart Art, God Tattoos, Fashion

CommonLit: The Story of Prometheus and Pandora's Box Genre Study, Legends And Myths,

Advertisement. Bald eagle 🦅American flag mashup... Solid session on this one !

Statue of Atlas holding the celestial sphere (Farnese Atlas). Roman copy of a Greek sculpture of the cent. (Photo by Sergey Sosnovskiy).

Atlas doin' his thang

️What lies underneath the surface .... Solid pass on this one for a

Statue of Poseidon. Copenhagen Denmark. http://hadrian6.tumblr.com

Orozco Design—Atlas - Lift 4 Life

️Really enjoyed doing this Hawk to start a work in progress nature sleeve on my clients

Was my clients first tattoo with this one to start his sleeve , with some

Godfrey ...

Walenty Pytel Gallery and Sculpture Tours ...

Although ...

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Statue of Atlas holding the celestial sphere (Farnese Atlas). Roman copy of a Greek sculpture of the cent. Diameter of the sphere 66 cm.


Rest in Peace? Disturbing Royal Tombs

[14] “Hiram Powers' Greek Slave,” Yankee Doodle, in “Notices of Powers Work,” frame 23, ...

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... flat (a perception that Steinberg called attention to in his article on Rodin). The full result is a fine equivocation that enriches the work.

Ginger&Piss is published whenever we see fit and its remit is simple: to provide a platform for candid critique but at the same time allow the AUTHOR to ...


centaur battle

Godfrey Stephens ...


And conversely, the drawings often vacuum in the shapes of the sculptures, a sort of aesthetic circle-jerk that reminds you both of angelic visitations and, ...

The Lady of Guadalupe stands in the kiva, far to the left of the statue of the Virgin Mary where the healing springs drip from Dripping Springs mountains.

️Fun shoulder cap piece of this Owl portrait I got to adventure with last night ,

INTERIOR OF CRATER (line engraving) ...

'A Major Problem' - Volume 50, Issue 23 by The Badger Herald - issuu

Ring The Bell, Bethel – LaVon Williams

Hansel and Gretel_047.jpg

Activity Note: Today's walking tour includes several sets of stairs (up to 90 stairs, uphill and downhill).


And then, they gave them another small, very small, tuning fork. And they said, “Strike this tuning fork, not once, but twice for each of you.


The Effective Competition ...

Music History Monday: The Daughters of Atlas

Riots I Have Known

Horse and Rider Sculpture ...

Teresa ...

Late post Poseidon I'm working on as part of a sleeve. Done with

New Master's in Criminology, Criminal Justice to Enhance Opportunities for UTEP Students

Sitting in the gallery of the Church of St. Iberius in Wexford, my eye was caught by a strange, chimney-piece-like construction on my left.

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“While We Wait”, 2015, pen, ink, & paper cutting in plexiglass, 9.5' x 4' x 2'.

II Marko Marulic Splicanin

Walenty Pytel with the Woodpecker sculpture ...


... of regress raises high hopes. Historical regression is proceeding on several fronts. One is the collapse of the neoliberal faith in the end-of-history ...

Monument for Future Happiness is the first work of art as part of City Markings Destination Drachten that is being realized. The unveiling is on November 9, ...

We fear a future where robots take over because nobody really knows how A.I. works; we fear religious people ...

You've done a TED talk on the crucial role of record ...

Goodlett walked us through a hall and into another first-floor room, which was crowded with more sculptural works, as well as pages and pages of his ...

The Tower of Babel Stele

Elisabet Gustafsson

Network Books Distribution Spring Catalogue 2019


Image caption: Theo Bargiotas' Untitled


Well, Socrates, the Greek philosopher and educator who lived about 400BCE, was renowned for his love of questions. Perhaps Socrates' main contribution to ...


The Greek sun god Helios, from Petra, 1st C BC – 1st C AD, found at Qint al-Bint temple in Petra, visited on the Global Scavenger Hunt © Karen ...


Kirk Mangus, “Multi-Eyed Guardian Jar”, Stoneware, colored slips, sgraffito drawing, salt-glazed, 29.5 x 13 x 13 inches

And several factors take part in it from being a parent, having a job you don't enjoy, being surrounded by people who don't help and ...

Creepily Kubrickian psycho-thriller

The process I take to design each and every tattoo to be original and as

Walenty Pytel with the Woodpecker sculpture ...

But far-right Viking medievalism is not about historical accuracy. Rather, it's used to create narratives. So, to resist the medieval narratives that ...



Press Release: "UNTITLED" : Recent Paintings by Toto Takamori

... Bunyan to a steel-and-resin rainbow. Invited to the inaugural FRONT International Triennial in Cleveland, Ohio, he made Judy's Hand Pavilion (2018), ...

Nile River Cruise

Michael Kahn's Sculptural Village in Arizona

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... doesn't like to talk about his work until he starts talking about it. But once he got going, he seemed relieved to be able to say what he wanted to say.

Freehand original study done with Oils on the cover of my sketchbook .

`Another Time' is the latest from Shadowgraphs, out since last 30 November on Golden Brown Records. It's two guys – Brian Olson and Charles Glade, ...

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Eileen Rojas rehearsing Girl Child