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Behind the scenes of Jaws Behind the Scenes Jaws 2 Jaws movie

Behind the scenes of Jaws Behind the Scenes Jaws 2 Jaws movie


The making of Jaws

Behind the scenes of Jaws 2

Jaws 2: the making of the hollywood sequel Book Review

Behind the scenes of Jaws 2

(1975) Jaws

The Daily Jaws

The Making Of JAWS 2: Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Jaws: The Revenge (5/8) Movie CLIP - The Banana Boat (1987) HD

Behind the Scenes of JAWS

Behind the scenes of the Cable Junction scene in Jaws 2

Behind the scenes photos from 1975 film classic Jaws by Steven Spielberg (7 pictures)

Six Things You Didn't Know About ...

I read an entire book about the making of the film Jaws 2. It was not a good book, but I remain fascinated with behind-the-scenes stories of mediocre work.

Behind the scenes Jaws 2 ending

Here's the Story Behind THAT Nightmarish Unused Death Scene from 'JAWS'

Jaws 2 - on The set - Behind the Scene

Jaws 2, 3 & The Revenge Blu-ray Boxset review

My sixth favourite thing about Jaws 2: The Making Of The Hollywood Sequel, which was read, by me, beginning to end, and which could not be called 'very ...


Jaws 2

JAWS - Rare Photos, Frame Grabs, Images, Behind-The-Scenes Pics, etc... - Classic Horror Film Board

Many ...

Jaws - Behind The Scenes Of Quint's Death

Behind the scenes of Jaws 2

Behind the Scenes Look at JAWS

Bruce: behind the scenes on the set of JAWS

Jaws - Behind the scenes photos (2).jpg

The production nightmares that made Jaws a classic


Since Jaws (1975) took a huge bite out of the box office, a sequel was inevitable. But like it's predecessor, Jaws 2 was plagued with production problems ...

It's an oft-repeated adage that nobody sets out to make a bad movie, but Jaws The Revenge is so legendarily, comically bad that it almost looks like an ...

Jaws 2 [Blu-ray]

Inside Jaws 2 Saving Private Ryan



In ...

Jaws 2 Movie: Scene #3

Rakshasa wrote:

The shark remains an undetected threat when Mike Brody conquers his fear to take part in the open water training for his Scuba course. In a scene which ...

Photo credit: Jim Beller. The first person onboard to work on Jaws ...

image. Universal Pictures. 5. Roy Scheider, Jaws ...

A selection of merchandise from Jaws 2. Top: Movie Program; Soundtrack LP Album, Middle: The Jaws 2 Log by Ray Loynd; Jaws 2 novelization by Hank Searls, ...

Jaws 2 Year : 1978 USA Director: Jeannot Szwarc - Stock Image

Behind the scenes of Jaws 2! #jaws #poster #1975 #movie #

Film History: A Real Shark Fell in Love With The Mechanical Shark While Filming Jaws

21 Amazing Behind the Scenes Photos From the Making of 'Jaws' (1975)

A break for Brucette Jaws 2, Jaws Movie, Classic Films, Filmmaking, Behind

Jaws 19 premieres.

It seems unbelievable, but it's been 42 years since Steven Spielberg's Jaws premiered in cinemas across the United States. Almost half a century since the ...

Great Moments in Cinematic Drinking: Jaws

My fourth favourite thing about the making of Jaws 2 book I finished reading before bed last night, which was disappointing not just in eloquence, ...

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Sam was about to be cured of his hiccups. Jaws 2 ...

Jaws. Movie poster shows a woman in the ocean swimming to the right. Below her is

And they made this stuff for KIDS?

Jaws 2

Jaws 40th Anniversary: 40 facts about Spielberg's infamous shark movie and Great Whites

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The general opinion about Jaws 3[1983] is that it is a very poor outing indeed, but I don't really agree with that. As entertainment I enjoy it almost as ...

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Quint: Absolutely. I never doubted it once and it really freaked me out as a kid. It was two things: when he spits up that bright red blood and when we next ...

Good luck sleeping tonight. Related Topics:featuredJawssharksSteven Spielberg

Hunting Bruce, Or, On The Trail Of The 'Jaws' Shark

Three ...

Location: Brody Walks To Town Hall Address: Water St & Main St Edgartown, MA

... Jaws making-of documentary, The Shark Is Still Working, Spielberg is seen yelling, “Get the actors off the boat!” — to which sound engineer John Carter ...

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It's great to see that touchstone from the first film and acknowledge the same universe, they are littered throughout. The Orca sign is terrible though and ...

10 Iconic Locations From "Jaws" and What They Look Like Today

Take a look at these stunning photos of behind the scenes of one of cinema's greatest films; Jaws

40 Shocking Facts About the Filming of 'Jaws'

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Xxx Zx35387 D Jaws Dvd 27 Zx3538 Jpg Ent. The shark in a scene ...

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Spielberg placed shooting stars into some of his movies but the one in “Jaws” was real

As 'Jaws' turns 44, here are 44 things you didn't know about the original blockbuster

film vintage behind the scenes shark my scan jaws shark week

Jaws: The Revenge Gets Fan-Made CGI Upgrade That'll Scare You Out

Jaws 19

DOC GOES BACK INTO THE WATER: An In-Depth Look at the Jaws Franchise [FRIDAY FEATURE] | Horror Cult Films

JAWS - Rare Photos, Frame Grabs, Images, Behind-The-Scenes Pics, etc... - Classic Horror Film Board

Which shark movies have the most bite? Our ranking, from best to worst

The shark in "Jaws" is one of the most terrifying sea creatures to come to the big screen. Screenshot

jaws A Close Call

Amazon.com: Jaws 2: Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gary, Murray Hamilton, Joseph Mascolo, Mark Gruner, Keith Gordon, Jeannot Szwarc, Richard Zanuck, David Brown, ...