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Ben Hopper Women shouldnt be ashamed of armpit hair Celebrities

Ben Hopper Women shouldnt be ashamed of armpit hair Celebrities


Ben Hopper: Women shouldn't be ashamed of armpit hair

Ben Hopper: Women shouldn't be ashamed of armpit hair

(Picture: Ben Hopper)

Ben Hopper: Women shouldn't be ashamed of armpit hair

(Picture: Ben Hopper)

Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells, a circus artist, poses for photographer Ben Hopper's Natural Beauty project

Ben Hopper: Women shouldn't be ashamed of armpit hair

Stunning photo series will make you want to grow out your armpit hair

'Natural Beauty' Photo Series Challenges The Way We View Body Hair On Women. '

“I let my hair grow for the Natural Beauty project. It

In recent years as the series has gained huge popularity online, more and more women

(Picture: Ben Hopper)

Hopper says that he doesn't want all women to start growing their armpit hair

about a year ago

Photo Series Proves It's Time To Embrace Armpit Hair In Its Natural Glory

(Picture: Ben Hopper)

“I stopped shaving firstly because I was inspired by the Natural Beauty

There's something empowering about not hiding your body hair. You feel stronger for not giving in to the way you've been told ...

Women With Armpit Hair | Ben Hopper "Natural Beauty" Series | POPSUGAR Beauty Australia

Charlie Barker & Liv Sage (Photo: Ben Hopper)

Charlot Conway posed for the photos series in May last year - the picture shows her

Why don't girls have armpit hairs?

(Picture: Ben Hopper)

"I stopped shaving after reading Judith Butler and realising that I had no idea what my 'natural' body looked like, as I was convinced to perform my gender ...

And no, not this cute hot Chinese chick. What hair?

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Jessica Hargreaves posed for the photographer in October last year and shows of her natural hair


The more pictures you see of women with armpit hair, the less "wrong" or "strange" it starts to look. We're being bombarded by media image of clean hairless ...

"I've come to trust the natural processes of my body. You see the beauty of the human mind is so temporal - it doesn't last. But the beauty of nature is ...

“I never stopped shaving because I never started. I do remember

Ben Hopper. about 5 years ago. “

I live that girl 😍 @hairywomen01 #pithairdontcare #pithair #armpit #sweaypits #

JoJo Pearson in July 2017 - Hopper considers his project to be a form of protest


Model perfect♡♡♡ Hairy Women, Natural Women, Natural Beauty, Underarm,

(Picture: Ben Hopper)


“I first stopped shaving because it was irritating my skin and I wanted to give it a rest. After that, I decided to just let it grow and see what happens.

Either way, they weren't ashamed of it. It has since been dubbed as "armpit hair selfies".

(Picture: Ben Hopper)


These 25 Photos Of Celebrities Without Makeup Prove They're Just Like Us!

If you thought that couldn't get any response, you're wrong. Within days, women began posting photos of themselves showing off their armpit hair.

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armpit hair - it's okay if you choose to have it. It's natural!

A woman named Sienna posed for Hopper in these beautiful pictures that he took last August


Barbra Streisand (Weekend, November 24, 2018)

13 infuriating scenarios you'll relate to if you have a sister

Rakel Lindgren (Photo: Ben Hopper)

Why Are Chinese Women Taking Armpit Hair Selfies?

#27 Tina Signesdottir Hult, Norway National Award


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Samantha Louise Patchett took part in the project in SEptember last year - she is one


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