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Commercial Pet Facilities Commercial Pet Facilities Shelters

Commercial Pet Facilities Commercial Pet Facilities Shelters


Upgrade Your Facility. ForeverLawn enhances pet ...


Upgrade Your Facility. ForeverLawn enhances pet ...


Upgrade Your Facility. ForeverLawn enhances pet ...

Upgrade Your Facility. ForeverLawn enhances pet ...

What's the Cost To Kennel A Dog? Dog Boarding ...


Puppy Mills and Pet Shops

Dog disease that can be transmitted to humans confirmed in Iowa, officials say

Upgrade Your Facility. ForeverLawn enhances pet ...

A facility that houses homeless animals has appealed the denial of their commercial facility license, an Anchorage Animal Care and Control spokeswoman ...

Pet Turf: 6 Ways to Use It in Your Commercial Pet Areas

Upgrade Your Facility. ForeverLawn enhances pet ...

... wants to “protect the health and well-being of all dogs†, but many of the dogs rescued from those puppy mills were AKC-registered and the facilities ...

Dog shelter

Dr. Pawz: Closing loophole with online pet sales

Commercial Pet Facilities

USA: Demand Higher Dog Care Standards for USDA-Licensed Breeders!

Upgrade Your Facility. ForeverLawn enhances pet ...

Puppies are kept in kennels at the Glenn and Teresa Smith GT Farm facility, a USDA-licensed commercial dog breeder, during an inspection in Boswell, Okla.

Puppy farms are large, commercial dog breeding facilities that mass produce puppies for profit. Mans 'best-friend' is forced to live in dreadful conditions, ...

The HSUS challenges USDA over mass removal of animal welfare records

Upgrade Your Facility. ForeverLawn enhances pet ...

Rescue dog

Iowa has confirmed multiple cases of a disease that can be transmitted from dogs to humans

Sterling Meadows Kennel and Cattery. Sterling Meadows Kennel and Cattery is a highly-reputable dog daycare, boarding ...


Petland behind attempts to stop localities from banning puppy mill sales in pet stores

Doggy daycare kennels. Direct Animal ...

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Here are 12 resolutions you can make TODAY! Hundreds of thousands of breeding dogs currently trapped in commercial breeding facilities (aka puppy mills) ...

Nearly 170 Samoyed dogs were found at an inhumane commercial breeding facility in northern Iowa. (ASPCA)

Commercial Pet Facilities & Shelters

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Adopting from an animal shelter has several benefits compared to adopting from a commercial breeding facility

Diane Hagan, a shelter tech two at Lake County Animal Services, goes down an aisle and tests dogs at the shelter for heart worms and readies the dogs for ...

Noah's Animal House Opens In Northern NV

DoggieRescue E-Magazine

Female volunteer with a dog in animal shelter

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Dog Boarding Kennel Designs - Bing Images | dog kennels | Dog kennel designs, Dog boarding kennels, Dog boarding

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Kansas City Campus for Animal Care. “

2020 Calendar Designer Wanted!

Kennel Interior. Steel Commercial Dog Kennel Building

Dog lying down with a suitcase.

Why adopt a shelter animal?

California Becomes First State to Ban Retail Sale of Companion Animals

A dog smiles for the camera with a green grass background

Save the beagles


Each year, more than 32,121 animals turn to us for help.

... light of the recent dog abuse case by the infamous Platinum Dogs Club, do you have any tips for pet owners to help them identify legitimate dog boarding ...


/assets/media//assets/media/4462-1-405x271. Natchez-Adams County Animal Shelter

Now, states can no longer rely on the database to enforce existing laws prohibiting pet stores from selling animals raised by breeders with AWA violations.

Kennel Building. Dog Boarding Kennel

Dog of the Month

The ...

Soundproof Dog Kennel

Melissa's Menagerie

The Austin Animal Center is already hovering at or near capacity because of fewer dog kennels

Our shelters offer accommodation and care for abandoned, neglected, sick and surrendered animals.

... a shelter animal means you can save a life by giving an abandoned animal a safe and loving home! With an increase in commercial pet-breeding facilities ...

via Stop Puppy Mills Ohio

commercial dog kennel manufacturer for rescue shelters

... not required to have shelter at all, and there are tax benefits to dog breeders becoming livestock producers. USDA Licensed Commercial Breeding Facility

Train your pup to be a therapy dog

Stopping Puppy Mills

Easily accessible. Easy to handle and evaluate. Easy to find locally. Sometimes, you even have the opportunity for your dog to “try ...

16 Cocker Spaniels were rescued from a commercial breeding facility in Western Iowa Wednesday, Jan

Is Your Pet Safe Flying In Cargo?

... volunteer at Colorado's Foothills Animal Shelter, spearheaded a campaign to permanently provide soothing music for the homeless pets at the facility.


Dogs and cats are separated within the building so they no longer have to see each other. 5_pets_web6. The Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoptions ...

The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) has incredibly negligent standards regarding the treatment of dogs in breeding facilities, offering the animals minimal ...

Our Facility | Greenville Humane Society | Greenville, SC

Building a Commercial Dog Boarding Kennel: part two

A dog sits in front of a typical kennel panel

Adopt Puppies City of Denton

“A puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding facility where profit is given priority over the well-being of the dogs.

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Here are the types of pet boarding services we can cover for you:

Hundreds of Dogs Saved from Commercial Breeding Facility in Quebec. SHARE THIS. puppy mill dog ...

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Pet Friendly Flooring Buying Guide:

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I'm ready for adventure!


Beware of Dog Auctions. PUPPY MILLS, COMMERCIAL ...

Golden retriever puppies, center, at Sugarfork Kennels in Goodman, Mo., on March 7.

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