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Describes eight tips for making honey bee hive inspections

Describes eight tips for making honey bee hive inspections


Describes eight tips for making honey bee hive inspections successful - especially for beginning beekeepers.

Describes eight tips for making honey bee hive inspections successful - especially for beginning beekeepers.

... hive inspection tips frames

Inspecting honey bee hive

Improve Your Beehive Inspection Schedule By Trying These Tips. "

how to set up your first beehive

National Honey Bee Day 2018: What's being done to save the species in Britain | The Independent

Bearding below a Langstroth hive in July. © Rusty Burlew.

Beehive inspections. Routine bee hive inspections are an important part of honey bee management.

Nucleus Colony -or- How to Start a Beehive


Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

Then the bees fly off in a massive cloud (swarm). They go find somewhere safe to hang out for a while: Honey Bee Swarm

Bees festooning. Credit: E. L. Niño Bee Lab

Langstroth Hive Parts

Sticky fingers: The rise of the bee thieves

Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Bees and Producing Your Own Honey

When you are ready to harvest honey from your Flow Hive, have a look at our harvesting checklist, video and infographic in our resources section.

Classes & Workshops. “

Photo credit Amanda B Griffin Photography

Everything You Need to Know About Raising Queens - Kelley Beekeeping - Blog

State Bee Inspector checking the health of our bees.

One Scientist's Crazy Bet to Save the Bees: Join Monsanto

James Lawson, Rhode Island's state apiary inspector, routinely checks honeybee hives, such as

Beekeeper inspecting hive. Beehive inspections should be done on a regular schedule. Managing honey


Here's one I prepared earlier

Making a New Queen using a Natural Split Part 2 - Episode 27: "Split Down the Middle"

Getting Ready to Inspect

A small piece of comb with one egg per cell from a queenright hive. This is what your comb should look like.

Hygienic Cell Plunger Initial Test Results – By Ernie Daley

McDonald's has opened its smallest restaurant - which is actually a beehive. Credit: NORDDDB

The Apiarist

There is one qualifier where an obstacle in the front might be justified. In some situations, you need your bees to get “up and away”.

The small hive beetle, which lays its eggs in honeycomb, has been found in the Acadian Peninsula.


click to enlarge THE QUEEN'S CURE: Propolis isn’t just a bee’s fix-all


A third of the nation's honeybee colonies died last year. Why you should care

Meet the 3 Kinds of Honey Bees in a Hive


Rob Keller, founder of Napa Valley Bee Company, dates each frame to monitor honey production; he recruited his 12-year-old son to help with this group, ...

Hawaiian style Slovenian AZ Hives

Burr comb attached to a frame. Flickr photo by Joe Deluca


A closer look at the hive debris shows undeveloped white drone bodies.

Image titled Identify a Queen Bee Step 1

The government of New Brunswick is spending $100,000 a year to help the honey bee population grow. (The Canadian Press)

Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Bees and Producing Your Own Honey | Serious Eats



... of your hive. A laying worker does not have the long abdomen of a queen so when she lays, she cannot always place her eggs on the bottom of a deep cell.

What are the 3 basics to start beekeeping? Part 1 – Essential Beekeeping Equipment

Here we spotted swarm cells in a hive and knew they were ready to swarm.

Swarm Prevention With OTS Queen Rearing (Part 1 of 3)

March 2018 - An Update on the Asian Hornet Outbreak in Woolacombe and Information about the Tetbury Nest Analysis

alfalfa leafcutting bee

inspect your nucleus colonies

Picture of Inspecting Your New Hive

We installed 15 – 3 pound packages, 12 – 2 pound packages, and 4 new queens. So far we lost 1 new queen and have to replace her. But everything else went ...

freezing colostrum

Beekeeping Tips - Inspect your Hives Regularly

5 frame nucleus hive

Red-girdled Mining-bee (Andrena labiata) adult male in a dandelion flower

honeybee removal


colony inspections. Honeybee ...

Rob Stone's Re-Queening Protocol

A beehive consists of bees, beeswax, honeycomb and more. All the elements that

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How to Help a Honey-bound Hive

Honeybees on a comb

American Loque

Sticky bandits: High honey values and demand leads to criminal underbelly - NZ Herald

Free Bee

Ensuring your Flow Frames are fully capped will help to reduce the risk of excess honey leaking.

Bees in a wall in Hillside, New Jersey.

Smoking the bees.

bee hive

Top 15 Best Bee Hive Boxes (2019) – Reviews and Buying Guide

Kennedy Warne

Inoculation of a honey bee hive with Stratiolaelaps scimitus.

3 lb Package Bees With Queen

The hexagonal shape of the honeycomb cells depends on the construction behavior of bees | Scientific Reports

Bees crawling into bee entrance of yellow Beehaus beehive

I was also really pleased to finally get hold of an enormous plastic box that is large enough to submerge a whole 14×12 brood box in. Our roof top hives are ...