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Dex No 005 Name Hadcano Type FireRock Ability Blaze Hidden

Dex No 005 Name Hadcano Type FireRock Ability Blaze Hidden


Dex No. 005 Name: Hadcano Type: Fire/Rock Ability: Blaze Hidden

Dex No. 116 Name: Vessteel Type: Steel/Fire Ability: Tough Claws

Fakemon Type: Fire/Rock

Dex No. 006 Name: Surtacno Type: Fire/Rock Ability: Blaze Hidden

Im not dead yet! And here is a mega cinccino to prove it! For

Next 1930's Pokémon- Torchic! My choice in ORAS because Blaziken is so awesome 🔥

🇺🇸060 - KINGNUFF - The Floating Beast Pokémon - TYPE: Grass/Flying

Now here's a blast from the past: I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow

Dex No. 003 Name: Okigon Type: Grass/Dragon Ability: Overgrow Hidden

Grasnake, snake pokemon, Grass Grasnake evolves with leaf stone #fakemon #pokemon #

Now here's a blast from the past: I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow | Rock ability | Post punk, Alternative Music, 80s music

Accidentally posted this a while ago, but here it is! 1930's Banette, another

Dex No. 008 Name: Royray Type: Water/Flying Ability: Torrent Hidden

1930's Mudkip! I have always liked Mudkip, and Sobble reminds me of him and

~Flashamask~ Fire/FAIRY type starter 🌋💟 . The mystical fuse pokemon 💣

Congratulations! Bullava has fully evolved into... Magtauro!🔥🐃 (Swipe

Hey guys! sorry for not posting in the past 2 days 😅 anyways today I

The mascot Legendary, remastered! 🌈 (Swipe left for the original design) -

Nervolt has evolved! It's... Neurohm! --- #069:

Electad, tadpole pokemon Electric/Water Electad evolves at lvl 20 #fakemon #pokemon

NO. 24 AWRAPNID The Web Pokemon Bug / — AWRAPNID camouflage themselves in caves by

Vipeed, snake pokemon, Grass Vipeed evolves at lvl 20 #fakemon #pokemon #

A new Pokémon spotted in the Arcadia Region! . . Let's meet SPARKALF, the

Congratulations! Batsplash has fully evolved into Draculat!💧🦇 (Swipe left for original

Meet Hegdrill you grass type starter. Hegdrill are very strong Pokemon. The spike on

Remake of my old Cuckoo based fakemon line. Theses guys imitate and live among Pidgey

Today is a bit different, we have a drawing. I wanted to give Toxicroak

Chrysalder, builder pokemon, Bug Chrysalder evolves at lvl 15 #fakemon #pokemon #

Alter Hypno (Mega evolved) Type: Psychic/ Dark An hypno that has suffered

Finally I've completed my region's grass type starter pokemon! #pokemontrainer #pokemonregion

A Pokémon family I designed with reaper, ghost and other hot peppers 🌶 in mind

to be inspired by reality is quite productive, in the last week I was in

SERAFLORA no.003 - SERAFLORA are incredibly elusive and mysterious Pokémon. Their head appears

[ENG BELOW] Cuenta la leyenda que Hoppip de Mapu algún día fue un Hoppip

Dex entry 34: Boomcero the Boombox Pokemon Evolved form of Duendroid (Male) in

Welcome young trainers! I am back and I have got big news ( maybe they

Welcome to the Viribus Region Meet Fosly the sly Pokemon. Fosly are very loyal Pokemon

Once again, an unbelievable ugly Pokémon. XD Pyroch! Type: Fire/Poison

#004 CUBUST Type: Fire Ability: Blaze Stats: HP: 50 ATK:

Slugma ohao form A poison and rock type The poison pokemon . . #poisontype #

Thank you @trainer_uki for this Great collaboration !!! Here is Percuctus

Fakemon - Gaigar #fakemon

Ravachu the Jackalope pokemon. I drew a random designed and made it into a rabbit

Full jade version project dex coming this friday, november 16th!!! All 151

Meet Blincell the water type starter. Blincell are very lazy Pokemon they hardly do anything

Here it is, the final Pokémon of the Straya Region Pokédex...for

I can't wait to finally have my art supplies again! The day is



050 Winant The Winged Ant Pokemon Evolved from Karant when holding a Wing Scale and at

#fakemon #pokemon #poke #pokemonleggendario #terra #drago #disegnoindigitale #mettilike

Dream pokemon #fakemon#gamefreak#pokemon#preybird#pokemonletsgoleak#pokemonletsgo

Who else?😂😂 ~ Seen on @raccoonment ~ •Follow @we_love.

Water type. Abillities: Torrent,

Meet witewif A ghost and poison type Folow @tubz_az . It is besat on the

#fakemon #cat

Day 43 Bug type of my own #fakemon series pokemon dark curse and gold luck

Eevee evolved into Serapheon!!! In Ditri region exists a great temple

I'd say hanzo's catch phrase but I can't speak let alone spell

The last beast, has been released. Itanean Mega Gyarados Dragon/Fairy 🔸🔸

An old Fan made digimon of mine named Deletmon.

Its Naomi Legs for Dayssss Smalls !!! I cant wait for All stars 4

Will it join your team? #pokemon #pokemonart #art #fakemon #fakedex

191 zesprit #fakemon #pokemon #drawing #gamefreak #pokemonultrasunmoon #pikachu #charizard

🐺Spoiller🐺 . . “Heroes: Rise of Evernow” em breve😁 ─

A problem I ran into while colouring the Pokémon was that there were certain colour combinations

I Pokémon fake quelli belli. Chi se l'osspettava... #pokemon

Skull raptors are neat ig @alpharegion_ @tubz_az #raptors #skull #raptor #

チワワ風のゾロア描きました (chihuahua zorua) #pokemon #pokemondog #

Eevee evolved into Marteon!!! In Ditri region Eevees who are