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Diaura I Pretty Boys in 2019 Visual kei Music Videos Gackt

Diaura I Pretty Boys in 2019 Visual kei Music Videos Gackt


Visual Kei · Fashion · Diaura Vampire Knight, Persona, Gackt, Goth, Music Videos, Pretty Boys,

DIAURA yo-ka (@DIAURA_yo_ka) | Twitter Gackt, Visual Kei, Songs

DIAURA yo-ka (@DIAURA_yo_ka) | Twitter Goth, Music Videos, Punk

Diaura. Laurianne Brooks · I ❤Pretty Boys

DIAURA yo-ka (@DIAURA_yo_ka) | Twitter Gackt, Music Videos, Songs

Royz 公大【9.28 豊洲PIT】 (@royz_703_koudai) | Twitter

DIAURA yo-ka (@DIAURA_yo_ka) | Twitter

Royz. Laurianne Brooks · I ❤Pretty Boys

ビバラッシュ パーミー@6/23ワンマン (@vr_pamypamy) | Twitter

Yo-ka - Diaura Visual Kei, Rock Bands, Tattoos, Pretty Boys,

Koudai: Royz. Laurianne Brooks · I ❤Pretty Boys

DOG inThePWO (@RR_DOGinThePWO) | Twitter


星七7/27服部緑地野外音楽堂 (@the_raid_sena) | Twitter | Songs/Visual Kei in 2019 | Visual kei, Movie posters, Music Videos

Visual Kei · Fictional Characters · アンドゥー ガノ (@UNDEUX_gano) | Twitter Gackt, Music Videos, Songs, Rock

Fixer · template more band


Yo-ka Diaura Goth Glam, Music Videos, Outfit, Japanese Fashion Trends,

Black Sirene. template more band

Visual Kei · ASAGI_SOLO_WORKS (@ASAGI_SOLO) | Twitter Soloing, Persona 5, Final Fantasy, Gackt

zero[Hz] (零[Hz]) · template more band

【己龍】一色日和 (@kr1216_hiyori) | Twitter | Songs/Visual Kei in 2019 | Visual kei, Gackt, Persona 5

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Sengoku Jidai becomes comedic bullies in “Sengoku Enka” music video

#bucktick #90svisualkei #visualkei #vkei #visualkeiband

HIZUMI (ex-D'espairsRay) forms new band NUL.

TERU (@TERUofficial) | Twitter | Songs/Visual Kei in 2019 | Visual kei, Music Videos, Gackt


iNSOMNiA 1st full album ARCANA will be released on January 18th, 2017. It will contain 13 tracks total and cost 2980 yen.

【Vkei-News】CHISA (ACME) Makes U.S. Runway debut at Anime Expo, Live Music by American DJs Voia, James Landino, and Mitomoro

silver ash

Final Fantasy, Persona, Visual Kei, Joker, Gackt, Fictional Characters, Music


Vocal: Chisa


Lolita23q Officially Returns Back to Music Scene

Releases for March 21,2019: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Kenbo answers visual kei questions you always wanted to ask



GOTCHAROCKA · template more band

Baby Metal Source: Wikipedia

Image may contain: 7 people, child

Gackt, what is that to say about him? Everything. He is a ho and handsome multitalent that amaze me with his acting, voice and playing .


Cure Magazine to present first-ever World Visual Festival

Vocal: yo-ka || ex. Marely, → ヴァルナ (Valluna) Guitar: 佳衣-Kei- || ex. Bunny drug → ADOLF → CRIMSON → ヴァルナ (Valluna)

February 2019 — release schedule

The Gazette have also been with me from the start when I began to listen and love J-rock. I have always been a big fan of them, but they are not on ...

JRock/Visual Kei Facts

Vocal: Kei

I can't believe I ever thought any of these visual kei faggots were hot shit. Reading tanuki is such a trip. Apparently none of them eat pussy or properly ...

born working CURE booth at Oni-con born

The bassist of Vivarush, Qs, was fired from the band yesterday due to breach of contract. [march 4, 2019] ⏰12:20 AM • • • #vivarush #vivarushqs # visualkei ...

Dir En Grey/sukekiyo/Decays/Seraph



Rip Yui xD . . . @yuistagram_monstllow . . . #monstllow #visualkei #


Honestly, I wasn't looking forward to this band and I openly expressed that to a few friends. The PV A-Kon decided to put up on their site didn't give much ...

DIAURA. template more band

#mejibray Instagram Photos & Videos

Back in August of this year, we introduced a new and upcoming band, アルルカン (Arlequin).

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DVD Japanese Music, Jpop, Jrock, Kpop, Mp3, Dvd-rip/


Latest #jrockband Posts

Releases for March 26, 2019: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The aristocratic KAMIJO has not only upheld his position on the list but also upheld a rather reminiscing visual kei look of the 90's, in one of his latest ...

Hirohirohirohirohirohirohirohirohiro 💘 . . . #hiro #nocturnalbloodlust #hironocturnalbloodlust #nocturnalbloodlusthiro #jrockers #

DIAURA Dictatorial Garden Toyosu -unbreakable decision- 9.3.2017 | Shattered-Tranquility.net

... Beautiful Kentaro (┳Д┳) I'm silently praying for a MV- ...

J-Rock X Reader: Book of One-Shots ( Requests on hold )

Source: Uchusentai Noiz

🌹Jun & Takashi (GOTCHAROCKA & DADAROMA)🌹 • • • #gotcharockajun #dadaromatakashi #visualkei #vkei #japaneserockband #jrockband #visualkeimakeup ...

i knew his previous band CATFIST , i knew the band from my friend but when we opened the OHP why it went to homo comics's website . but i remember maybe ...


__misa . #royzsubaru #royztomoya #royzkoudai #royzkuina #royz #subaru

Yusuke will leave dadaroma he was a great drummer I wish good in everything on his

New Look: Anfiel----Vo. ShogoGt. YukitoGt. MizukiBa.

[Interview] Meet TRNTY D:CODE | Shattered-Tranquility.net

Normally, I would say that this next band is one I was excited to see, but I've been having conflicts with exist†trace's current musical direction, ...

Visual Kei & J-rock news

December 2018 — release schedule

Beautiful Kentaro (┳Д┳) I'm silently praying for a MV- ...

2019.04.28 鶴舞daytrip photo by @kentaurusuphoto #layd #rock #band #


Source: X Japan music


I've gained some enjoyment from this band after a few releases and seeing them in person. I still might not get over the whole name thing, but I learned ...

image image

DIAURA · template more band

Today's Releases: (2/21/19) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀