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Dont be a little bitch custom wear So shameless plug for my

Dont be a little bitch custom wear So shameless plug for my


"Dont be a little bitch" custom wear So shameless plug for my fundraiser on. "

Rack City Bitch Tshirt



No Im not your nurse shirt Shirt

Bitch, Mauve

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I was wearing black clothes almost from the beginning. I feel comfortable in black.

Meilleures Citations De Mode & Des Créateurs : The 50 Most Inspiring Fashion Quotes Of All Time via

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DAVE BUCKMAN has directed, taught and performed at some of the world's leading improvisational comedy institutions.

I will not diet.

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My idiotic post condemning 1-hour photo.

San Diego CityBeat • Mar 13, ...

"One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress." LBD. "

I can see them standing politely on the wide pages that I was still learning to turn. Jane in a blue jumper, Dick with his crayon-brown hair,

Aucune description de photo disponible.

Kelly (and the Book Boar)'s 'own-it-spent-my-food-money-on-it' books on Goodreads (76 books)

In Media Training TipsResting Bitch Face: What Are You Trying to Say?

Prince Eric, Disney Duos 2016

I've had to slow my roll a bit lately because I ended up with waaaay more pairs of pants that I can seriously, feasibly wear during the course of winter (I ...

So Beautiful, It's a Curse

I haven't done a haul post in ages so I thought I would do a little show and tell on what I picked up recently when Sarah and Aimee were staying with ...

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Watson Custom Apparel Spark Plug

Yes I wear maxi dresses in the summer because they're comfy and light, not because I want to be super dressed up.

I don't drink alcohol, and it's not the end of the world


Betches Media presents Betch Slapped – a hilarious weekly podcast hosted by the three founders and comedic authors behind NY Times best-selling books “Nice ...

And!!! I don't have the credit score or income to qualify for most rooms. So, there's that. Welcome to NEW YORK! The land of shady landlords that kick folks ...

I just can't not get an RvB thing each year, but it is true Camp Camp took up more of the budget than my jacket.

Stitches By

Mr Speed 5:20 PM - 26 March, ...

Solomon, Susan One Heart

Davis Senseman of Davis Law, with her talk, "How to not fuck up

I'm a greasy, blemish-riddled mess. Really flopping in education and my self esteem is almost nonexistent, and my declining mental health isn't helping.

It follows theme really well and even if it's not my my favorite thing over all, it does have one of the best things I've gotten in ...

Here is not the same. They have no idea of the people that I don't like. They don't know shit about me at all.

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Common Sense Added to Endangered Species List

A podcast that explores the unexplained and explains the unexplored, Blurry Photos seeks the facts behind the fiction of the world's most fascinating, ...

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AkaFlex 4:00 PM - 6 April, ...


Episode 152 - The Talent Quest: Yves Edwards, Sovannahry Em, Brooke James

IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: December 16th, 2018 – December 22nd, 2018

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Garry's Mod

Tucked away behind my jeans, jackets, (jean jackets,) and nicer shirts is a little organizational hanger with all my ties for the occasions I wear fancy ...

I don't know about the rest of the residents of the Semi-Pen but it didn't help me having to wake up on Sunday morning and get to deal with yet another ...

KFC Radio

And your Rhino code now will get very close to where Java's performance is. (Provided you're not doing number-crunching - Ed.) So don't worry about that so ...

Thundercat 2:04 PM - 22 October, ...

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“Other than wearing a scarf on your head, I don't see how. “

Aucune description de photo disponible.

Because YouTube can do a lot for the businesses who utilize it correctly and consistently.

Shameless Plug: Happy to say that TUCK STUDIO will be carrying various Ingo Maurer's work in our portfolio. Very exciting indeed.

Facebook Marketing Strategy Fails- Do This, Not That

Tucked away behind my jeans, jackets, (jean jackets,) and nicer shirts is a little organizational hanger with all my ties for the occasions I wear fancy ...

1pc New Silicone Flexible Spike Mohawk Ear Flesh Flared Tunnel Plug Piercing

Episode 110 - Sara Frazetta about the Legendary Career of Frank Frazetta

if I so desire. I see no weather if I so desire do cops need selfies too? Expenditure shatters the earth tilts perfectly into me. I don't care ...

I will admit, I didn't get to wear these as much as I had anticipated because it's been soooo hot here, but they've finally had their place in the ...

Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents either are the

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This ...

My Wife My Life


Good Women Pa

I'm used to JavaScript now, and I think it's a good implementation. It's a good compiler, so it's good practice for me, to learn how compilers work.

Further to my last . . . Maybe there's always been no future in utopian revolution, before our day. Pol Pot didn't achieve much, beyond those fields of ...

Don't miss some of ColdTowne's best performers at OoB, performing at ColdTowne Theater, Fallout Theater, Hideout Theater and The Institution Theater.

... async was giving me hell, the links I posted were to test the plugin that first has to execute a $.get and only then can return a linkified rant-text.

Brendan Murdock

novakone 7:21 AM - 16 May, ...

Julie Burchill

radio publicity


Visual Pun

... my last 4 race walks including the NY State Empire Game Championships so my opponents could watch 'little devvie' stare them down for 30+ minutes.

He's got this perfect mix between Basquiat and Picasso, and really vibrant colors. It's super expressive and I felt like it worked with the music really ...

The One You've Been Waiting For

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