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Every beekeeper needs to understand the important of good bee hive

Every beekeeper needs to understand the important of good bee hive


Every beekeeper needs to understand the important of good bee hive record keeping. Good hive records speed up inspections and reduce stress for the bees and ...

Understand the name and function of all the parts of a beehive is an important factor in basic beekeeping.

Understanding the value of beehive record keeping for your apiary

Beekeepers are stealing each other's hives to survive the cutthroat industry

Beekeeping for Beginners - Hive Box and Hive Tool

buffering. Replay. Ford Motor launches beekeeping program

Is Beekeeping for Me?

Hive inspection

A Bee Built Langstroth beehive and a beekeeper.


The easiest way to begin beekeeping is to purchase our Just Add Bee Backyard Beekeeper Kit. It has everything you ...

Do you know what is the most important things you should check during beehive inspections?


beekeeper holding frames

The Benefits of Beekeeping

Learn to read your frames. What are they telling you?

Brad DeLanty lost the bees in this hive but is saving the honey for his next bees to feast on.

We recently met with Apiculture NZ (ApiNZ) to discuss concerns about the prevention and eradication of American foulbrood (AFB) in NZ hives.

Beekeeping for Beginners—The First 10 Days with Your New Beehive

FABQs: How Much Work Is Beekeeping?

Photography by Kara Thorpe

Beekeeper and bees

Commercial beekeeper Darren Cox stands among some of his hives in a bee yard in the rich Cache Valley north of Salt Lake City. Bees have been dying at ...

7 beekeeping tips every beginner should know

The City of Brooklet has issued a cease and desist letter to a Brooklet family that keeps bees on their property, citing zoning violations, stating that ...

Beehive inspections. Routine bee hive inspections are an important part of honey bee management.

A third of the food we eat each day relies on pollination by bees and other

Beginning Beekeeping: Everything You Need to Make Your Hive Thrive!: Tanya Phillips: 9781465454539: Amazon.com: Books

'You can aggravate the bees and they might sting you and let you know "Hey, maybe you shouldn't be doing that with us right now,"' says provincial apiarist ...

Beekeepers Feel The Sting Of California's Great Hive Heist

5 Things You Need to Know About Beekeeping

Stories from our global community of beekeepers

Beekeepers lost 40 percent of managed colonies over the last year

Kelley Beekeeping - Blog

PMG PHOTO: ANNA DEL SAVIO - Linda Zahl wears a protective layer to look over

7497 Grit Guide to Backyard Bees and Honey

How to Become a Beekeeper

Honeybees Help Farmers, But They Don't Help The Environment

Live Bees

Beekeeping 101: What a Seasoned Beekeeper Says You Need to Know

Bee Hive

Have you ever wondered what you need to start Beekeeping?

... one needs to know before keeping bees. Perhaps the most difficult part of getting started is learning all of the terminology associated with beekeeping.

Chapter three in Milkwood is all about Natural Beekeeping, and how you can use a principles-based approach to keep bees at home, safe and well, ...

Beekeeping For Dummies (For Dummies (Lifestyle)) 4th Edition

Beekeeper gifts that are practical and any beekeeper will love.

4 Ways To Know It's Time To Harvest Honey

Looking for answers to loss of bees in the hives

That said, it's not as if bees exist just to help us out; they benefit from the process as well. Bees need flowers for food and the flowers need bees to ...

How do beekeepers calm bees?

In The Eye Of The Swarm: The Beekeepers Of Iceland

5 things that probably aren't killing honeybees – and 1 thing that definitely is

Bee Smokers for Your Bee Hive. Everything you need to know about Bee Smokers Bee smokers are an important part of every beekeeper's ...

Beekeeper Heath Wind obsessively researches about bees in his free time. He cares for 18 different hives at his home in Winston-Salem.

Beekeeping For Beginners: How To Catch a Swarm of Bees

In 2015, there were just 270,000 hives in the UK, compared with nearly a

How To Set Up Your First Beehive

My rule for hive inspections: Know your mission. Pixabay photo.

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High above DC, unseen urban beekeepers boost sustainable local agriculture | WTOP


Beekeeping 101 for New-Beeks!

How the Bees You Know are Killing the Bees You Don't

Bee colony in a hive.

Do you have ...

Conducting a Hive Inspection

... beekeeping best practices. One of the most important practices is to regularly monitor your hives for problems, pests and diseases, ...

Beekeeping 101 How to Start a Beehive

The honey bee. (Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey)

Management in a Nutshell

The level of honeybee colony losses across England is more than double what it was last year, up to 33.8% from 16.2% in 2012, the British Beekeepers ...

Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Bees and Producing Your Own Honey

Beekeeping Myths

Honey bees

The Colony-Killing Mistake Backyard Beekeepers Are Making

flow hive response 055

Feed young hives

This is where Linda Reynolds (right) teaches beekeeping. Brad DeLanty (left) is one of her former students.

Pollinators need all the help we can give

Bee crisis: Pollinators endure countless threats in Florida. And we need them to live

A new beginners' beekeeping course is starting up in Levin.

Smart beekeepers understand the important of preparing beehives for winter cold.

Backyard beekeeping

Bees And The Law: What You Need To Know. Beekeeping ...

National Beekeeping Centre Wales, Conwy: 'Connect kids with ecology – because the bees need us' – review