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From an oarpowered prototype to the original US Navy submarine

From an oarpowered prototype to the original US Navy submarine


Drawing of Monturiol and his submarine. (Credit: Prisma/UIG/Getty Images

Drawing of the Sea Devil on the ocean floor. (Credit: ullstein bild/

Illustration of a Drebbel. (Credit: ullstein bild/Getty Images)

Photo of the Holland at sea. (Credit: Arkivi/Getty Images)

From an oar-powered prototype to the original U.S. Navy submarine, here are nine undersea vehicles that were among the first i…

Drawing of Hunley on a pier. (Credit: Public Domain)

Diagram of man inside the Turtle. (Credit: MPI/Getty Images)

1862: Alligator the first known U.S. Navy Submarine

Cross section of a Fulton-designed sub. (Credit: Public Domain)

Length: 53 ft 10 in (16.41 m) Beam: 10 ft 4 in (3.15 m) extreme. Installed power: 45 bhp (34 kW) (gasoline engine); 75 bhp (56 kW) (electric motor)

USN "Nautilus"'s reactor core prototype at a facility in Idaho.

The R class was the first hunter-killer design, capable of destroying enemy submarines.

Argonaut I drawing. (Credit: Public Domain)

Cross section of a Fulton-designed sub. (Credit: Public Domain)

1578: William Bourne designs the first prototype submarine

The U-1 became the Kaiserliche Marine's first commissioned submarine in 1906.

Model of the Plongeur. (Credit: Public Domain)

1776: David Bushnell creates the Turtle, the first military submarine

HMS Taurus of the T-class. The Royal Navy Submarine ...

USS Alaska @ Sub Base Bangor Go Navy, Royal Navy, Us Navy Submarines,

The Hunley's Daring Submarine Mission, 150 Years Ago

A replica of Monturiol's wooden Ictineo II stands near Barcelona harbor.

Discover ideas about Compressed Air Engine. 7 Pioneering Early Submarines

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The Peral Submarine, one of the first electrical powered submarines. Built in 1888, now preserved in Cartagena.

USS Sausalito (PF-4), Yokosuka, Japan circa 1952.jpg

7 Early Robots and Automatons

Sounds like we are getting ready for the Limbo, the traditional popular dance contest that originated on the island of ...

1800: Robert Fulton designs Nautilus the first known dual propulsion submarine

Free Ship Plans Fletcher-Class Destroyer USS Capps Spanish Navy Lepanto photo

Patrol Craft Fast

The Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Dallas (SSN departs Naval Submarine Base New London for a scheduled underway. This was posted 8 weeks ago.

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Special purpose vessel Karpaty scrapped by Demag floating crane PK-51100 in Kronstadt in 2010

Best Ship type of All Time

SSBN-656 George Washington Carver, the first SSBN to tie up at the new

A 16th-century Islamic painting depicting Alexander the Great being lowered in a glass submersible.

While the combined fleet was heading back and forth between Martinique and Europe's Atlantic seaboard, a British force of transports with a small escort of ...

8 Remarkable Early Maps

Petropavlovsk-class battleship - Image: Poltava Postcard 1

1620-1624: Cornelius Drebbel builds first navigable submarines

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Davis breathing apparatus tested at the submarine escape test tank at HMS Dolphin, Gosport, 14 December 1942

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Holland I · Holland Boat No. I was a prototype submarine designed and operated by ...

9 Things You Should Know About the Wars of the Roses

A replica of the Turtle at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Gosport, ...

Australia's Science Channel | DST winning silent 'war' against ancient enemy

"Whiskey Twin Cylinder" submarine

USS Scamp a Skipjack-class nuclear-powered submarine, launched on

South Korean Carrier?

A SEAL Delivery Team member climbs aboard a delivery vehicle before launching from the back of the submarine USS Philadelphia.


On his return to Europe, Villeneuve had gone to Ferrol to obtain provisions. Here he met with Admiral Calder's fleet. On 22 July 1805 in a fog-bound battle, ...

Both of these US Subs are from the Groton, Ct. US Navy Submarine Base

In December 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy was the world's third largest. It may have been the best. It certainly had the best naval air arm.

The 1900 French submarine Narval.

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US Navy Submarine

Flight deck cruiser

In late 2016, the Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union, CV Kuznetsov embarked upon an operational deployment that would take the vessel and its ...

Drawings of the CSS David image. Click for. U.S. Naval ...

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Type: CATOBAR (2 EMALS catapults, 2 elevators) Displacement: 71,400 tonnes. Length: 296~306m. Beam: 74~78m. Draught: 10.6~11.0m. Speed: 26~30kts

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Nelson was informed of the Villeneuve's breakout from Toulon and assumed that he was heading for Egypt. He carried out a careful search of the Eastern ...

Semi-submarine - Image: PENGUIN1.0 Gocean

HMS Holland 1


[Image: in5Mt0i.jpg]

VBC USA Navy Submarine Emergency Blow

Architecture of a rebreather

560 million years ago

A beautiful, full color illustration of a sailboard (Windsurfer) and rig, ...

A replica of Flor do Mar, Maritime Museum of Malacca.

History. United States

Italian Full Rigged tall ship Amerigo Vespucci sailing through New York Harbor showing off all its

John Philip Holland


C.S.S. H.L. Hunley image. Click for full size

LETTERSTOTHEEDITOR The Official Magazine of the U.S. Submarine Force Vice Adm. Charles L. Munns

France had assembled an invasion force of 110 000 of their finest troops. Their force was well-trained and -equipped, confident of victory, disciplined and ...


SSBN-622. James Monroe. Guam

Tango-class submarine - Image: Tango class submarine

Denis Papin's submarine, second design, 1690.

Submarine tender

In December 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy was the world's third largest. It may have been the best. It certainly had the best naval air arm.

Captain Edward D Thalmann USN.jpg

Boarding Party

"7,726 operatives who were left ...

SM U-6 (Austria-Hungary)

USS Rhode Island Russian Submarine, Nuclear Submarine, Ballistic Missile, Navy Military, Military

USS Plunger, launched in 1902

HMS Somaliland (K594)