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Funny Humorous Ape Gorilla Getting Old Card Zazzlecom Gorillas

Funny Humorous Ape Gorilla Getting Old Card Zazzlecom Gorillas


Funny Humorous Ape Gorilla Getting Old Card

Some kids need a good one today Gorilla Gorilla, Silverback Gorilla, Unimpressed Face,

Gorilla dance

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Birthday, 70th, Gorilla at Desk Card

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Koko can understand human speech but not talk it cuz, well, gorilla moufs can't make hooman noises.

This sh*t is really getting old...are you serious?

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The 12-year-old male gorilla N'Dowe pictured in his enclosure at home at Paignton Zoo, Devon

Juvenile Gorilla Picking His Nose


Now that's funny!

The Regenstein Center for African Apes in Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo uses touchscreens to monitor chimpanzees and gorillas as they sequence objects and ...

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Funny Gorilla Birthday, rock scissors paper Card


Silverback Gorilla Beating Chest Card Gorilla Picking Nose: Gorilla Birthday Card

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Image detail for -This is the satisfied look of a gorilla who is a hit with the female of the species. Oumbie, a 28st silverback, arrived at Twycross Zoo in ...

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Like most animated shows, it contains humor that goes over the kids' heads because it's meant for adults.


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Ruben's mother, Rukiya, died of a heart condition shortly after Ruben's birth at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Fla. Attempts to integrate Ruben into other ...

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And since Skittles decided to take my word for it that I was born today, it deemed me underage and thus not the appropriate audience for it's free-for-all ...

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Como Zoo, in Minnesota, is thrilled to announce the addition of a baby Western

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Everyone needs a little boost now and again... sometimes a smile or kind word can make all the difference.

Gorilla Greeting Card

... guess whos getting the money? I AM, cause i need a new screen for my used Iphone he got me (or gave to me, as hes upgraded his).

Gorillas don't eat meat, and neither should you. Our bodies are optimized to get all the protein we need from plants.


800 Pound Gorilla In The Room Edit 3 Bw Painting By Leah

“All gorillas go through this crazy hairdo stage around the time they're a year old. This 11-month-old male, Segasira, belonged to Beetsme's group."


Gorillas: Living On The Edge, by Andy Rouse. A new book gives a glimpse into the life of one of the planet's most endangered animals - the mountain gorilla.

... to get any winter here in Oklahoma, but man, when it came and arrived, it decided to remind us, that the warmth we suffer might not be so bad, lol

Happy Birthday Gorilla Card

Hunters On Pinterest Sasquatch Hunters: Bigfoot Hunter Poster

Hairless monkeys look like really muscular old men

Gorilla Father's Day Card

Silverback gorilla protecting his troop

so, my plans for today (and every day henceforth, as long as i have the energy and time) is to make sure i keep an updated blog for almost all these blogs. ...

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