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Gail Simone and Dan DiDio On Their Love for Atlas Comics Comic

Gail Simone and Dan DiDio On Their Love for Atlas Comics Comic


Gail Simone and Dan DiDio On Their Love for Atlas Comics

Gail Simone and Dan DiDio On Their Love for Atlas Comics

Gail Simone and Dan DiDio On Their Love for Atlas Comics

So in one page, she's shot in the head, and in another, Lois is subject to throttle-holds and being devoured by a monster?

Grim Ghost 1 Comic Book Pages, Comic Book Covers, Comic Book Superheroes, Sci

Supergirl #22 came out this week, the second chapter in the Marc Andreyko era, and a decent move forward in the storyline of Kara's space investigation of ...

With last week being a 'no new comic to review' week, I thought I'd continue my Matrix Monday theme. And I thought that Matrix's early stories are still ...

Atlas Comics, The Destructor #3, the Huntress

The Gutters (Indefinite ...

When your comic's a month late but bears a seasonally specific image… bring on the creative cover copy!

Action Comics #1 (June 1938), the debut of Superman. Cover art by Joe Shuster.

11 O'Clock Comics Episode 473 from 11 O'Clock Comics Podcast on RadioPublic


DC does this summer as we unleash the beast within and join Krypto and Superman, Bat-Cow and Batman, Wonder Woman and Ferdinand and many more for eight ...

James Hudnall, Creator of ESPers, Has Died Aged 61

DC Comics for March 2019

This year was no different and at Orbital we had a fantastic selection of artists joining us all throughout the day. It was an absolutely wonderful day and ...

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In the salad bar, no one can hear you scream. Plus, part four of a Secret Squirrel backup story written by J.M. DeMatteis. Comics · Previews



The Movement Gail Simone's ...

The parallel reality will be explored in a set of new books:

Friday, November 16, 2018

1st Issue Special 7. DC Comics


Tank Girl Coloring Book SC (2018 Titan Comics) 1-1ST ...

SUPERMAN GIANT #1 features chapter one of the two-part “Endurance,” an original story written by Jimmy Palmiotti (HARLEY QUINN, ACTION COMICS) with art by ...

"A hero acting heroically? Get outta town!"

... a full comics page like watchbabies

Stormwatch is a book with its beginning at Image Comics under Jim Lee's WildStorm imprint before WildStorm became part of DC. Now with WildStorm characters ...

Comics! #1' On The Wednesday Run

Like most, here at Orbital we were saddened to hear of the passing of one of comics and all of pop culture's truest, most singular ...

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Wonder Woman #600

I mean, Kirk might get all the glory and Picard might get all the quotes… But it was Sisko that helped the Federation win a three front war and still ...

... according to Dan DiDio. Given it's sun-like look, could it potentially be the world of All-Star Superman? Morrison's well-loved Superman tale does seem ...

photo BBKISS1B_zpscqcybakq.jpg

Alterna Comics

Citizen Rex # 1

Picks for next week. “

We also discuss what comic book based films are coming in 2019, somehow Liza Minnelli works her way into the conversation and we say "Aquabro" a lot!

The Sensational ...

Heidi Jacobs, Scott Chantler, Gord Hill and James Davidge took turns speaking about their books. Heidi spoke about getting a large amount of information ...

Henchgirl (2015 Scout Comics) 1MINT

DC Comics for October 2018

2014, The Year in Reading: Graphic Novels

Gail Simone Wrote the 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic' Midseason Finale

Super Snooper Strikes Again is a huge Take That! to dark and violent superhero comics, eventually leading to ...

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: July 11, 2018

Gail Simone Asked Who Our Cartoon Crushes Are, and We Delivered


A ...

Strange Tales 111(1963) (digital) And Enemy Baron Mordo First (appearance)

[Click here for a preview of Marvel Comics' March 2010 solicitations]

Since the end of SECRET WARS, there's been a gap in the Marvel Universe. A void no other team can fill. And it's time for the world to move on.

Superman #700

All this and a bevy of super star artists stop by to pay tribute to the work they made famous over the course of this top-selling book.64 PGS.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 2 5 Textless Variant

Breaking The Distribution Chains: Crowdfunding & Self Published Comics (57:43, 52.8mb) On the panel was Marta Chudolinska, Steven Andrews, Cole Pauls, ...

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO Angelic_01_13_mudbrain.jpg, ...

Hyperion: Yawn of Boredom, which has the tagline "You won't believe their mothers share a first name."

... excessive appearances of "um"s and "like"s, Bill forgetting Steve's name and all of us forgetting Lou Diamond Phillips' name.

Spider-Man: The Vengeance of Venom ...

The Aladdin Effect. Marvel Comics


War, Politics and Superheroes _ Ethics and Propaganda in Comics and Film - DiPaolo, Marc(Author) | Superheroes (6.9K views)

In the 70s, Gray started by selling comics by mail with ads in Alan Light's Comics Buyers Guide. He eventually met a fellow mail order retailer, ...

Born under the oppressive thumb of the Roman Empire, Aric of Dacia learned warfare at an early age. It was amid such violence that he was abducted by an ...

THOR #191 Marvel Comics 1971 FN/VF Stan Lee! vs Loki! 1st

Cover of Action Comics #800 (April 2003). A modern take on the cover of Action Comics #1. Art by Drew Struzan.

September 12, 2016 – Understanding Comics

Story and Art By: Dan Didio and Keith Giffen

DC does this summer as we unleash the beast within and join Krypto and Superman, Bat-Cow and Batman, Wonder Woman and Ferdinand and many more for eight ...

DC Comics Presents. DC Comics Presents is a comic ...

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?.jpg

Case in point: B'dg - an alien who looks something like a cartoon squirrel, has the ability to communicate with squirrels if not other wildlife.

Marvel Comics


BATWING #1 Review


Goats: Infinite Typewriters – $14.00. By Jonathan Rosenberg 176 pages; published by Del Rey; available on Amazon.com

I have been pretty pleased with the recent Justice League comic, written by Scott Snyder with art from Jorge Jimenez and Jim Cheung.