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Gleb Baklanov History War Army World war

Gleb Baklanov History War Army World war


Gleb Baklanov | Глеб Бакланов | by klimbims

Gleb Baklanov

File:Gleb Baklanov Salute 1945 Moscow Victory Parade.jpg

World War Ii · United Russia · Colonel-General Baklanov Gleb Vasilievich (1910-1976), Soviet military leader,

Baklanov greets First United States Army commander General Courtney Hodges

Baklanov saluting during the 1945 Moscow Victory Parade. To his left, carrying the banner of the 1st Ukrainian Front, is top air ace Alexander Pokryshkin.

Alexander Rodimtsev

Gleb Baklanov | Bеликая Отечественная война . WW2 в цвете. | War, World war, World War II

Soviet Army colonel general and Hero of the Soviet Union

Colonel Fedor Podolynny commander of combat engineers units corps commander General Gleb Baklanov General Courtney -

Mikhail Andreyevich Pronin was a Soviet Army major general and a Hero of the Soviet Union.

Sydir Artemovych Kovpak, was a one of the partisan leaders of the Ukrainian Communist resistance movement during the World War II.

2 Luftwaffe, History, World War, Air Force

Mjr Marian Ćwiklewski w otoczeniu Platerówek, Sielce 1943 Phoney War, Polish People, Female

Frederick “Ben” Hodges, commanding general, U.S. Army Europe

klimbims: Guard's Lieutenant Colonel Nikolai N..

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klimbims: Hero of the Soviet Union Fyodorov Arkadiy Vasilievich.

Soviet and Polish military commander

Pavel Rotmistrov Hero of the Soviet Union

Stepan Fyodorovich Shutov was a Red Army Colonel and double Hero of the Soviet Union. Shutov fought in the Russian Civil War and the Polish–Soviet War.

Ernest N. Harmon - Image: Ernest N. Harmon 4

klimbims: Vasily Chuikov | Василий Иванович Чу..

Leonid Alexandrovich Kolobov was a Soviet Army Lieutenant general and Hero of the Soviet Union. After being drafted into the Red Army in 1928, ...

Alexander Pokryshkin 4.jpg

Gleb Kotelnikov - Gleb Kotelnikov with his invention, the knapsack parachute.

klimbims: Gleb Baklanov | Глеб Бакланов by Olga Via.

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Andrey Kravchenko (general)

Alexander Lozovsky

Northern Group of Forces

Semyon Danilovich Nomokonov was a Soviet sniper during World War II, credited with 367 kills, recorded in his sniper log. An ethnic Hamnigan Evenk, ...

World War Colourised Photos

American soldier meeting a female Russian officer. Seoul, 1945

Mikhail Denisenko

russian naval infantry black and white photo - Google Search Phoney War, Other Countries,

Soviet infantry in Stalingrad

This Was Russia's Master Plan to Destroy Nazi Germany Forever: Page 2 of 6 | The National Interest

81st Guards Rifle Division

Moscow Victory Parade of 1945

USAEUR commanding General, General Hodges walks through a defensive permieter at Bezmer Air Base in

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Although the German Army was one of the most mechanized military forces in the world,

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Frank A. Armstrong - Official photograph Lt. Gen. Frank Armstrong

Andrey Matveyevich Andreyev was a Soviet Army Colonel general and Hero of the Soviet Union. Andreyev joined the Soviet Border Troops in 1924 and became an ...

Kristapor Ivanyan - Image: Ivanyan

Phoney War, Civil War Photos, Red Army, American Civil War, World War

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Oleksiy Fedorovych Fedorov, was one of the leaders of Soviet partisan movement during World War II. He was twice awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, ...

USAEUR commanding General Hodges meets Paratroopers from the Princess Patricia's Light infantry Unit at Bezmer Air

Iosif Gusakovsky

Karel Janoušek - Czechoslovak leaders in exile visiting Northern Ireland in the Second World War.

German soldiers make the short crossing across Frisches Haff (Vistula Lagoon) from Balga,

USAEUR commanding General, General Hodges walks through a defensive perimeter at Bezmer Air Base in

The 21st Guards Rifle Division was an elite infantry division of the Red Army during World War II. It was formed from the 361st Rifle Division on March 17, ...

During their rapid advance against the retreating Germans in the winter of 1945, Soviet troops

russian-emperor-nicholas-ii-among-high-ranking-military -leaders-of-the-allied-countries-forces-mogilev-1916-1.jpg

Grigory Baklanov

Mikhail Timofeyevich Romanov was a Red Army major general. Romanov served with the Imperial Russian Army in World War I and joined the Red Army; ...

USAEUR commanding General, General Hodges talks to 2nd LT Mendez about the joint force entry

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General Zygmunt Berling promotes an enlisted soldier of the Polish Army Division to commissioned officer, winter

Otakar Jaroš - Image: Jarosh otakar


Parade participants[edit]

During their pursuit of the retreating Germans, Soviet soldiers cross the Oder River on a

USAEUR commanding General, General Hodges talks with Soldiers from the US and Germany at Bezmer

Konstantin Simonov

Pyotr Sobennikov

June 22, the day World War II started for the Soviet Union, is…

Kadi Abakarov - Image: Kadi Abakarov

USAEUR commanding General, General Hodges walks through a defensive perimeter at Bezmer Air Base in

Ilya Arkhipovich Vlasenko was a political commissar in the Red Army during and following World War II. Vlasenko was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet ...

Aleksandr Postnikov

Tank Armor, Military History, World War Two, Military Vehicles, Tank Destroyer,

klimbims: Hero of the Soviet Union Piotr Dziuba | ГСС лейтенант.

Vasili Sergeyevich Arkhipov - Image: Vasily Sergeyevich Arkhipov

Trofim Ivanovich Tanaschishin was a Ukrainian Red Army lieutenant general killed during World War II.

USAEUR commanding General, General Hodges watches as a C-17 carrying Strykers lands at

Stepan Shutov

Phoney War, Burma Campaign, Heavy Machine Gun, World War Two, Troops,

Vital Signs Hillman Ken

146 Part III Cold War Repercussions

Clayton Lawrence Bissell - Image: Clayton L. Bissell

In this photo taken in February 1945, a collection of German armored vehicles moves forward


Prince Edward Island, Canada -Sep 15th 2018: Statue of soldiers going to the

Vladimir Chirkin

Youth in the Gun Sight of Psychological Warfare (1986) / Soviet Military Awards

Soldiers of the German Volkssturm listen to orders from an officer as they prepare to man

Victor Bleasdale - Image: Victor France Bleasdale


Unconditional surrender of the German armed forces