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HONEY AND HEMLOCK Elder Sophrony and Major Tom Orthodoxy Gems

HONEY AND HEMLOCK Elder Sophrony and Major Tom Orthodoxy Gems


HONEY AND HEMLOCK: Elder Sophrony and Major Tom

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Père Sophrony

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Mystagogy Resource Center is an International Orthodox Christian Ministry headed by John Sanidopoulos.

The Internet, a Challenge to Modern Monasticism

The 32 year-old American actor Jonathan Jackson, known for his Emmy award winning role in General Hospital, was baptized Orthodox three years ago with his ...

On July 1993 Archimandrite Sophrony, the spiritual elder of the Monastery of St. Father Sophrony was well known throu…

MYSTAGOGY RESOURCE CENTER: An Interview With Elder Sophrony About Saint Silouan the Athonite (1

“I'm happy to say that… after deep and thorough consideration Cary Tagawa, who played the part of the Japanese Orthodox priest in our new film The ...

Japanese-American Actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is Baptized Orthodox Christian

Journal d'un orthodoxe ordinaire -Geronda Aimilianos de Simonopetra et Père Sophrony

Find your inner peace. Judy Godulas · Orthodoxy Gems

The Life of Saint Pelagia of Antioch, the Nun Who Was Once a Courtesan (+ 457)

Why I Am Not "Enough" - Orthodox Motherhood Pharisee And Tax Collector, Parables

Read more here.

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St. Kieran of Clonmacnois - Aidan Hart Sacred Icons 14ος Αιώνας, Μεσαίωνας, Madonna

Lesson: The Pharisee and the Publican Sunday School Activities, Sunday School Lessons, Teaching

When he had concluded his admonition, the blessed Nonnus took me, his sinful deacon, and we went to the room which we had been given adjoining the Church of ...

Сергия (молитвенник земли русской Сергий игумен Радонежский) Orthodox Christianity

Прмч. вел. княгиня Елизавета Russian Orthodox, Patron Saints, High Art, Orthodox

Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna Romanova of Russia, daughter of Grand Duke Pavel Alexandrovich, first cousin to last Tsar Nicholas II.

Byzantine Icons, Byzantine Art, Greek Icons, High Art, Orthodox Icons, Christian

Tagawa also expressed his intention to become a Russian citizen at a press conference, according to Orthodox news website pravmir.ru.

Подборка редких фотографий Елизаветы Федоровны Романовой The Bolsheviks, Tsar Nicholas Ii, Grand Duke,

A very instructive book from the second century is called "The Shepherd", in which a man by the name of Hermas from Rome received revelations from an angel ...

The Grave of Elder Arsenie Boca

St. Adela, Daughter of Dagobert II, King of the Franks Feast: 24th

St. Vincent of Lerins died ca.

Read also an eye-witness testimony of the atrocities here.

St Evgeny (Eugene) Rodionov New Martyr Hand-Painted Byzantine Icon Ρωμαιοκαθολικός, Painting

Million Ways To Live is an international documentary travel series, that focuses on what all these people have in common. They call them Healthy Lifestyle ...

When Pelagia arose, the Bishop said to her, "Confess your past sins."

Πνευματικοί Λόγοι: ΠΑΝΑΓΙΑ: Ἡ μεγάλη Της εὐσπλαχνία ράγιζε καὶ τὶς πέτρινες ψυχές

The 700 Club Features the Fall of Constantinople


The Chalke Gate (Greek: Χαλκῆ Πύλη), was the main ceremonial entrance (vestibule) to the Great Palace of Constantinople in the Byzantine period.

American-born converts to the Orthodox faith. Accordingly, English is the language of

Awe Before the Sacred Russian Orthodox, My Church, Spiritual Life, Santos, Religious

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone

Παναγία Σεϊδανάγια (El Chagoura = «η διάσημη»), Συρία (από εδώ).

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Παναγία η Τριχερούσα, του αγίου Ιωάννη του Δαμασκηνού (αρχική προέλευση Δαμασκός). Μονή Χιλανδαρίου. Η ιστορία της εδώ.

Η Παναγία του Κύκκου, μονή Κύκκου, Κύπρος. Πληροφορίες εδώ. Η σελίδα της μονής εδώ.

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Από τις πολλές ιστορικές και θαυματουργές εικόνες της Παναγίας που κοσμούν το Περιβόλι της Παναγιάς επιλέγουμε τρεις. Δείτε κι άλλες εδώ.

Παναγία η Μεγαλόχαρη της Τήνου (δες εδώ).

Η Παναγία της μονής Troyan "Uspenie Bogorodichno" ( = Η Κοίμηση της Θεοτόκου), στη Βουλγαρία. Από εδώ. Περισσότερα εδώ. Δείτε επίσης εδώ& εδώ.

Orthodox Heavy Metal Dios