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Have your priorities straight Geek culture Dungeons dragons

Have your priorities straight Geek culture Dungeons dragons


Have your priorities straight!

When Did Geek Culture Get so Angry?

"One of you is a dirty, murderous shapeshifter," says the shapeshifter.

Get Your Geek On With These Demotivational D&D Posters - Memebase - Funny Memes

5 Questions to Help Pick Your Next D&D 5e Book

Noelle Stevenson & Amy T. Falcone Are Queering Up D&D With Their Kickass Butch Characters | Autostraddle

Rule Your Own Fortress with Matt Coville's Strongholds & Followers

Geek Preview: Evolve

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Is “Geek Culture” Embracing Our Inner Child, or Infantilising a Generation of Adults?

Overwatch cosplay

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Gaming Geeks Etc.

To an extent, times have changed; Christian ministries use D&D as a method of outreach into the gaming community. Nevertheless, the effects of that era ...

Send the Barbarian in First

D&D 5e book


The grand strategy wargame Here I Stand


Dungeons and Dragons 40th Anniversary

There are four main ways to clear your Rogue status, should you get tired of being one for some reason. You can either be killed (which will make you lose ...

This has happened XD

These men and women were starved, subjected to stomach churning experiments and killed in the most horrific ways. Surely, their stories should be elevated ...

Welcome to Week 2 of Coaching for Geeks' Creator of the Month for November 2018: JforJen, artist Jennie Brown Today we look at 2 more pieces from the very ...

'Sword Coast Legends' Is the Dungeons & Dragons Video Game You've Been Waiting For

Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History

A new class of players take up art of Dungeons and Dragons

Be Specific! His Grace · D&D

Latest in Geek Culture News

Are you considering running Rise of Tiamat or Hoard of the Dragon Queen from Tyranny of Dragons with your gaming group? Fan the flames with Wrath of ...

In the advent of The Emoji Movie earlier this year, Twitter exploded with outrage as the film's official account released an image in very poor taste, ...

(10) The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga. 5 stars. Lisa Smedman, 1995. Levels 7-20. Any pick list that doesn't include Baba Yaga is instantly disqualified — which ...

wikiHow Video: How to Be a Nerd

She Kills Monsters. “

Dungeons & Dragons as professional development

Dangerous Games: What the Moral Panic over Role-Playing Games Says about Play, Religion, and Imagined Worlds Paperback – February 12, 2015

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D&D Waterdeep Dragon Heist: Session 12

Xbox's Phil Spencer On Studio Acquisitions And The Future Of PC Gaming

Not sure Tomb of Annihilation's tropical island full of volcanoes, overgrown jungles, dinosaurs, and pirates is right for you next adventure? Take a tour of ...

A new class of players take up art of Dungeons and Dragons

STAN TWITTER Understanding the meaning behind the accounts created by young people, and what impact they have on the fans and celebrities. p. 8

How to Write a Book – Part 4 – Heather Ness

The great thing about being a nerd is that there are many things you can be a nerd about. Maybe you love comics, knitting or Dungeons & Dragons.

The Night Ocean: A Novel (Inglês) Capa Comum – 3 abr 2018

We are forging a haven for the local geek community fit for any adventuring party.

In addition ...

D&D 5e book

This Year, I Am Thankful for…'AD&D' and This +2 Flaming Sword

Funko Pop! Vinyls have become an increasingly popular way to express your undying love for a franchise

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

The very first piece of computer programming was performed by Ada Lovelace.


PAX events have a set of rules governing attendee behaviour. And their safety and accessibility pages state “Since the early beginnings of the show, ...

One of them Dungeons & Dragons posts

Tech entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs have become emblems of masculine dominance.

Second Opinion: Ready Player One Is The Worst Thing Nerd Culture Ever Produced - Hey Poor Player

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A photo of the shop I snapped on December 30, 2010

It was a little sad as we said goodbye to the wonderful Hyatt staff, who have done such an excellent job over the years.

How Gamergate Pioneered the Backlash Against Diversity

Introducing: The Big Mistake Making series and movies about superhero franchises, and other nerd

19: Cowboy Bebop, Steven Universe and the 7th Voyage of Sinbad


Dangerous Games: What the Moral Panic over Role-Playing Games Says about Play, Religion, and Imagined Worlds Paperback – February 12, 2015

Tony is also writing a chapter in collaboration with Jess Baines and Mark Pawson on DIY Counter Cultural and Radical Publishing Culture before Punk in the ...

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Phil Spencer. “

Similarly, Lienzo, a Mexican studio is producing a game called Mulaka, which I'm consulting for on the U.S. side of development.

Planet Comicon 2019 Booth #1925

Coaching for Geeks 'creator of the month' for December 2018. Today we look at 2 more pieces from the very talented Victoria Sol (Destai) along with a little ...

EveryTenday D&D | Dungeons & Dragons

Studio Tour: The best part about this tour is that it is tailored for your group – you get in a big golf cart that fits up to 10 people ...

The iconic tech arts music festival, South by Southwest (SXSW), is nearly upon us with more than one hundred thousand influencers about to descend upon the ...

Opposing Forces powered by Fate Core

The Data Disruption (Genrenauts Episode 0)

Fairy tales: You know them all the way from your childhood, and that's the problem — there's nothing unexpected about them anymore. Or is there?

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'Massive Darkness' Is Gorgeous, Brutal, Dungeon Crawling Fun

Every Stepfather Has His Day

Matthew Dicks

Adventuring for Dummies: Out of the Abyss, Legend of Drizzt, Tyrants of the Underdark

I know that in my case, I was pulled in at a very young age. I may have turned away from role-playing games if I had come to them as an adult.

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Everywhere you turn people are embracing retro nostalgia and pop-culture icons of yesteryear. Video games are mainstream. Dungeons & Dragons is mainstream.

Brad and I picked up a few Artist's Alley things we'd been postponing, notably an independently produced Dungeons & Dragons supplement, ...

When I started writing articles for Coaching for Geeks, I decided I wanted to continue with an article a.

On a first date or job interview, in a sales presentation or therapy appointment, with family or friends, we are constantly ...

Dungeon Master: Dress up in your questing best and create a character to jump into a unique entertainment experience where a LARP meets a theater piece.