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How to Square Up a Quilt for Binding Quilts Quilts Quilt

How to Square Up a Quilt for Binding Quilts Quilts Quilt


Squaring Up a Quilt. After quilting ...

How to Square up a Quilt

Then use rulers for a more precise trim that leaves everything crisp and square.

How to square up a quilt

These are principles that you can use for all of your quilting moving forward no matter what size you are making.

Squaring up and trimming a quilt to prepare for binding - tutorial Free Motion Quilting,

You've just quilted a quilt. You're probably already dreaming about your next one. Only thing is, you still need to bind that beauty!

Hello friends and fellow quilters! Today we continue our primer on quilt binding techniques. This lesson is on how to trim a quilt before you bind it.

Next, square up the sides of the quilt. Use a long acrylic ruler as a guide to trim off all four edges of the quilt so that all three layers are flush ...

Align large square-up ruler to first corner of your quilt.

This is tricky if you've quilted to the edge…which is why I recommend keeping your batting the exact same size as your quilt top before you start.

Your First Quilt Part 4: Squaring Up and Make Binding - Melanie Ham

Learn tips for squaring a quilt top, creating a sandwich and making your quilt shine

How to Sew Quilts - Square Up a Quilt

Square Up the Corners

I made a doll quilt before Christmas and realized I'd never posted a tutorial on this quick and easy binding method. Since I know a lot of you are ...

How to Finish and Bind a Quilt

Squaring Up A Quilt Block

How to Make Quilt Binding - villageboundquilts.com

Beginners guide to quilting

If you're a quilter, chances are you've got some quilt binding experience—good or bad. Binding a quilt can be difficult; I'll be the first to admit that ...

A beginner quilting blog series answering basic quilting questions. Like how to square up a

Lone Star Baby Quilt Tutorial

Love Patchwork & Quilting

Crib Quilt Tutorial featured by top US quilting blog Diary of a Quilter

How to measure a quilt top for borders - Quilting Tips & Techniques 084

How to Block a Quilt Before Binding

How to square up a block with precision

If you'd like to make your own Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt, you'll find the pattern under the free patterns tab at the top of my blog. Great way to ...

Squaring the Quilt: I trim and square my quilts before adding my binding. I like using my large 20.5" square ruler to clean up the corners.

Step 2 - Starting along one side of your Quilt take your made Binding and sew the Binding strip to the right side of your quilt. To Mitre your Quilt corners ...

Please note, we trim quilts to two inches, unless requested. If you roll your backing to the front to form your binding, please let us

Squaring up quilt corner with ruler

For this particular piece, I had intentionally made my final border a bit oversized so that I could trim it to an exact width after quilting drew it up.

For this quilt, I've lined up the 2″ mark on the ruler with the inside edge of the border so I can trim for a 6″ border all around.

Ready to square it up (hehehehe) and add the binding. #lapquilt #quilting # quilted #deconstructedscreenprinting #deconstructedscreenprintedfabric ...

After all quilting is finished, you will need to “square-off” your quilt to prepare it for binding. This is done by sewing around the perimeter of the quilt ...

How to Bind a Quilt…

The Fat Quarter Fancy throw quilt is approximately 52'' square - made up of 36 blocks that are 8 1/2'' (finished). That's a smallish throw quilt or a large ...

Well, depending on the quilt top and the quilting, it may have been pulled out of line, or have wavy edges from full borders. Even a perfectly square top ...

Attach your binding and bind using your preferred method. In my case I machine bound it. Put a hanging sleeve on the back to put a dowel through or just pin ...

How to square up a quilt for binding | APQS

My quilting friend, K, reminded me how to square up the quilt and get the binding on.

This piece would make a great wall hanging or a small centerpiece for your table. While I used Christmas fabrics for this project, it could easily be made ...

I loved the look and feel of my first feather inspired super cute faux chenille blanket that I thought I would take it up another notch and make a queen ...

Additional quilting may be done to your desire. Square up the runner, bind as desired.

When I came to square up the quilt, I thought that it had an organic quality that make squaring it andcontaining it within binding feel wrong so I cut it ...

Attach the binding the whole way around the quilt, mitering the corners as you go. When you get back around to the side where you started, stop sewing ...

How to Square Up Fabric for Cutting

How to Square up a Quilt: Video Tutorial

After quilting your quilt, pillow or other project, carefully square up the edges. I do this by first getting a good 90 degree angle on one corner of the ...

Quilt Name: Autumn Leaves Description: Autumn Leaves is a quilt inspired by my years growing up in Idaho.

how to bind a quilt

How to Sew on Binding

I used the Quilty Love method for zig-zag quilting and I LOVE how it turned out. I feel like it gives the quilt a very whimsical vibe.

How To: Square up a quilt to get it ready for binding


Square up your quilt and remove any excess fabric or batting with a rotary cutter and straight edge if necessary.

Quilt As You Go Tutorial: The Easiest Way to Machine Quilt

First square up your quilt. This is just a sample for my machine quilting class using different quilting designs.

Here is my finished quilt. It started out as a 13″ square top, but finished at 12.5″. The dense quilting caused it to draw up a bit, and I trimmed a bit ...

With the quilting complete, it was time to square up the quilt and trim the borders to ready it for binding. My, oh my, it certainly is a process making a ...

Image 1: Fabric from the bolt may have a cut side aligned (left side

pink square quilt


Sewing Curves is fun and easy! Make a Moroccan Vibe Quilt with your Sew Kind

How to Make a Jelly Roll Quilt

If you're new to quilting or having trouble with your flying geese blocks, here's an easy tutorial on how to sew an accurate flying geese unit that won't ...

Square up, cut & sew the Super Easy Way: Perfect4Pattern Set – Guidelines4Quilting.com

preparing a quilt for binding

Better yet, find some tall people to hold it up for you and photograph the quilt that way. Much easier, and much better photos!

Blocking and How to Square up Your Quilt

Here are some awesome links that teach you how to square up a quilt.

This is my free Fat quarter Fancy Quilt Pattern .

I also blogged about this quilt here–I'm happy to be donating this quilt as part of 100 Quilts for Kids. Just two weeks left! We were on the road a lot this ...

Somewhere out there, a quilter is hesitating on a throw-size quilt pattern—although, they love the design, they don't love the size; they're in the market ...

Of course while we were in Franklins we spent some time trying to match up fabrics with the Mirabelle fabrics of my current project. It wasn't easy.

Edge-to-edge is a continuous line design worked from one edge of the quilt to the other, and repeated from the top to bottom of the quilt.

Once you have squared up all four corners, you can pull the length of the quilt down on the mat and trim between the corners aiming from one cut edge to the ...

Cut the ending piece of binding so that it over laps the starting piece by how wide it is. I use the piece I cut off from the start as my guide ...

Quilting Basics: How to Square Up Half Square Triangles (HST) Tutorial for Perfect

... so I trimmed the border to 3 1/2″ from the center on all 4 sides. You can just square up your mini quilt if you like. Add binding and you are finished!

I didn't feel like working on the binding for either of my quilts that need it…so I didn't. But here's a look at the Sunkissed Quilt without the binding .

What is edge-to- edge (E2E) quilting?

Want to know more about this quilt? Check out the previous lessons:

I square up my quilt tops before quilting. After quilting, I cut the batting and backing 1/4" larger than the quilt top and as square as possible using a 20 ...

25 Favorite Charm Square Quilts & Projects

Square up the block to 12 ½″.

If you care about it being square, awesome! If you don't, awesome! Do everything as you would normally do when attaching binding, like mitering corners, ...

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