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How to automatically start programs on Mate Linux Start program

How to automatically start programs on Mate Linux Start program


Unity Desktop Environment. Type "startup" ...

... Autostart a Program on MATE Desktop | by xmodulo

LXDE Desktop Environment. To configure a start-up program ...

If the program (e.g., CLI command) shall be run in a terminal, turn on the checkbox for "Run in terminal". Click on "OK" button.

Click on "Add" button to configure a new startup application. Type in the name of the app, and the CLI command for the app, in "Name" and "Command" fields ...

Request: Add startup delay to startup applications - Development Discussion - Ubuntu MATE Community

KDE Desktop Environment

Enter the detail of a startup program: "Name", "Command" and "Comment".

After this, you will see that the program is configured to run on start-up. To configure additional start-up programs/scripts, you can click on "Add ...

How to automatically start programs on Mate

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Ubuntu MATE Interface Switcher Walkthrough plus What's New for 16.04

You will see "Startup Applications Preferences" window. Click on "Add" button.

how to set any application to load on startup on ubuntu or any other linux system

How to autostart applications in ArchLabs

You will be asked to choose an application to auto-start among a list of known applications. If your program is not listed, enter the name of the program in ...

commands at startup programs

Finding the Command line of an Application

How to Install MATE 1.22 in Ubuntu 18.04:

Startup Applications Preferences dialog

Startup Applications

Debian 9 Stretch - XFCE Desktop

How to set startup applications in Linux Mint


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Some desktop environments come with their own window manager or you can install additional ones.Then you install lots of applications.

Under "Application Autostart" tab, click on "Add" button at the bottom.

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Ubuntu MATE's Mutiny theme with extra dock and Global Menu enabled.

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Install Disks app from the Ubuntu Apps Directory if it has not been added.

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When the burn process completes, your DVD tray will open for a few seconds and then close and start ...

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Sessions and Startup Manager

... Blueman Applet (Bluetooth Manager), and Orca screen reader (Orca), then I recommend that you remove them from your Startup Applications.

A complete, well-integrated Xfce Desktop.

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Many desktop environments give you a tool to set applications to autostart like xfce, cinnamon, mate, etc… but some of them do not like window tiling ...

Linux Mint Cinnamon

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