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I dont need more than a glance to fall madly for your doggo

I dont need more than a glance to fall madly for your doggo


I don't need more than a glance.... to fall madly

Dog's World 2012 For dog people

Big ups to this champ ...


Dog Training - Shannon O'Bourne - 20 Smart Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog

A not so great pic for reference

Fat Shiba Smiling Big ol smile

It all starts when they're puppies. If you train them right when they

Dog News The Digest

“The cutest thing I've ever seen”

It took a while, but everyone is now aligned... no more feeling

“I'm dogsitting the weirdest dog ever. Every time I glance at him, he's got a new pose for me.”


18. What a happy marriage really looks like:

Sorry mum I didn't think you'd want to read the post, I had a quick glance over it and it looked pretty boring.... 🐾

Mary Steenburgen's earth angels are the four-legged, furry kind!

/r/allWhen your dog is loud but a goodboye ...

Name of pet: Sindy Breed: Japanese Shiba Inu dog Color: Red/Orange

Doge! Such Funny Best Internet Meme Wow

Bailey remains the only unadoptable dog at the Olympic Peninsula Humane Society. Staff have placed five of seven unadoptable dogs since September 2014 and ...

... his 207diaondfamcolorado

He passed a strong genetic legacy on to his get, and is the sire of a multitude of champions all over the world.

I believe we meant not as large as an English Mastiff, and I think we should take the word “medium” out.

Belle Krendl.

Photo by Phyllis DeGioia. When my dog ...

“Nothing weird, just my doggo watching the fish.”

Cooper McCulloh



Even though I'm a fully paid up member of the 'don't really like dogs' club, even I have to admit, these pups were frickin' cute. Even when they did stop to ...

when you watch the rival's flyer fall painfully but you dont wanna draw attention so you cringe hard

Today I am most proud of the role I have played in the breed club's judges education program. I think it is the most correct and comprehensive information ...

Lacey and her best friend Queso at the party!


Pic 1: Why do I always have to go and check if someone's at the

If you need a sign saying 'beware of the dog' your pet is too dangerous to share a home with a child | Daily Mail Online

Anti Barking Training Device Ultrasonic 3 in 1

Gauge's car ride back to his forever home.


Second Runner-Up for Dogs:

Dog saves owner's life in Middletown

That looks like a dog with purpose.

Put down: Buddy, a Bull Mastiff, was one of the dogs destroyed by

Bed Time Dog

Kind British couple adopt Romanian stray dog after he's disfigured in HORROR acid attack | UK | News | Express.co.uk

ATTN NYC WAGGLERS: our friends at Cunucu Dog Rescue have some PAWDORABLE puppy sisters flying


The year later, Moana took another BOS at the World Dog Show in Bratislava, together with Cuma, who instead took the reserve.

How does your favorite National Park or Monument rank for dog-friendliness? My paw

I even let one eat a piece of dog biscuit out of my flesh and bone hand. But between you and me, that was the 4th bit of biscuit I had ...


The many faces of BuddyDog!

Richard's rescue dog, Belle Krendl.

Dog Harness and Leash Sets

Now comes the report from nearby Wilmer Animal 215wilmeremmymom

That's beautiful Lily, my sister's pug [and Tad Cat's sibling]. Princess LilyPug likes to wear pretty things. She has a lavish and extensive wardrobe, ...

My name is PD Steele and I am the unofficial greeter for Long Beach on Oak Island. A better name would probably be the unofficial licker or maybe sniffer ' ...

I'm $50 shy of my goal of raising $500 for my favorite local foster

... do not carry faults that go against the standard in terms of both ends of the spectrum is one of the principal problems in qualitative section of dogs ...

Mom already contacted the shelter, but no luck. They at least kept our number in case someone spotted her. I decided to take a pic of my poster and put it ...



Jiff (jiffpom) | Community Post: 16 Instagram Dogs That Should Have Their Own TV Shows

#HeckinGoodBoy #CharlieTheDog #Doggo #Dog #BestFriend #DumbDog #StupidDogYouMadeMeLookBad #Doge

Cooper boy.jpg


In the latest update, the MC mentions that Neferu has been kissing his hand after the MC did it once when they were introduced. I would assume the upper ...

Pinky is a doll, loved the country, but its weird there without the grand dame of outside play. So that's where its at. I hope you all had great ...


Milo the Mischievous


I even took out one of the smaller ones who was only a year old, but she was still ridiculously strong. Like, it was more like being pulled along by a horse ...


Little Optimus heading to his forever home.

romanian dogs, stray dogs romania, moorview equestrian centre, k-9 angles,


Folks, trust your instincts. Not only do you know your dogs, children, heck, even your own body, better than the experts, but there really is such a thing ...

The fault that is most difficult to eliminate, as in all breeds of great size, is hip dysplasia. This problem is getting better over time, with special ...

Attention All Dog Lovers.. we need YOUR HELP. Can you foster Sambone?


At 6.15 Jill notified us plaintively that she had discovered a brother to Jack's porcupine and had taken a bite at him. By the time we had pulled the barbs ...

Jack Gilbert, Richard's previous dog.

Verdict: While Sissy and my aunt both love it, I'm with Gretchie… This project was a sleeper. That's an AWFUL lot of basketweave, and it was tedious.


Automatic Rotating Electronic Toy for Cat



Male Stafford- one of the dogs destroyed after they killed Jade Anderson