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If you are a beekeeper most likely you will need to requeen your

If you are a beekeeper most likely you will need to requeen your


If you are a beekeeper, most likely you will need to requeen your hive at some point. It is not difficult to do with a few precautions.

Requeen Your Beehive With help from Blain's Farm & Fleet, you can ...

Ask yourself if requeening a hive is really necessary. Is it the right solution for the problem you are having? Pixabay photo.

Requeening a Hive

To know what your bees are doing, ask yourself one question: Is the colony in expansion phase or contraction phase? Pixabay photo.

Requeening Beehives: Everything You Need to Know

Beekeeper pinching the queen bee.

Beekeeper moving a queen in a queen cage.

Requeening Split Hives @ 3Canyons Pemaculture Farm - Beekeeping can be dangerous for the cameraman


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My package bees are a bust: what now? It is common ...

Beekeeper installing the queen cage.

When I tell new beekeepers that it's not necessary to find the queen bee every time they inspect their hives, their face usually takes on an expression of ...

replacing queen bee. Spring is in the air and soon we'll ...

Beekeeper pening the beehive.

How to Requeen a beehive - Beekeeping 101 - GardenFork

Beekeeping for beginners: Tips, tricks and common mistakes - Science News - ABC News

Beekeeper opening the outer cover for a hive inspection. Lauren Ware. If it's ...

2015-05-06 15.46.28-1. Queenlessness is one of the most common ways for new beekeepers to lose their colony.

Check out our blog for more info. Without a healthy, robust fertile queen, your hive will be low in numbers and may be struggling. You may need to requeen.

... you have time to try again. Picking up a queen bee during process of requeening a hive.

Requeening a Hive


Can our bees survive the dreaded varroa mite? Damage caused by mite infestations have sent. Read it

Rob Stone's Re-Queening Protocol — Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association

If you see emergency queen cells with a larva and jelly inside, you have likely lost the queen–either requeen or allow the colony 25 days to requeen itself.

Removing a queen cage from a requeened hive. Removing a queen cage from a requeened hive. If you do ...

A commercially purchased queen bee will usually be marked to make identification easier.

Beekeeping SA Will be requeening with this one.... if they get here in time

Man holding a queen bee while requeening a hive of honey bees.

In the springtime, a crowded colony (not given enough space) will build swarm cells at the bottoms of the combs. In the above photo, there is one queen cup, ...

Long may she reign (tips on requeening)

... you have some important things to consider first. beekeeper in bee suit inspecting a hive

Pointing Out the Queen Bee

What do I do if I have particularly aggressive bees?

Los Angeles County Beekeepers Association.jpg

Why is requeening hives necessary? Aging Queen. Worker bees like this one do not live as long as queen bees.

How do beekeepers calm bees?

Beekeeping is becoming more and more common these days. For many of us the first thought that comes to mind when we think of bee keeping is honey and for a ...

Beekeeping, Pollinators. Are All Wild Honey Bees Africanized? Here's The Complicated Truth and How We Can Still Save Them.

Queenspotting Book by Hilary Kearney. Since 2012 I have ...

Last Chance to Re-Queen – Split

If You Want to be a Beekeeper

Think I need to re-queen? Beekeeping Basics

HOW TO KEEP BEES CALM DURING INSPECTIONS. New beekeepers usually have ...

There are some basic principals I try to follow in an attempt to make hive management a more predictable and consistent art. First off, if you ...

Mid North Coast newsletter - October 2017 — Amateur Beekeepers Association NSW

Beekeeping Guide

When selecting bees for your colony, it is important to choose ones that are adapted to your location and resistant to pests and diseases.


Hive Inspection - Post Re-Queening - Adding A Honey Super - Growing Your Apiary

We are excited to announce our first meeting of the Hudson Valley Natural Beekeepers group on Saturday, March 9th (rescheduled from March 2nd due to snow).

Bee Students. Keeping bees is easier than you think

When a hive dies off without evidence of having swarmed or at least an attempt to re-queen the hive, it means they most likely died unexpectedly from ...

What do I do if my hive is weak or struggling? You need ...

Paul Anderson demonstrating for to apply oxalic acid using the dribble method. We returned in January ...

Bees need to be fed as soon as the snow goes and right through to midsummer

Visit our MAIN WEBSITE AT: http://www.honeybeesonline.com We have a complete line of hives that we build right here in Illinois.

Why and When to Consider Requeening

Does requeening fix an aggressive hive? Let's find out! Beginning beekeeping in Texas

How Arizona Backyard Beekeepers Are Rehabilitating Africanized Hives

Should I destroy extra queen cells?

Where to Get Bees

Replacement Queen Arrived - Smoking A Hive - Requeening 101 - Sting Free Photography


Getting ...

Requeening a Beehive


A fence forces bees to fly upward upon exiting the hive. Photo by Frank Mortimer.

A brood frame from colony with parasitic mite syndrome. If you look close you can see a bee with a mite on her thorax, a bee with k-wing, mites in cells, ...

Workshop - Advanced Beekeeping

A virgin queen bee with deformed wings

Phase 1 – Two story colony and extra equipment needed.

HOW TO SAVE A POISONED BEEHIVE. There's nothing worse than discovering your bees have ...

May 4, 2018 at 4:05pm

New queen for the old colony

A fully mated queen with a red dot place on her back to mark her.


Unless I know why a colony is failing, I will not combine it with another. ©Rusty Burlew.

Hive Olympus

When can you do Hive Inspections? My son doing inspections. Tip: Keep your back to the sun to help see

. British bee journal & bee-keepers adviser. Bees. w&s, SfTSpgSf [8979] Stock Dwindling.—Last spring one of my ...

Beehive Spring Management 2018

Wooden queen cage in hive for new queen introduction

In general, the more emphatic the author, the less I'd trust the information. For a review of the rules according to the bees, see The Rules and The Rules ...

Have you ever had a 'hot hive?' For those of you less familiar with the beekeeping world, a hot hive is a hive that is just flat out mean!

beekeeping. You should pay attention to most ...

Is Beekeeping for Me?

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