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Knit using magic cast on allowing me create a hem around brim and

Knit using magic cast on allowing me create a hem around brim and


Knit using magic cast on, allowing me create a hem around brim and continue knitting. Double sided and super warm.

Cast On Your Waste Yarn

self-hemming cast on: how to knit a seamless hem on your bottom up knitted garments

First, pull very gently on the cast-on edge so the loops below the yarn overs are safely away from the project rows.

Repeat from * to the last stitch, then knit the last stitch.

When you need a cast-on that make you look like a pro AND gives you tons of stretch (think sleeve cuffs and top-down socks), it's time to get tubular.

How to Bind Off in the Round | Circular Knitting

By the end of this row, you'll have the number of stitches you want in your rib, plus one. Here, we increased 13 stitches to 25, so we have 24 + 1, ...

Then pick out the pieces of waste yarn.

Long Tail Tubular Cast On

Here is a close-up of the completed Row 2. Note the knitted yarn overs alternating with the slipped purlwise stitches.

Knitting Help - 2 x 2 Tubular Cast-On

Can't see your knitting needle between the stitches? Are the stitches jammed up against each other? Are you pushing the stitches close together as you cast ...

wind yarn around

Knitting Help - Provisional Cast-On Using a Crochet Hook

Knitting Tutorial: 2 ways to do a knit cable cast on Cable Cast On,

Step 1 slipknot

7 Little-Known Cast-on Methods That Will Blow Your Mind knitting cast-ons | casting on for knitting

How to knit left-handed

My Bowman hat pattern, releasing on 21st November, uses a provisional cast- on

Provisional Cast on and Hemmed Edge

Next, knit the second stitch on the needle as normal.

preparing to knit

How do I cast onto two sets of needles simultaneously? I really want to get this project going but the beginning has me confused. : knitting

Row 2: *Slip first stitch purlwise with yarn in front. Move yarn to back and knit the yarn over. Repeat from * to last stitch. Slip last stitch.

How to knit a seamless brim

Learn to knit Continental Style with Shelley

Ready to Quickly and Easily Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Cast-Ons Superstar?

Introduction to Crochet

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This is the pattern for the hat that I make the most. I took the best of about 7 patterns that I liked and tested it for every size listed.

... but the last few months I finally took a break from making one sweater after the next and allowed myself the time to experiment with ...

Cast On Without a Slip Knot

Free hat patterns for skill-building and gift-giving

How to Knit in the Round Using Magic Loop

(l to r): Hat A is hemmed; Hat B is ribbed; and the third is rolled stocki”/>

This is the pattern for the hat that I make the most. I took the best of about 7 patterns that I liked and tested it for every size listed.

Knit a top down Yoked Sweater using the Tincan Knits Recipe!

Stretchy Cast On...This is intersting. I've never seen anything like it.

Tour Donna Wilson’s creative home PAGE 46 8 prints TO CUT & COLLAGE. MAKE IT! EASY-KNIT

It also creates an edge with easily picked up loops for knitting your turned hem closed (or tacking down if you prefer to sew the hem closed.

Hold two needles together and cast on as usual. The second needle should either be the same size or smaller than the first. If you're already using a ...

Adding personal touches to your knitting takes a garment from finished to fabulous! Follow Amy Kaspar's step-by-step guide and work your magic.

Magic Ball Hat

Alternating Cable Cast-On Tutorial

This time last week, I was sitting in the marquee at the big knit night, seaming a sleeve onto my Lapwing sweater.

There are many, many ways to do a provisional cast on, and the choice of cast on to use will be driven by what you're working on.

Knit a Striped Toddler Sweater

Long Tail Tubular Cast On

Continuing with the classic rainbow order, we move from orange on to yellow! Yellow sits between orange and green in the visible spectrum.

When you have the desired number of stitches, pinch the yarn against the needles and turn them around to knit

Knitted Hem: The (raw & unfiltered) Tutorial

Crochet: Beyond the Basics with Jennifer

5 Ways to Cast on in the Middle of a Row [Tutorial] | talvi

Picture of Hand Make Sock Knitting Loom

Even weeks after writing about the Victory jumper as my choice for the D.E. Stevenson knitalong while reading Spring Magic, I found myself still thinking ...

A ruffled edge creates that classy-but-playful effect that can add personality to blanket edges, leg warmers, socks or even hats.

*Knit 1, purl 1; repeat from * to beginning of round.

Somewhat fiddly to start, the tubular cast on creates a beautiful round edge to ribbings – perfect for hat brims, sleeve cuffs and hems.

The design of this roll brim hat is simple yet looks good on almost anyone, and the hat can be knit in a weekend. I've made so many of these hats I've ...

It's like a little ball of delight that makes me happy.

It's done ❤ 🌈 I managed to make a

... wizardry of Sarah Walworth (tricotedit) and of course the gorgeous yarn from Cindy Héteau (mon sheep shop). Thank you all for making this possible!

Worked bottom up, it starts with Jenny's magic cast on as a provisional cast on. A doubled brim with – at the bottom – a small chart of 'tilted' lines ...

Stitches are stretched out on a too-long circular needle

Knitting Tutorial: How to Knit Judy's Magic Cast-On

... The ability to leave comments, ask questions and interact with other students

Five short-tail cast-on methods that can be used to create new stitches in the middle of a row. Read on to find out their pros & cons, and when to use them.

This yarn combines premium kid mohair with the finest wool to produce a singly ply fingering weight yarn that you'll enjoy working with.

This is the pattern for the hat that I make the most. I took the best of about 7 patterns that I liked and tested it for every size listed.

patterns > Crazy Aunt Purl and ...

Knitted grey doll sweater with cream and rose trim.

Single Crochet around knitting

Intro to Double Knitting with Sarah Scully of Gage Hill Crafts

Cozy Knit Hat for Ken

Hemmed brim of Adult Hat A.


An easy way to finish the bottom of a sweater is not to do a border of tedious ribbing but (in the case of a garment made in stocking stitch) simply work ...

roll brim hat

Turned hems can either be sewn or knitted closed. For a turned hem, I like to use the backwards loop, sometimes called the thumb, cast on – this is the ...

It comes in three sizes: kids, medium and large. Instructions for a beanie or a more slouchy hat are included. The samples are medium size: slouchy fit and ...


Includes a coupon code for a free copy of my soon-to-be-released Ebook ( Knitted Mini Collection) called Insight which includes a Shawl/Foraging bag/Altar ...

Free sock knitting pattern


Provisional Cast On ~ Jogless Join In The Round. YYC KNITS

Bind off stitches in a contrast color to create raised horizontal stripes. Easy technique adaptable to any project.


Ken #10 wearing a beige knit rolled hem pullover.

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