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Knowing how to split a beehive properly is an important beekeeping

Knowing how to split a beehive properly is an important beekeeping


Knowing how to split a beehive properly is an important beekeeping skill. Is your hive a ready to split? When is the best time of year to do hive splits?

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This article explains how we do hive splitting with great success. This disrupts the varroa mites and also increases your colonies.

First beehive inspections for beginning beekeepers can be frightening. Know what to look for before

Splitting a Hive

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Prevent propolis from building up between the end bars–this will maintain proper bee space between the combs. Always squeeze center the frames tightly ...

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The cold-blooded insect "the honey bee" has devised a remarkable plan to survive the cold Winter months. #beekeepinginwinter #honeybees #beehives # ...

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How to Split a Hive

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Beekeeping: Splitting a Split.

If a beekeeper wants to increase their chances of success in performing this job correctly, it is important that they follow the ...

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We know that this is a laying worker because of the amazing video which follows, which is from Chris Manton, a UK beekeeper whom you can follow on Twitter: ...

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How to Split a Hive

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There are also simple ways to create a split. One of the most basic and easiest to do involves creating a doubled chambered hive.



Swarm queen bee cell. But it's important to know ...


after leaving the hive

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Because honey bees are becoming scarcer, it is important to educate our local communities on the important role honey bees play in providing us with healthy ...

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... UT Martin apiary will allow her to help educate her future clients, coworkers and community about the importance of honey bees and proper pollination.

The colony needs unobstructed outside access to facilitate cleansing flights.

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Learn how to install a nucleus colony and get a jumpstart on the beekeeping season. A mini beehive ready to go and grow. Produce your own honey this year.

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Picture of Timing the Splitting of Hives

Foraging bees. A foraging bee is a worker that flies away from the nest to collect nectar, pollen, or water. Foragers have nothing to defend and are not ...