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Layout inspection for a M60A3 crew Brotherhood of war Military

Layout inspection for a M60A3 crew Brotherhood of war Military


Today, the T-62 (Object 166) is undeniably the least remembered among all of its world-famous post war era brothers. Its predecessor, the T-54/55, ...

Here is an article on how crew height affects tank design. In a nutshell, the author says that limiting maximum tank crew height is not all that important.

The changes to the T-62 dutifully followed international trends as well, most notably the global shift to jet power in the aviation industry.

But before we take a look at the T-72 in earnest, we must first remember that the original Ural variant underwent several major upgrades throughout its ...

M60A3 Battle Tank (Patton Series) I was a tank commander on this tank

The T-72 is known as one of the most numerous tanks in the world today, and the tank is likely to remain in some form of service for the rest of the ...

In the end, the T-72 was similar enough to the T-64 that it was not easy to tell them apart at first glance, yet different enough that there was virtually ...

M60A3 series[edit]

(Jim Bagdon Photo)

M60A3 Main Battle Tank - 1/35

In my personal opinion, the best looking WW2 tank would be the Panther hands down (or would it be paws down or even guns down?)

The distinguishing Berlin arc has been worn by the US Army in Berlin since 1951.

History of tank in one photo - British I world war Mark IV tank and Challenger 2 - modern mbt

Tank crew members training for a tank

M60A3 tanks fire during an anti-invasion drill in Taichung, Taiwan on Thursday.

The shield made of very thin sheet steel with an equally thin polycarbonate or perspex window and is thus not bulletproof, splinter-proof or ...

Super Sherman

A nasty, graceless chamfered box with square edges and angles in no kind of harmony whatsoever, topped by an awkwardly-shaped turret - semi-circular with a ...

... its main gun in midair ...

Besides passive image intensification, the TKN-3M/K features an active infrared imaging system using an electron-optical converter that allows the device to ...

This big kitty is what I adore. Now before you call it a King tiger, let me prove you wrong. This bad boy right here is called the E-75, ...

172M, was the original T-72 and is the least technologically gifted among its "brothers". The hull glacis armour benefited from a composite construction ...

Inséré Ww2 Tanks, German Army, Armored Vehicles, Army History, World War Two

CMH_70-118 | General Officers In The Confederate States Army | United States Army

The turret roof over the crew positions is 45mm thick and sloped at 78 degrees, and the thickness of the roof above the gun breech is more than twice as ...

The height of the turret in this context does not include the height of the turret ring area, so this is not the actual height as measured from the level of ...

That was actually built? The IS-3 with its sleek lines and pike nose that haunted the dreams of early NATO commanders everywhere has always had a place in ...

The lesson here (I guess) is that if you are FA, it will probably take several hits to disable an MBT enough so it can't traverse its turret and return fire ...

It's not long before the leading Marder in the western scout group is trundling backwards with gouged armour and shaken crew (BMP-2 near farm P24!) and the ...

Panzerkampfwagen V "Panther" (Sd.Kfz. 267, Ausführung A) Tiger

Details about Award Winner Built TAMIYA 1/35 Abrams M1A1 Main Battle Tank +Accessories

And this guy (though late to the war) is great looking! Sloped armour, decent gun, but a rather ugly bolted armour design. Nonetheless it is not ugly.

(In May 2008, it was reported that an American M1 tank had also been damaged by an RPG-29, which uses a tandem-charge high explosive anti-tank warhead to ...


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A familiar sight in wartime Europe: a destroyed Sherman tank. Crews complained that even


Currently Oman armed forces use British-made Challenger 2 MBTs and American M60A1 / M60A3.

Soldiers sit on an M60A3 tank for a group photograph after an anti-invasion drill


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However, it is now evident that improving the quality of each tank and their crews through technological advancement and training is key in the modern ...

In the early 1950s, reports from British intelligence indicated the Soviets had developed a new heavily armored medium tank, the T-54.

M46 Patton Patton Tank, Us Armor, Tank Armor, Cool Tanks, Navy Military


the REAL M1 Abrams - Armored Vehicle History - World of Tanks official forum - Page 5

Leonardo M60A3 prototype, 2017



by Jody Harmon Army Quotes, Army Sayings, M1


... than the tier IX it comes from, but the A5 is better than the A3 in game currently. Some fiddling with "soft statistics" could fix this? ...

I mean just LOOK at the little bugger. Don't you just wanna come close and hug the little thing?

Tanker Jimmie Leach; Patton's Last WWII Tank Commander Tells His Story of War and Service

In Armored Warfare, the Stingray 2 Black Eagle is a Premium version of the Tier 7 Light Tank, featuring unique camouflage and Level 5 crews.

Left to right: Land Rover, M113A3 Super-Gavin, AAVP7A1, M60A3 Patton, AH-6J Little Bird, SA-330 Puma HC2, UH-60L, CH-47L.


M1 Combat Car - Civil War veterans (wearing Grand Army of the Republic uniforms)

Armored Attack 1944 (eBook)


That slope, the low profile and the simple design makes it look cool. It pretty much was the path to more modern Soviet MBTs.

A Taiwanese soldier takes a position during a military exercise in Taichung, central Taiwan,

Sherman tank crew, France after D Day, 1944 War Machine, D Day Normandy

It ...

Mini Art 1/35 World War II German 3th Tank B Type 5 with Passenger Plastic Model MA 35221: Mini Art. ReleaseDate: 2018-06-27 PackageQuantity: 1 Model: ...


Taiwan army soldiers pose for photos on an US-made M60-A3 tank after

Object 120 in Kubinka.jpg

This is the E-25, not my cup of tea but the smallest in the E series. This was a “Light Tank / Tank Destroyer”.

Tiger Ii, Mg 34, Luftwaffe, Army History, Panzer Iv, Tiger Tank

... it was just a prototype, but spread rumors of lots of T-55s and similar vehicles being upgraded like this. None were seen in the First Gulf War. ...



TigerII: ...

TOG 2, experimental WW2 British b̶a̶t̶t̶l̶e̶s̶h̶i̶p̶ “heavy tank”

General De Lattre de Tassigny C G 1st French Army US Maj Gen Frank W Milburn C G

M60A3 Patton Tank, RUST-N-PEACE, Stands Guard

German soldiers inspect a heavy tank Pz.kpfw VI Tiger in one of settlements of the USSR.

DRUMS01: ...

A development contract for the new tank was awarded to the Chrysler Corporation in September 1958 and called for four pilot tanks to be constructed.

If natural cover is not available and a static defensive position must be created, the T-72 has a dozer blade installed on the lower glacis hull for ...

Armored Thunderbolt (eBook)

Quite well-known. https://upload.wikim...ey-haosef-4.jpg

Ace Combat: Molon Labe (OOC/Open)

I know it is amphibious, but f*ck it is ugly, looks like an obese Tiger (PanzerKampfwagen VI) with a tiny turret (kind of like a sumo wrestler or something ...

M55A4B1.jpg ...


Figures are Airfix Napoleonics, with a papercraft A7V playing the role of Steam Tank


M60A3 tanks fire off shells during the annual Han Kuang military exercise in Penghu, west

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