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M104 Sombrero Galaxy One of my favourite astrophography subjects

M104 Sombrero Galaxy One of my favourite astrophography subjects


M104 Sombrero Galaxy Sig.jpg

DSOsM104 - Sombrero Galaxy ...

DSOsM104 Sombrero Galaxy ...

Sombrero Galaxy. One of my favorite astrophotography targets [OC] #universe #galaxy #stars #planets #spaceporn #moonchild #moon

Sombrero Galaxy - M104

What the hell is this? Atm here at the Philippines

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M104: The Sombrero Galaxy.

M104 – Jim Thommes (Art 285)

Developing a Plan for Our Images

M104 [NGC 4594] Sombrero Galaxy

M104 - Sombrero Galaxy. One of my favourite astrophography subjects. [OC] | astronomy | Sombrero galaxy, Astronomy, Northern lights

M104 The Sombrero Galaxy 2

Galaxy M31 on SkySafari app on iPad

12" F4 OTA, ATIK 414EXM, ...

Astrophotography in the Spring. 8 targets for galaxy season

Waxing Crescent Moon in HDR From Yesterday

Image credit: Rick Beno of Conferring With The Sky Observatory, via http://www.conferringwiththesky.org/displayimage.php?pid=500.

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3scape Acrylic Print featuring the photograph Hubble Mosaic Of The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy Hd by Adam

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"M104 - The Sombrero Galaxy - Visible Light" Art, ...

Sombrero Galaxy (M104), HST Image--Mounted Photographic Print


Sombrero Cross by Jukka Metsavainio

M64 – Eduard Garcia Ribera (Atik314L+)

M100 Supernova - 5-1-19

Artist's Impression Of The Sombrero Galaxy

M104, the Sombrero Galaxy-Robert Gendler-Stretched Canvas Print

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Makarian's Chain

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Located just off the plane of our Milky Way is the Corona Australis region, shown here. This is a nice subject for wide-field refractors due to the dust ...

Fastest spinning pulsar rotation speed 716 times per second

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A Galaxy in need of classifications.

15 – SNR 0509-67.5

First Picture from Sony A7s - M104

Don't limit yourself to one perception of a subject. Most of the "recommended subjects" in this list can be taken in a plethora of ways!

The large IC 1396 nebula will not fit my field-of-view but with some judicious framing, using the Garnet Star as a marker and helped by a few previously ...

M104 [NGC 4594] Sombrero Galaxy

... old foreground I shot last year at Joshua Tree Natl park and a new Milky Way image from Anna-Borrego SP. Nothing better than spending one of the first ...

M104 Sombrero Galaxy (NightScape/CGEM-1100)

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Todays 3rd FEATURED Image of the Sombrero Galaxy is by @urbancityastronomer This

Jupiter and its three moons

As it was my birthday and it's been something of an overdue trip since first conceived in 2015, I travelled to Olly Penrice's Les Granges Observatory at the ...

The Sombrero Galaxy, M104 Sketches and Details by Jeremy Perez

The Horsehead and Flame nebulae in Orion, in the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex, home

The Snake Nebula, designated as B72 in the Bernard catalog of dark nebulae, is quite familiar to most of us. Like all dark nebulae, they are seen because of ...

5 – V838 Mon Light Echo

6, Comet 46P/Wirtanen showed a ½°- wide coma elongated to the southwest. North is up.

Sa spiral M81 · Sb spiral M51 (note, M51 has a companion galaxy, and it is the main object that is classified as an Sb spiral) ...

60971345_207176730245227_8578133782539078428_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-frt3-1 .cdninstagram.com

In the next few pictures I made a copy of one side of the supposed symmetry and made it a transparent mask over the original image, which I then color ...

Hubble's Greatest Hits - NGC 5866

NGC 4565 – The Needle Galaxy

It's nearly 4-years since I started astronomy, like so many inspired after observing Saturn through a telescope. Not just any telescope but the 13” ...

At 12.9 billion light years away it is the one of the brightest, furthest galaxies discovered. It contains some of the Universe's ...

Optical Photograph Of The Sombrero Galaxy by Noao/science Photo Library

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ACS/WFC 2008-33

NASA/ESA/The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Bucking the trend Come a little closer ...

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The Mice ...


SHO end3Final (Large)

If you click on the image and squint hard enough, you can see the results of masking in a higher resolution image. Not practical with a webpage display, ...

Image credit: © 2006 - 2012 by Siegfried Kohlert, via http://

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The Sombrero Galaxy——————————————————————————— 🌌Also known as Messier 104, M104 or NGC 4594is a lenticular galaxy in the constellation Virgo found ...

Once Sputnik 1 was successfully hurled into orbit in 1957, spaceflight was no longer a mere pipe dream reserved for the pages of fiction.

16 – Abell 370

Messier 42, the Orion Nebula and Sh-279, the Running

NASA/ESA/The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

M78: Reflection Nebula in Orion

Comets to Catch in 2019

Artist's Impression Of The Sombrero Galaxy Framed Print by Chris Butler/science Photo Library

Thank you @amateurastrophotographyezine #astrophotography #astrophoto #ankarastronomy #somrero #galaxy #M104

The Horsehead Nebula (center towards the right) and the Flame Nebula (lower left

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http://youtu.be/t3QoMazg94M. “

Hubble reveals soul-wrenching view of the distant universe | HOTSHOTSS | Hubble space, Hubble space telescope, NASA

Messier Objects: In order, M101 (Pinwheel Galaxy), M102 (Spindle Galaxy), M103 (Star Cluster), M104 (Sombrero Galaxy), M105 (Elliptical Galaxy), ...

Ground-based image of NGC 4546 edge-on