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Make Your Character Reactions Twice as Interesting Helping Writers

Make Your Character Reactions Twice as Interesting Helping Writers


Make Your Character Reactions Twice as Interesting

Without convincing and consistent character reactions to every single important event, the causal realism of your story falls apart. Find out why!

Make Your Character Reactions Twice as Interesting - Helping Writers Become Authors

Make Your Character Reactions Twice as Interesting | Writing tips | Pinterest | Writing, Writing romance and Writing tips

50 creative writing prompts by Now Novel

Make Your Character Reactions Twice as Interesting - Helping Writers Become Authors. Nala probably experiencing swimming in water for the first time.

Becca Puglisi:

character development in your novel

Make Your Character Reactions Twice as Interesting

Welcome to Writers Helping Writers® (formerly “The Bookshelf Muse“).

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characters in alice in wonderland

Character Compass

To find out more about The Emotion Thesaurus book or to grab its companion ebooklet, Emotion Amplifiers, go HERE.

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Angela Ackerman:

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Image titled Cope With Being in Love With a Fictional Character Step 6

Image titled Deal With the Pain of a Door Being Shut on Your Finger Step 5

The Character Who Made Me Love Brooklyn Nine-Nine

... smiles, and eye rolls as you craft unique body language, thoughts, visceral sensations, and action for any emotion your character chooses to express.

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How to Calculate Your Book's Length Before Writing

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Writing a scholarship essay can be very difficult – especially if you want to do it well. Your essay will need to wow the reader, and speak directly to the ...

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Enlarge / You can practically hear the dramatic music swelling in this screenshot, can't you?

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Image titled Cope With Being in Love With a Fictional Character Step 2

avoid cliches in character development stereotypes

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In a recent BuzzFeed article titled “This One Episode of The Simpsons Can Tear Friendships Apart,” writer Kat Angus explored a throwaway joke from the ...

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At a Glance

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positive-and-negative-thesaurus-books-2 Character ...

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Emerging Writer Happy Hour Presented by the Authors Guild and Electric Literature Friday, October 7, 6 to 8PM Powerhouse 28 Adams Street, Brooklyn NY

Because the final Kate Daniels novel signals the end of an era in urban fantasy, and the final (for now) adventure of one of the genre's most ...


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You'll want to choose a closing that feels genuine to your personality and tailor it to the relationship to ensure an appropriate level of professionalism.

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Grab some writing goodies! Notebooks, planners, how to books and gifts


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Very handy list. It's ok to compare skin color to food because that's something that people can almost always picture in their head.

ABR: I absolutely believe that female literary models help shape us, sometimes more than the women around us. That is certainly what so many have said about ...

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Known for her amazing camera-finding skills; she has the eyes of hawk!

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The Internet is a giant amplifier, making things seem like a bigger deal than they really are.

The Untold Stories of Paul McCartney

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