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Mastodon bones from the Ice Age discovered on farm in Southern

Mastodon bones from the Ice Age discovered on farm in Southern


Indiana farm owner fascinated by mastadon bones found on his property

Ice age mastodon bones unearthed on southern Indiana farm | abc7chicago.com

A portion of a mastodon tusk, a portion of the mandible with a tooth,

Mastodon Bones Discovered on Indiana Farm

Mastodon Bones Discovered On Farm In Southern Indiana

Team recovers 'most complete Michigan mastodon skeleton in many decades' from Thumb site

Mastodon bones from the Ice Age discovered on farm in Southern Indiana

Thomas Quine, Flickr // CC BY 2.0

A teenager has discovered a jaw of a prehistoric mastodon (pictured) - an ancient

Farmer Joe Schepman loads a portion of a mastodon tusk into his pickup truck bed at

Mastodon bones found on a farm in Seymour are now at an Indianapolis museum

Mammoth Discovery Could Revise Earliest Date of Humans in the Americas

Ancient discovery made on southern Indiana farm

The giant mastodon at the Cincinnati Museum Center

a large elephant standing on top of a grass covered field: The species (pictured

Jenny Mollen dropped son on head fracturing his skull, tells parents 'you are not

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... mastodon bones found at a Southern Indiana farm. 15. Photos

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Jaw bone of a 7ft tall juvenile mastodon has been discovered on a farm in Iowa


Indiana construction workers discover 12,000-year-old mastodon

Swastika Acres, a neighborhood in Colorado, gets a new name

A model of an American mastadon is part of the travelling exhibit Mammoths and Mastadons: Titans of the Ice Age, which is currently at the Ontario Science ...

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Indiana sewer project unearths trove of mastodon bones

Ancient Bones Spark Fresh Debate over First Humans in the Americas. Broken bones of a mastodon found in Southern ...

Cave Discovered in South Dakota Contains Thousands of Ice Age Fossils

A map shows Seymour, Indiana, where the mastodon bones were found. (Screenshot

View of a mastodon skeleton known as the Conway Mastodon that is on display at the Ohio History Center in Columbus, Ohio. During the Ice Age, mastodons ...

Mastodon bones from the Ice Age discovered on farm in Southern Indiana https://t.co/uPmPq6jhzz

Early central Florida humans hunted prehistoric animals to extinction

An 1823 letter by Mary Anning describing her discovery of what would be identified as a

Jaw bone of a 7ft tall juvenile mastodon discovered on a farm in Iowa | Daily Mail Online

A 130,000-Year-Old Mastodon Threatens to Upend Human History

What Do You Do When You Find a Mammoth on Your Farm?

This rendering is a graphical reconstruction of Mammut americanum, a.k.a. an American mastodon, based on bone structure and paleontological texts.

Bones and tusks reveal that male mastodons were kicked out of their matriarchal family groups around age 12 and that they fought with other males.

Buy Photo. Fred the mastodon is part of the Ice Age ...

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Carrie Eaton, curator of collections, helped solve the mystery of the UW Geology Museum's Boaz mastodon skeleton. UW Geology Museum

Mastodons bones are tearing up American history

Mastodon jawbone. Photo by James St. John CC BY 2.0

The bone has the teeth of the mammal still attached and is the second fossil to

Drawing of Ichthyosaurus from The American Museum Journal, circa 1900.

unreal footage of scientists finding oldest blood ever discovered from ice age baby horse from 42000


First American Ice Age elephant art discovered

Mammoth tooth discovered near Palm Bay pond evokes images of Ice Age creatures

Kevin Tong

Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl

Billy Kobin Louisville Courier Journal Published 4:46 PM EDT Apr 18, 2019 Growing up on their family's farm in Seymour, Indiana, Sue Nehrt and her brother ...

University of Michigan professor Dan Fisher and a team of Michigan students work to excavate a

Mastodon bones near Mayville: University of Michigan scientists plan dig

Illustration of a mastodon (left) and an adult mammoth (right) (Courtesy of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County)

UW Geology Museum

Veronica Cooper looks at Lyuba, an intact baby woolly mammoth, the star of Mammoths: Giants of the Ice Age, running from June 3 to Dec.

The bones now at the Indiana State Museum include a portion of the mastodon's skull,

Mastodon bones discovered in Mich.

Tweet from ABC News

Exhibitions. Cohoes Mastodon

A nearly complete lower jaw bone with worn down teeth of an adult mastodon is displayed

Mastodon bones unearthed during southern Indiana sewer project

Mastodon Bones Have Been Discovered by Sewer Workers in Indiana | Mental Floss


Murder, or natural causes? A new study might exonerate humans of killing off large

During the first dig, scientists revealed the mammoth's skull and scythe-shaped tusks.

U-M paleontologist Daniel Fisher holding a piece of the mammoth's right shoulder blade on Nov.

mastodon bones unearthed on southern indiana farm

Basilosaurus skeleton

A view taken on June 13, 2014 shows paintings of animal figures on the rock

American mastodont, Mammut americanum

The Mysterious Mastodon

Joe Schepman, right, and his son, Brad, are pictured with the remains of a mastodon found on their property in Seymour.

Ice Age Cave Dwellers in Oregon Lived Among Extinct 'Stout-Legged' Horses, Fossils Show

Why giant beavers didn't survive the last Ice Age

Parts of Cheri Goodpasture's roof are missing after tornadoes touched down in Brookville, Ohio…

Peale added a few mastodon bones to a pile previously found at the site, but when he showed the skeleton at his Philadelphia museum, he mistakenly pointed ...

Mammoth tibia