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Newly Discovered TickBorne Disease Could Be Worse Than Lyme Disease

Newly Discovered TickBorne Disease Could Be Worse Than Lyme Disease


New Tick-Borne Illness Could Be Worse Than Lyme Disease

Deer tick on a leaf

Newly Discovered Tick-Borne Disease Could Be Worse Than Lyme Disease - | Intellihub.com

Dangerous Tick-Borne Disease Spreads To NY, CDC Warns

Doctors Say Tick Borne 'Powassan Virus' Is Worse Than Lyme Disease

The New Tick Diseases You Need to Know About—One of Them Is Way Worse Than Lyme

Experts warn tick-borne virus worse than Lyme disease is on the rise

A black-legged tick

A blacklegged ...

In order for ticks to progress through their life stages, they need to feast on the blood of mammals. Here you can see an adult female (left) and a nymph ...

Rare Tick Infection Could Be Worse Than Lyme Disease

New Lyme Disease Bacteria Discovered in Upper Midwest: CDC

Lyme disease

Experts: New Tick-Borne Virus May Spread Quicker Than Lyme Disease

The CDC mapped the number of reported Powassan virus infections over a 10-year period

Ticks Creep Into Canada, Bringing Lyme Disease (and Confusion) With Them

Lyme isn't the only tick-borne illness

Health Officials Are Warning This Tick Season Could Be the Worst Yet

Powassan Virus Is the Scary New Reason to Avoid Ticks. By Amanda MacMillan. May 4, 2017. Lyme disease ...

A new threat

With a Tick Boom, It's Not Just Lyme Disease You Have to FearWith a Tick Boom, It's Not Just Lyme Disease You Have to Fear

Tick disease case map detail taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

An army of deer ticks carrying Lyme disease is advancing. It will only get worse.

According to the experts, ticks and the diseases they carry are expanding into new geographic areas. While the majority of Americans have heard of Lyme ...

New tick-borne disease makes its way to the U.S. - According to health reports, a new tick-borne illness that could be worse than Lyme disease has made its ...

Share on Pinterest Several areas have already issued tick bite and Lyme disease warnings this ...

an adult tick walks on a grass blade toward a had


Lyme disease

We recently had a case where a patient diagnosed as negative for Lyme disease by another laboratory had a confirmed B. afzelii by our testing. We can no ...

How Lyme Disease Became a Cause Celebre – and an American Epidemic

Lyme disease in dogs is showing up in places it didn't used to. And that could mean humans are at increased risk for catching a disease that's already on ...

Lyme Disease Is On The Rise Again. Here's How To Prevent It

Clockwise from top left: The deer tick, which transmits Lyme disease; the American dog tick, which transmits Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia; ...

A New Perspective on North Carolina Tick-borne Illnesses

Tick and Lyme Disease Season Is Here: Worse Than Ever

In the United States, cases of POW virus disease have been reported primarily from northeastern states and the Great Lakes region, according to the CDC.

The Cayenne tick, Amblyomma cajennense, can spread Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Beyond Lyme: New Tick-Borne Diseases On The Rise In U.S.

Lyme disease research gets a needed boost

From 2007 to 2016, private insurance claim lines with diagnoses of Lyme disease increased 185

More Americans are living in wooded suburbs near deer, which carry the ticks that spread Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ...

lyme disease

The deer tick spreads the bacteria that causes Lyme. Adapted from Ed Reschke/Getty Creative Images

In France's Battles Over Lyme Disease, Lessons in Science Communication

chronic lyme disease

More than 200 people attended the 2019 Lyme Disease Conference on May 4, co-

In Wake of CDC Report, Lawmakers Call For Federal Help with Tick-Borne Disease Crisis

Here's What You Need to Know About Lyme Disease Co-Infections

lyme disease, Lyme Disease is Worse Than We Thought

Everything You Need to Know About Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Disorders 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition

Babesia and Lyme — it's worse than you think

Science Shortfall: Why Don't We Know How Best To Fight Ticks And Lyme Disease? | CommonHealth

Powassan virus, spread by ticks, could be worse than Lyme disease

Climate Change Is a Tick's Best Friend

Diseases spread by ticks are on the rise — here's what you are at risk for throughout the US

... even was a Lyme disease rash. To protect yourself in the future, consider using personal protection, like clothing only repellents, and if appropriate, ...

Pennsylvania Has Most Tick-Borne Disease In Country: CDC

Boxes in dead scientist's garage bring back a Lyme disease mystery

Tick-borne diseases: Getting worse, CDC study finds

When Lyme disease isn't caught early, the fallout can be scary

Q&A: Scientist behind The Tick Project fighting Lyme disease in Dutchess, Hudson Valley

A Ixodes scapularis or a deer tick that causes fatal illnesses like Lyme disease and the new Powassan encephalitis | REUTERS/Centers for Disease Control and ...


Lyme Isn't the Only Disease Ticks Are Spreading This Summer

Image may contain: text. $20 raised for Florida Lyme Disease Association Inc

Here's Why Lyme Disease Keeps Spreading in the U.S.

ixodes scapularis -James Gathany/CDC

On the Link Between Lyme Disease and Bioweapons

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

Lyme Disease

Jack Snow looks at a photo of his late wife, Lyn, on the wall

truth about lyme disease

Illnesses from ticks, mosquitoes, flea bites have tripled in recent years, CDC says


Map of the United States showing reported cases of lyme disease. The cases are concentrated

Lyme disease co-infections rate

I recently wrote about how opossums are an important part of tick prevention – nature's not-so-cute ally in tick-borne illness avoidance.

Stanford study says ticks may cause double trouble

As the Threat of Lyme Disease Rises, Why Hasn't Research Funding Followed Suit?

... of Washtenaw County, is now considered in the red zone, moving from being a county with a potential risk to a county with a known risk of Lyme disease.

Powassan virus, spread by ticks, could be worse than Lyme disease

Lyme Disease Is Hard to Identify; Increasing Rapidly

LJ pulled a tick from under her arm, at the bra line, eight years ago. The next day, she had a horrible “flu,” a slight fever and headache.

The disease is carried by the black-legged tick, now found as far south as Florida.

A deer tick infected with the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium can cause Lyme disease in humans,

diagnosed Lyme disease