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Not underdog shapes abstract art vision astronomy space

Not underdog shapes abstract art vision astronomy space


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James Gurney

About the artist:

Eleven Masters: Art of the IMC

... that NASA may consider a rapprochement with SETI and SETI scientists, after more than twenty years of a de facto NASA ban on funding SETI. It's not ...

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Illustrators upload and keyword an unlimited number of illustrations, both classic and brand new, specifying any previous usage or restrictions on the work.

Not underdog #shapes #abstract #art #vision #astronomy #space #science

The Portrait Gallery is one of three parts of the larger exhibition, Moving Targets, produced by Rosenthal and Domike with Ruth Fauman Fichman.

TV Moore

Bureaucratic Scale

My painting, Voltesla, evokes a feeling of motion and electricity. Looking at the shapes and streaks and huge globs of vibrant color, you'll see different ...

Wish Lanterns for Love Art Print


Lynn Gamwell on math and the visual arts' shared cultural history

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IMG_0081ShadowCrossroadsGuitar_new fog


Originally from Chicago, Ken Karlic studied architecture, painting and graphic design at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and received a BFA.

Review: Mission to Mars

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Portfolio: Jing Jing Tsong

I am 72 years old from Hindu family of north India settled in Hyderabad. I am an atheist in literal sense. Yet I have absorbed a good deal of mystical, ...

Portfolio: Sudi McCollum


Last 10 years to continue I am busy in myself search through the art and painting. For me painting is a language. It's need vision not any kind ...

Orion Magazine

[May 22, 1964] Not Fade Away (June 1964 Fantastic

Several of this latest batch of responses to the Special Issue on Weak Theory engage not only the original issue, but also the first set of responses that ...

The promo for this new exhibition at Saatchi Gallery said that the show wanted to platform painting “in an age where ...

Cox synthesizes:

class project, April 2019 ...


No this is not another civil or human rights post, although I like writing those as well.

Israel To Space

Photo. Flower Painting AbstractPlant ...

Frida Floral Art Print

““The Ultimate Metaphysical Secret, if we dare to state it so simply, is that there are no Boundaries in the Universe. Boundaries are Illusions, Products ...

new art video: rise and shine

It's funny, my dad used to tell a joke about not being homesick, but being heresick (wherever that "here" may be for somebody--they just want to get out of ...

Portfolio: Federico Gastaldi

Artist Talk: November 15, 11:30am – 12:30pm

Dark Blue cover2800x


Space Aliens From Outer Space - Nebulosity

the mission

BeDifferent Art Show is going to open in the ancient Church of Misericordia, during the finissage of Venezia Biennale. BeDifferent is dedicated to emerging ...

The Palette - Blog — Tara Bach

Il Pozzo dei Dannati - The Pit of the Damned: Space Aliens From Outer Space - Nebulosity

Images Below by Kent Williams


But reading Brown's book, with all the popular science and warm self-deprecating humor in it, convinced me to reluctantly leave the Pluto camp.

187_1003705_americas_ TOP ART

Artists' Faces and Places


Root2art is my attempt at finding a truly unique creative voice against the diverse background of twentieth century abstract art and in the context of the ...

Images Below by Kent Williams

David Hockney Print Party


ABSTRACT This article argues for the need to move beyond place-based ethnography and develop ethnographic methodologies that follow the moving, ...

Frequency distribution


About the Artist:

It is not my aim to create realistic reflections of my surrounding environment. I would rather like to show the things between and behind and to make my ...


i am the alchemist

Some have tried to argue that “if Galileo never stated the law [of inertia] in its general form, it was implicit in his derivation of the parabolic ...

Art Galleries&Artists of the South Fall 2017



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Dots and lines connected together. abstract background

The 25 best club tracks of 2017

The Imploder

CCP Games, the Icelandic mob who make spacebastard sandbox Eve Online, are being bought up by the South Korean lot behind Black Desert Online (that MMORPG ...

Artist Talk Magazine issue 3

Ariana Grande

My name is Karen Jones and I live in the attic of an old Victorian house in the North West of England. Originally my main creative outlet was poetry and ...

A life in art

Finally Free

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Of interest to no one (including me)


... and the human exceptionalism that gives birth to reason, science, and knowledge will not be as easily defamiliarized as the cosmos of mythology.

About the Artist:

In this mental picture there's an enormous Sun circled by nine planets, with tiny Pluto on the outskirts, a tiny dot next to its much larger siblings.

artwork by Martin Hoffman. '

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Concrete mixer, cloves