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Object 488 Tank with troop compartment Heavy Metal Army

Object 488 Tank with troop compartment Heavy Metal Army


Object 488. Tank with troop compartment

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Namer with Trophy

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Leopard 2A7DK - Danish Army Military Vehicles, Danish, Army, Military

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EE-T1 Osório Brazilian main battle tank prototype

Pildiotsingu bmr 1 tulemus Army Vehicles, Cold War, Countries, Military Vehicles

T-54/T-55 operators and variants

Type 89 122 mm Multiple Launch Rocket System People's Liberation Army of China

VN2C 6x6 armoured personnel carrier at Zhuhai AirShow China 2016 ground mobility demonstration

Amphibious Vehicles Are the Military's Latest Tax Dollar Sinkhole

7487 Best Army vehicles/Military Vehicles/Military Machinery images in 2019 | Military vehicles, Army vehicles, Tanks

Churchill Mk. VII Crocodile, Military Museums, Calgary. (Author Photo)

Assessing Russia's Reorganized and Rearmed Military - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

M74 Tank Recovery Vehicle, Military Communications and Electronics Museum, CFB Kingston, Ontario. (Author Photo)

Canadian infantry riding on a Churchill III tank during Exercise Spartan, England, 9 March 1943. (IWM Photo H27924)


Churchill Infantry Tank, Base Borden Military Museum, CFB Borden, Ontario. (Author Photo)

THE BRITISH ARMY IN THE UNITED KINGDOM 1939-45. Churchill tanks on parade on

Cromwell Tank moving into position for an attack south of Caen, France, June 1944. (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 4233175)

The Dawn of American Armor: The U.S. Army Tank Corps in World War I

Egyptian-modified T-55.

Calaméo - Osprey General Military Vanquished Crushing Defeats From Ancient Rome To The 21st Century

M2/M3 Bradley: America's Cavalry/Infantry Fighting Vehicle (Legends of Warfare: Ground): Christian M. DeJohn: 9780764355882: Amazon.com: Books

treating tanks.JPG

Churchill Mk. VII Crocodile, Military Museums, Calgary. (Author Photo)

T 90 MBT Main Battle Tank Russia Russian army defense industry military technology 925 001

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T-55AM2 on Bahna military show, Czech republic

M4A2 Sherman tank, "Bomb", Sherbrooke Hussars, Quebec. (Author Photo)

An Austrian Leopard 2 A4 during the Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2017 at Grafenwoehr, Germany

Canadian tanks move into position for attack toward Falaise, between Hubert-Folie and Tilly-la-Campagne, Normandy, 8 Aug 1944. (Library and Archives Canada ...

At one time, the Soviet T-72 was the most widely deployed main battle tank across the world.

ŽS-55A on Bahna military show, Czech republic

VDV with tanks in Afghanistan

... friction powered tank, a military humvee, a cannon, four 3 3/4” posable action figure soldiers in combat gear, a K-9 and more! Peggable Item# WT-CTP

German troops take a break next to their tank during the battle of Kursk. (

Nigerien troops jump from a pickup truck during a training exercise.

Below we can see the alleged tank build up near Ukraine's borders. Note the rest of the vehicle park at the base, and the contingent, remains the same after ...

... and investigated, based on the relevant open-source intelligence (OSINT), the formation of a new military unit at the borders of Ukraine and Belarus.

(DZGuymed Photo)

An American special operator observes Nigerien troops during a training exercise in Chad.

image 0 ...

SU-122-54, Krasnodar museum

Centurion tank at the Australian War Memorial

Churchill Great Eastern Armoured Ramp Tank

A BMPT armored fire support vehicle.

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Steven Spielberg's 2001 mammoth 10-part TV series "Band of Brothers" was about the 101st Division's D-Day parachute jump. Here's one of the actors in that ...

The A7V would be involved in the first tank vs. tank battle of the war on 24 April 1918 at Villers-Bretonneux - a battle in which there was no clear winner.

Tank T-54 in Verkhnyaya Pyshma.jpg

Autocar M'sia & Singapore_JAN 2017 Pages 51 - 100 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

CBRN units setup smoke and aerosol cover for a river crossing exercise, where T-72 tanks forded the river with snorkels, while other vehicles were ...

For all those ex-paratroopers like me who keep wondering why the Army Airborne doesn't openly celebrate -- and glorify -- the super-macho haircut that they ...

T-55A on the Poklonnaya Hill in Moscow, Russia.

Various different potential turret options from the BMMP. The weapon system from the BMP-

Feldherr Lagerbox für Bolt Action – Tanks and Soldiers | Feldherr Worldwide

Bill Gates: Bioterrorism could kill more than nuclear war — but no one is ready to deal with it (except a few unmentioned ...)

THE BRITISH ARMY IN FRANCE 1940. The crew of a Cruiser Mk IV tank work

The old horse.jpg

MTU-12 bridgelayer at the Military-historical Museum of Artillery, Engineer and Signal

Cover of an Operator's Manual with a cartoon of two men speading along a bumpy road

Canadian Cromwell Tank, Normandy, 1 July 1944. (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No.)

A slide showing a number of potential BMMP-based vehicles.

Screenshot 1; Screenshot 2; Screenshot 3 ...

Oil spill approaches Louisiana coast

Polish ZSU-57-2 SPAAG in Lubuskie Muzeum Wojskowe

International derivatives

IDF Achzarit heavy armored personnel carrier


Ram tank

Figure 62. EPWs being cared for early in the war

Below we can see the alleged tank build up near Ukraine's borders. Note the rest of the vehicle park at the base, and the contingent, remains the same after ...

Here is a snapshot of Badanin with his comrades of the 6th Tank Brigade—second on the left is Garik Pleshkov (number 3 in the group photos), and on the far ...

Canadian Cromwell Tank, Normandy, July 1944. (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN 4233766)

A T-55AM2 in the National Museum of Military History, Sofia, 14 June 2008.