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Photograph of Anne Edmonds from Faculty Show 1968 Verso reads Anne

Photograph of Anne Edmonds from Faculty Show 1968 Verso reads Anne


Anne Edmonds dressed in costume from 1968 Faculty Show

Small Group from "Ham's Tales from Shakespeare," Faculty Show 1956 :: Archives

Scene from Faculty Show 1976

Harriet Whisher and President Roswell Gray Ham in Faculty Show 1943 :: Archives & Special Collections Digital Images

A photograph of couples dancing at a Mount Holyoke College Ball.

Faculty playing cards in Faculty Show 1952

Two students at a party, circa 1985 :: Archives & Special Collections Digital Images

Skit from Faculty Show 1943

Ella Tambussi Grasso '40 and Professor Everett Hawkins :: Archives & Special Collections Digital Images

Scene from Mount Holyoke Milestones, Faculty Show 1924.

Faculty dancing on stage during Faculty Show 1940

Mount Holyoke Archives and Special Collections

Faculty in swimsuits during Faculty Show 1952

Scene from the 1984 Faculty Show, featuring, l-r, professors Lee Bowie, Robert


Kathryn Irene Glascock

President Elizabeth T. Kennan as Polly Darton in faculty show, 1993 :: Archives & Special Collections Digital Images


Two "Vikings" at Inauguration reception of Elizabeth Topham Kennan :: Archives & Special Collections Digital Images :: 1978

Yearbook Photograph of Wendy Wasserstein, class of the Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning play write. :: Archives & Special Collections Digital Images ...

photographs · Monika Wegmann '57 and Dorothea Popp '57, both from Germany, wearing traditional

Marcus Garvey


Linda Bien (Yu) class of 1975 :: Archives & Special Collections Digital Images · Digital Image

Scene from Shakespearian Plays, 1952 Faculty Show

Faculty Members singing and dancing, Faculty Show 1984

A ...


Scene from 1984 Faculty Show, with the Faculty Band (Beaux Arts Septet) playing


Escaped Alone (Red Stitch Actors' Theatre)

Photo by Bryan Derballa

Not a Pretty Picture (Original poster for the 1976 film). Martha Coolidge,

Scene from 1984 Faculty Show, featuring professors Lee Bowie, Robert Schwartz, Daniel Czitrom


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France Asselin (Two original photographs of the French actress). France Asselin, actress

Three students in Halloween costumes :: Mount Holyoke Archives & Special Collections :: circa 1976

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+44 (0) 207 836 1979

Tout l'or du monde (Collection of 749 original photographs from the 1961 film

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Auction, Collectibles Auction, Original Historical Documents - Cohasco DPC

View of FBC Sanctuary taken from behind the 'Pipe' Screen where pipes were housed

Freeman Institute Black History Collection -- oldest piece is dated 1553...(over 3,000 genuine documents and artifacts)

Korin Gamadji Institute, Indigeneity: Aboriginal young people, storytelling, technology

May 2019


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Dominique Clement, Candid (Collection of 8 original photographs of the French actress).

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Architectural model of ARM's Portrait building in Grocon offices, QV, Melbourne. Photo:


[Photo: Elina Lex]

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(PDF) excerpts from _Opera Acts: Singers and Performance in the Late Nineteenth Century_ (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015) | Karen Henson ...

Pygmalion, Galatea, and the Golem : Investigations of biased and unbiased teachers. Journal of Educational Psychology, 74 (4), 459-474.

(Aries Book) Peter J Forshaw (ed.)-Lux in Tenebris_ The Visual and the Symbolic in Western Esotericism-Brill (2016).pdf | Western Esotericism | Neoplatonism

(PDF) Culture and the State: Disability Studies and Indigenous Studies | James Gifford - Academia.edu

He often appeared on television shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show, frequently in the guise of a heavily accented Bolivian character named José ...

Bebe Qui A Le Contour Des Yeux Rouge 91

image of War and Peace (First American Edition, complete in six (6)

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Ann Pancake, Seattle, Washington, 2014. Photograph by Catherine Alexander. Courtesy of the author.


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J. Richard Houston - Numbering the Survivors.


"A native peon's shack," annotated photograph from Armstrong's notebooks. Image courtesy of "

800-962-6666 or 503-472-0476


Lot 6369

(PDF) International Exhibitions, Expositions Universelles and World's Fairs, 1851-1951: A Bibliography | Alexander C . T . Geppert - Academia.edu

John T. Matthews-William Faulkner in Context-Cambridge University Press (2015) | William Faulkner | American Civil War

Americans' belief in aliens is not unlike their belief in Indians. I am not arguing that aliens and Indians play equivalent roles.

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