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Reading for your child is often the best tool to teach them to read

Reading for your child is often the best tool to teach them to read


10 Steps to Teaching Your Child to Read

teach reading

Teach kids to learn to read with this brilliant series of books to teach reading that


How To Encourage Good Reading Habits In Kids

Teacher reading out loud to a group of first graders

mom reading to baby

mom daughter abcs

Importance of Reading With Kids: 10 Great Benefits

learn to read

Read Together to Support Early Literacy

How to Teach Kids With Dyslexia to Read

11 Methods for Teaching Reading

Teach Your Toddler to Read Through Play

... difficult decisions, no matter if their kids speak one language, two languages or three languages. One of them is whether or not teach children to read ...


Target the Problem activity

Literacy: 8 Tips for Parents of Struggling Readers. Visit my blog to read more information about this hard to tackle problem.

Reading to Kids

If children don't learn from an early age to enjoy reading, it will most likely hinder their ability sometime down the road.

Toddlers are little explorers who learn by doing. Play gives your child a great opportunity to develop and practice new skills at her own pace by following ...

I Can Read: Learning to Read at Home. Great breakdown of what you can do in each of these 5 categories to get your children to read at home starting from ...

10 Benefits of Reading (and Why Children and Adults Should Read Often). cesblog

Kids are deeply touched by the books they read. During the many years that I

Hard to Read: How American Schools Fail Kids with Dyslexia

If you can only do one thing for your children, it should be shared reading

Rosy Taveras, a kindergarten teacher at P.S. 218 in the Bronx, models fluent and

Globally, there are 50-75 million 'marginalized' children who are not enrolled in school. Children whose primary language is not the language of instruction ...

I had toiled away the wee hours of the night organizing the semester's lessons. I was pouring myself into this new job of teaching my kids.

Supporting Students with Autism: 10 Ideas for Inclusive Classrooms

Learning to read

Phonics helps teach children how to merge separate sounds together to make it one word. from www.shutterstock.com


Children at reading celebration

Raise a Reader: A Parent Guide to Reading for Ages 3-5 | Scholastic | Parents

Teach Your Baby to Read

If you've been feeling like there is nowhere to start, now you have some tools and resources to get out there and start reading. You don't need to stare at ...

Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn to Read The beginning of the school year has ...

5 Pre-Writing Activities For Your 3-Year-Old

Positive Discipline 101: How to Discipline a Child in a Way That Actually Works

Boy clutching head reading

It's no secret that this child that is read to on a regular basis often picks up new words and reading skills additional quickly compared to a child who ...

Woman reading to learn English

Science Says Parents of the Most Successful Kids Do These 10 Things

Four Methods of Teaching Reading

TLT: Teen Librarians Toolbox: 10 Tips for Parents (and librarians) Working with Reluctant Readers

The Most Important Part of Teaching Kids to Read - Read-Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie

Foster a love of reading from an early age with an accessible, engaging and enjoyable read

An infant at a piano

5 Reasons to Teach Poetry in the Classroom

How does oral vocabulary knowledge help children learn to read? Oral vocabulary knowledge helps with reading ...

A child pushes a stroller down a street.

... 2. musical ...

Resources for Teachers - Ways a parent can help with spelling Teacher Tools, Teacher Hacks


I have a confession to make. Despite teaching for over eight years, I had actually never taught a kid to read from the very beginning. I would always get a ...

Research-based resources to help your child succeed

Answer children's questions in a way that promotes HOT

A Growing List of Picture Books about Bullies, Bystanders, and Being Kind — Doing Good Together™

The Secret to Fast-Tracking Your Child's Quran Qaida Reading Progress

Homework: is it worth the hassle?

If your school uses the Lexile Measure, you can find books that match her reading ability on Amazon. Here's an example of where the Lexile Measure may ...

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Books provide children with the opportunity for discussion and concept development. Jeremy Tarling/flickr, CC BY-SA

Young girl reading out loud with a teacher

As you can see, I'm a big fan of books and teaching. I've also always had a special interest in teaching kids to read. I taught my three oldest children to ...

It's science: Reading the same books to your child over and over makes them smarter - Motherly

Teach Kids Chinese - How I Taught My Child to Read 1000 Chinese Characters as a

What's the best way to discipline a toddler? And what do you do when your kid won't listen to you? Here is an age-by-age guide to discipline your child.

A mother reads to her children, depicted by Jessie Willcox Smith in a cover illustration of a volume of fairy tales written in the mid to late 19th century.

A young student reads text with Immersive Reader in OneNote on his Surface Pro 4.

Smart Homeschooling Ideas That Could Aid You So, you want to homeschool your kids?

mom and toddler son talking

Reading Aloud to Young Children Has Benefits for Behavior and Attention - The New York Times

Kid Powered Learning

Get the basic facts about what it takes for a young child to learn to read, best practices in teaching reading, the importance of oral language in literacy ...

Mother helping son play piano

7 Sure Signs Your Child Has a High IQ

Teaching students with dyslexia to use assistive technology helps them be more independent learners and bossts

Early childhood education yields big benefits — just not the ones you think

Reading for your child is often the best tool to teach them to read. Especially

A Velocity of Being: Illustrated Letters to Children about Why We Read by 121 of

Training children to teach others to read

Dig out a childhood favorite and read that aloud.

For more than 30 years, the Inuit welcomed anthropologist Jean Briggs into their lives so she could study how they raise their children.