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Restored 16th century binding of velvet embroidered with pearls for

Restored 16th century binding of velvet embroidered with pearls for


Restored 16th century binding of velvet embroidered with pearls for Elizabeth I, on a volume

16th-century Elizabethan embroidered binding (Aa.6.52) A binding of embroidered velvet with the badge of Queen Elizabeth I on an anti-Catholic treatise, ...

Christopherson, Historia Ecclesiastica. Lovanii, 1569.

Bible. London, 1583.

16th century embroidered velvet book with scroll and floral pattern. Collection The British Library.

English binding the early 16th century.

Psalms (1633) from London, measuring just 4 x 3 inches and bound in embroidered white satin, featured in Cyril Davenport's English Embroidered Book-bindings ...

Pens and Needles: Reviving Book-Embroidery in Victorian England – The Public Domain Review

Embroidered velvet binding on John Udall's Sermons with the arms of Elizabeth I, 1596.

Treasure binding. From Wikipedia ...

Antique book covers

Treasure binding. From Wikipedia ...

This binding is presumably Venetian, first half of the 16th century Forms Of Literature,

Antique book covers. 17th century embroidered ...

Velvet Fragment with Scrolling Floral Vine Design, 16th century - Stock Image

Biblia. Tiguri, 1543.

Velvet Fragment with Floral Pattern, 16th century, Attributed to Iran, Silk; cut

Ivory plaque, probably from a book cover, Reims late 9th century, with two


Embroidered Fragments, 16th century. Spain, 16th century. Appliqué embroidery, couched gold

Embroidered book cover for Henshaw's Horae Successivae (1632), white satin with a floral design edged in gold cord, featured in Cyril Davenport's English ...

Embroidered Door Hanging, 1700s. India, 18th century. Velvet; overall: 32.4

Cover to The Tale of King Florus and Fair Jehane, thought to be embroidered by May Morris, daughter of William Morris — Source © The University of ...

Image of The Plant-Lore and Garden-Craft of Shakespeare

Top edge, Folger 227- 140q

Genet cat skin - V&A

Folger B430 .T49 1519 Cage Fo.

Italy, 17th century. Silk velvet with metal thread embroidered valance

Binding: Paris, circa 1360 and end of the rebuilt in the century. Offered by the Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus to ...

Book of Common Prayer

Gruel and Engelmann, binding for a Book of Hours, Paris 1870, silver-gilt and enamel on leather

Embroidered Sleeve from a Dalmatic, 1500-1525. Italy, Florence, 16th century

Embroidered front and back covers of a 1791 edition of Robinson Crusoe, from the Newberry Library — Source.

18th century German clasped treasure binding

Tres ample description de toute la terre Saincte, etc. [By Martin de Brion.] ms. of the sixteenth century, probably bound about 1540.

Bible printed in London (1626) bound in canvas and embroidered in coloured silks and silver threads, depicting the figure of St Peter, featured in Cyril ...

Embroidered Fragment, 1700s or 1800s. India, 18th or 19th century. Embroidery;

... Leather Wall Decoration mould

Bucheinband clm 21585

Embroidered Cover, 1800s. India, 19th century. Embroidery: silk, metal,

16th century book bindings from throughout europe Leather Book Covers, Leather Books, Forms Of

Embroidered cover to Princess Elizabeth's copy of The Miroir or Glasse of the Synneful Soul, copied out in her her own hand when just 11 years old, ...

Front board, Folger 227- 140q


Vair Fur; Kingfisher Blue 1 cropped

Gospel belonging to Metropolitan Iona

Pyxis (act. at Madinat al-Zahra'): Khalaf: Ivory with chased and nielloed silver-gilt mounts, high 16 cm; base 10.1 cm: ca. 966 AD: New York, The Hispanic ...

51 came to the Museum in 1707, though these books might have migrated from the St, James's I before the beginning of the eighteenth century.

The cover of the Vienna Coronation Gospels, used in Imperial coronations, was replaced in

19th century. Turkey, 19th century. Embroidery

Velvet, 17th century embroidered book cover. (London, 1620)

Embroidered cover to a 1578 edition of The Epistles of St. Paul, owned by Queen Elisabeth, featured in Cyril Davenport's English Embroidered Book- bindings ...

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Bookbindings in the British Library

Traité général de musique, ou l'Art musical: BORGHÈSE, Antonio D.R.

10th century ivory, with kneeling donor bishop, 12th century gold and enamel, Mosan

Common Prayer. London, 1638.

Embroidered border ...

This is due to the fact that their raw material was precious and could easily be recycled. Their origin lies in the pearl embroideries ...

The Lindau Gospels is an illuminated manuscript in the Morgan Library in New York, which is important for its illuminated text, but still more so for its ...

French, Paris - Suffrages from a Book of Hours, 1450-1500

The binding above is in red morocco, by the "Mearne Binder," 17th Century English. Tool forms are in black and silver. At right, decorated fore-edge of the ...

Anthropodermic bibliopegy - A book in the Wellcome Library bound in human skin.

Giulio Romano - Miniature Manuscript Used as a Pendant - Walters W444 - Closed

Orationis Dominicæ Explicatio, etc. Genevæ, 1583.

Restored 16th century binding of velvet embroidered with pearls for Elizabeth I, on a volume of church history. Satin embroidered book cover with threads of ...

Catalogues (bound by size) 1-7 (1923-1925) • 8

Early 16th century chasuble orphrey housed at the Catharijne Convent, Netherlands.

firm of bookbinders established in London

Red Velvet Crucifix, German, 19th century

Gospel book cover with Byzantine and Western elements of various medieval periods

A 16th-century depiction of the method of distillation from Hieronymus Brunschwig, Liber de arte Distillandi de Compositis (…) (Strasbourg, 1512), f.

17th century copper-gilt and silver filigree book binding

Collection of Sixteenth-Century Tracts.

Unknown artist, Britain, formerly attributed to ?British School, ?16th Century,

Lot 80: French school, Christ crucified, 17th century ivory, 68 cm., in Louis XIV carved giltwood frame, convex profile with slight ogee from top edge; ...

Illuminated Manuscripts 29

Fashionable mid-15th-century Italian dress. The men wear pleated, fur-


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Rare Books

Mayan men of the upper class wearing decorated loincloths and ornamental headdresses. Detail from a


No photo description available.

Unique 17th century book


Embroidered vestments Dommuseum Fulda

Biblia. Antverpiæ, 1590.

Border ...

Coptic binding or Coptic sewing comprises methods of bookbinding employed by early Christians in Egypt, the Copts, and used from as early as the 2nd century ...

Venetian Mannerist frame, 16th century, giltwood & polychrome

Catalogues (bound by size) 1-7 (1923-1925) • 8