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SSSS Boarding Pass Cant Check You in Because Government

SSSS Boarding Pass Cant Check You in Because Government


Will It Keep Happening?

You could also get that for a number of other reasons. You'll know for sure when you print your boarding pass at the airport, and see the “SSSS” on it.

SSSS Boarding Pass- Can't Check You in Because Government Regulations #ssss #


As the name suggests, when you see that on your boarding pass, it means you're subjected to additional security screening. SSSS


The four-letter boarding pass code you won't want when flying to the United States | The Independent


A TSA (Transportation Security Administration) spokesman told Business Insider in a statement:

The 4-Letter Code You Do NOT Want To See On Your Boarding Pass | HuffPost Life

Everything You Need To Know About Getting An “SSSS” On Your Boarding Pass

ssss boarding pass Your ...


Security in Athens

Traveling ...

The one thing you never want to see on your boarding pass


boarding pass secret code

What does boarding pass SSSS code mean: Four letters you don't want to see

Also, my husband was unable to check-in online. I assumed the system was down or something minor was preventing us from doing so. Furthering this belief was ...

Here's why Gerry Adams didn't want the "dreaded" SSSS code ...

ssss boarding pass

Why Me?

What To Do If You Get an SSSS on Your Boarding Pass

Illustration for article titled What It Means When You Get 'SSSS&#

flight hack boarding pass

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 3.38.19 PM. My second flight with the SSSS label happened today with Alaska Airlines. No online check-in ...

... check-in at the same time, and at the airport, one was listed much higher than the other one and the agent had to do something to get us back in the ...


We get to the area between the waiting area at the gate and the entrance to the plane. The representative puts me in the queue and tells me to wait until I ...

ssss-boarding-pass-cant-check-in-because-government-. Nothing was unusual on my return flight from Atlanta to Heathrow in terms of being subjected to an ...

The 4-Letter Code You Do NOT Want To See On Your Boarding Pass | HuffPost Life

If you are flying to or returning from a high-risk country.

Now, let's go back to me being told this was a “random screening.” Well, based on what I have read, it isn't as random as the airlines had me believe.

Finding SSSS on her boarding pass Did the TSA or did American put SSSS on her ticket?

bag tag with SSSS

TSA Precheck logo

The TSA agent will tell you “the airline has randomly selected you for additional screening” (which is a lie), and ask you to step to the side.

Boarding pass secret code

Redress Number: What Is It and Do I Need To Apply For One?

There is really only one thing worse than going through airport security ... and that's going through more airport security!

"SSSS" On Your Boarding Pass: A Traveler's Dread - Roam Far and Wide

Whether you're traveling with an expired license, misplaced your ID, or recently changed your name, you can still fly. Here are a few tips you should know ...

Once you receive your boarding pass and make your way through security checkpoint is when your day turns into a sure fire hellish nuisance.

NYC airline ticket- France68/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Almost Locked Up Abroad or So I Thought: What SSSS on Your Boarding Pass Means

Lucky you!

Boarding pass secret code

Frequent Flyer 'Terrorist' Who Blogs About TSA Troubles Was Watchlisted For Animal Activism

Hooray!! I won, I won

What Is a Known Traveler Number, and What Do You Do With One?

Know Your Rights: U.S. Airports and Ports of Entry

TSA Precheck Perks

“Here is what a Southwest Airlines agent in Portland did to my boarding pass this weekend,” he wrote in an e-mail to me. “Glad to see the agents have a good ...

Attention to All SSS Members Boarding Pass

Be absent minded. I think I offered way too much. It seemed they were just casually going through my stuff because they had too.

Remember I told you that I took the train from London to Paris? Did that have something to do with it? It might. Perhaps I've been to Mexico too many times ...

I've made several previous references to growing up in New York in my comment history, but it's been clear this whole time that you're not particularly ...

my family and I are signed for the TSA Precheck, but it is not showing

The Jetsetting Terrorist's boarding pass

Last week we announced on our Web site a plan to begin REQUIRING ID from travelers on June 21st. This plan includes enabling our officers to refuse entry ...

SSSS stamp--this crap is not random.

Basically, if you see the dreaded SSSS on your boarding pass, come prepared for by allowing for more time for additional security throughout your time at ...

Revealed: What the letters on your boarding pass ACTUALLY mean

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Stopped: His boarding card is marked with 'SSSS' and he is pulled over

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express my discomfort about his unfamiliarity with the process. I wanted to ask what he hadn't been doing. I felt like a jerk. It felt like blame-shifting.

Airport security

Its real name is “Credential Authentication Technology/Boarding Pass Scanning System.” That can be a mouthful, ...


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How boarding passes with SSSS code on them really mean THIS | Travel News | Travel | Express.co.uk

CLUE #2 Once we checked-in and printed our boarding passes we proceeded to the counter and checked our bags. Then onward to security.

plane taking off

Icelandic people have long memories, and this specially-locked and spacious room was filled with friendly and familiar faces. I placed my carry-on luggage ...

"SSSS" On Your Boarding Pass: A Traveler's Dread - Roam Far and Wide

Airports with Awesome Amenities

My interaction with the immigration agent was brief. He asked me how long I would stay in Israel, I said 90 minutes, and he handed me my migration card.

Boarding pass mistake passenger

Priority Pass Tampa Airport – 1

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I hope this article was informative and at the very least help you if you have been targeted with the cursed 4 S's and how to clear your name.

Airport security: Boarding pass


'We can't check you in online, because government regulations...' | The DIS Disney Discussion Forums - DISboards.com

My interaction with the immigration agent was brief. He asked me how long I would stay in Israel, I said 90 minutes, and he handed me my migration card.

Text with care

Southwest Boarding Groups Explained (A-List, Groups A, B, & C

On his next trip to Europe, Gal said his boarding pass said 'SSSS' in the corner, which stands for secondary security screening (pictured).

You've just completed the purchase for your upcoming trip. Check your printer and hit send. Hmmm, didn't print. You try again and still nothing prints.

As we've talked about earlier on the blog, TSA has taken a lot of steps to confirm ID: TSA Travel Document Checkers with magnifying loupes and black lights, ...