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Sheol The Bosom of Abraham Where righteous people went before

Sheol The Bosom of Abraham Where righteous people went before


Where do we go when we die?


Christian views on Hades

Does the Bible say that Jesus spent three days and three nights in hell ( sheol or hades)?

What is the difference between Sheol, Hades, Hell, the lake of fire, Paradise, and Abraham's bosom?

4 OT ...

Abraham's Bosom

From parable in Luke 16:19 ~ 26, obviously Lazarus was a believer and the rich man wasn't a believer. From verse 23 we know that Lazarus was by Abraham's ...

The Intermediate State before the Resurrection of Christ

Hell, Heaven, Sheol, Abyss, Hades, Gehenna, Lake of Fore, New Heaven, Abraham's Bosom, ...

Where is Hell?


Sheol & The Bosom of Abraham – Where righteous people went before Jesus came

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Conscious life after death proven from the Bible!

9 Acts 17:11 1 Thes 5:21 9 Before Jesus Death and Resurrection Heaven (the Throne of God) Paradise (the Bosom of Abraham) Hades / Sheol A Great Impassible ...

Refutation of “Abraham's Bosom” or “Paradise” in Hades


definitions of the after life

Sheol Hell Torment

Life After Death


July 19th


From Hades to Heaven by Thomas McCall and Daniel Woodhead Cir. 2014

Heaven and Hell, Hades, Bosom of Abraham, Grave/Sheol/Pit, Lake of Fires - Earth ! : The Home of the Physically Dead (but Eternally Live)

In the Hebrew Scriptures, the word used to describe the realm of the dead is sheol. It simply means “the place of the dead” or “the place of departed ...

The different terms used in the Bible for heaven and hell—sheol, hades, gehenna, the lake of fire, paradise, and Abraham's bosom—are


Abraham's bosom is found frequently in the rabbinical writings. The Greek word has its Hebrew counterpart meaning a royal park or garden.

We've covered Sheol, Hades, Hell, the Place of Torment, and we even talked about the place of comfort before the cross, Abraham's Bosom (Read here: Sheol, ...

What Is Hell And Who Is There?

Angels Leading Little Souls to Abraham's Bosom

diagram of Hell which consisted of Hades (unjust) & Gehenna (just)

Old Testament: before Jesus Death and Resurrection

Abraham's Bosom and Sheol by Ward Fenley

Sheol or Hell

There is much debate in churches today, particularly Baptist churches, concerning where the saints went after they died in the Old Testament.

The Afterlife, Abraham's Bosom, Heaven, Hell, Hades & Bible Prophecy [w/ FE Breakdown]

Holy Saturday in Hades

... the unrighteous dead remained in Sheol/Hades where they await the second resurrection when they will stand before the Great White Throne Judgment before ...

Sheol / Hades: The “Intermediate State” of the Unsaved Dead

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People Die and Then…

Illustration from Dante's 'Inferno', the first part of Dante Alighieri's 14th-century

PPT – Hades / Sheol PowerPoint presentation | free to download - id: 2067e0-ZDc1Z

Apocalypse of Zephaniah the river has a ferryman equivalent to Charon in Greek myth, but replaced by an angel.

Did Jesus Really Descend into Hell?


Jesus Descended to the Dead – Why Christians Don't Go to Sheol

2 Corinthians 12;1-11, Raptured, caught up, harpazo; Paradise, Sheol; Third Heaven; Paul prayed but was not healed; Be contented; Strength of mind and ...

Sheol or Hades

All unbelieving dead go there awaiting their final judgment in the future. So did Jesus go to sheol/hades? According to Ephesians 4:8–10 & 1 Peter 3:18–20, ...


Harrowing of Hell

PPT – Hell, Gehenna, Hades, Grave, Tartarus, Abrahams Bosom, Lake Of Fire, Abyss, Bottomless Pit PowerPoint presentation | free to download - id: 11dcf5- ...

Let's look at a diagram ...


Sheol Is Dry

Judas Maccabaeus

Alsace, Bas-Rhin, Église protestante de Notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ de Bischheim

How people were saved before Jesus Christ and what about the people who never heard about Christ?


Bosom of Abraham

Abraham's bosom is the paradise side of Sheol. The word “paradise” comes from the Greek word paradeisos and pertains to a park, a forest, or orchard.

Luke 23:43 (Thief on the Cross): “Paradise” = Sheol, Not Heaven

16x9(Lazarus) Lazarus at the rich man's house. Engraving from 1870. Engraving

He Descended into Hell?

V:1 P:92

The Myth Of Abraham's Bosom, Sermon On Luke 16:19-31 | New Covenant Baptist Church - Spokane, WA

Hell, The Biblical Reality

What happens to the soul & spirit of unsaved people when they die? By “unsaved” I'm referring to anyone who has not experienced spiritual regeneration ...

Where Do You Go When You Die?

One must go to the OT Hebrew & NT Greek in each scripture to ...

Heaven: What About Old Testament Believers?


What is hades is it hell

This is more or less the Greek idea of heaven and hell.

The term “Abraham's bosom” is found only once in the New Testament, in the story of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31), in which Jesus was teaching ...

Did Jesus Really Go To Hell? (Special Holy Saturday Podcast and Post)

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Other Scriptures in the New Testament indicate that sheol/hades is a “temporary place”, where souls are kept as they await the final resurrection and ...

Did Jesus go to hell between His death and resurrection? (Hank Lindstrom)

Lest you should have any doubts as to where the unsaved go, we read in 2nd Thessalonians 1:8 ... “In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God ...

Lazarus and the Rich Man