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Spectacular Eye In The Sky Sun Halo Appears Over Manitoba Canada

Spectacular Eye In The Sky Sun Halo Appears Over Manitoba Canada


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Spectacular Eye In The Sky Sun Halo Appears Over Manitoba, Canada

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Sun halos, also known as sundogs, appeared over Vancouver Island on Wednesday. The rings happen when air at higher altitudes is cold enough to form ice ...

This is beautiful! Now PRAY!

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Sundog Light Phenomenon, Manitoba, Canada, 2005. Photograph by Norbert Rosing #sun #canada

Rockets dump chemicals into northern lights creating out of this world glowing blobs of blue and purple in the sky

Light pillars stretch into the sky in southwestern Ontario.

Halo around the sun, seen from Sweden on April 24, 2014 and captured by

Sun halo white some rock and tree branches on the sunny day - Stock Image

And suddenly an eye opened up over Tambon Kata.

Manitoba Sundogs

5 amazing weather phenomena to keep an eye out for this winter | Globalnews.ca

Aberystwyth Wales UK, Sunday 05 February 2017 UK Weather: On a cold February morning

I hear you like ... sundogs: new sun halo type discovered

Here Are Some Amazing Pictures of the January 2018 Lunar Eclipse. On Wednesday ...


Auroral Swirls over Båtsfjord, Norway

This image of the Barrie/Innisfil fallstreak hole was uploaded into The Weather Network's image galleries by user Arlene, on June 19, 2018.

Family ...

The little green spy boat seen from the old Nokia House in the Keilalahti bay, Espoo, Finland. Photo by Jari Ijäs on December 8, 2010, with a Nokia C7.

Nothern Lights Churchill, Manitoba inmage

Clicking on the picture will download the highest resolution version available.

... if you're feeling frisky, cram this onto your hard drive: an image that's 8500 x 8400 pixels and 29 Mb in size! And trust me: you want to.]

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The Amazing Sky – Astronomy author and photographer Alan Dyer presents amazing sky sights

Sun dogs

Wildfire Smoke Smudges Our Starry Skies

3:12 PM. Those equestrians were being shaded by a Altcumulus perlucidus and by an overcast of Cirrostratus. If you look real hard, you can see a faint halo.


The hay is glowing gold during sunset. Image taken in Finland during winter. Some

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Maybe he hitched a ride on part of @XDMadman02DX's fleet/convoy. I've done some "Beduoin trail rides" in some gorgeous places but this would put those to ...

Small but dedicated group gathers for first 4/20 since legalization

David Suzuki on Chemtrails

We explain: Strange cloud formation over central Ontario

Altocumulus perlucidus appearing to spread out, though likely a perspective tomfoolery. Thin Cirrostratus above.

... huge 6600 x 600 pixel 35 Mb version.]

Odd glows around sun may be caused by Canadian forest fires

BC Wildfires 2017 7.jpg

Partial solar eclipse January 5-6, 2019

A collage of images showing the transition of the super blue moon, taken by Braden Ottenbreit of Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Sunn Light promotes healthy living and creates vibrant spaces by continuously changing color and brightness

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Chase Hirt ...

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Amazing Circular Rainbow Forms Over Sydney Opera House

August 25, 2017 Sunset over a football field


Hubble Deep Field

NLCs over western Canada

Give me a book, some water, and the sun and I'm a happy girl (Hey I can dream).

Winnipeg Doesn't Know Who Erected This Amazing Sign on a Landfill-Turned-Park

Tibetan Halo by Alan Millar - The particularly colorful halo featured above was snapped at Yamdrok

StephenJuliaIglooAurora copy 16x10

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Night Sky December - Winter Solstice - Alexandre André via Flickr

This is apparently the second of two images of auroras over Fairbanks, Alaska. Credit: Unknown, or unstated.

Dramatic video - imagine Earth in the path when the sun goes 'splode'

Last year he discovered an old hard drive with some of his old mixes from around 2006. Called fiftmuziek sessions, he posted some online and you can find ...

@StormHour #Aurora #NorthernLights #Canadapic.twitter.com/su7NI3SdgA

582px version of Firefighters-Forest.jpg

Aurora Borealis over Northern Manitoba, Canada by Brent Mckean @BrentMckean501

Nature Conservancy of Canada Secures Protected Area on Lake Superior

Galaxy Stopped making New Stars

Looking out over Calvert Island from the aptly named Lookout Hill. Photo by Joel Gibson.

CloudSpotter – See the Sky with New Eyes and Discover the Fantastic World of Clouds on the App Store

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Swannies Gamer and Computer Eyewear for Deep Sleep - Digital Eye

Noctilucent clouds and the Aurora Borealis over western Canada (Joseph A Shaw)

Coloured Curtains over CNSC (Feb 9, 2019)


For the past 10 years, if you traveled on an elevator in Manitoba, your

James Hargreaves; Brecon Beacons ...

To learn more about the latest thinking in light and health, check out this article from The Economist.

This aurora suggests that the closer the observer is to being directly underneath the more it looks like radiation spraying down. Credit: Ole C. Salomonsen.



BC Wildfires 2017 4.jpg

Inferno in 12th-century Paris cathedral momentarily stops time, delivers sobering message in disposable, replaceable world

MB Stadium 3

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A sun pillar

The Seattle Group Bulletins

Bob Hutter snapped several photos before the weather changed. (Bob Hutter)


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